What are the advantages and uses of zirconia industrial ceramic rod?

Zirconia industrial ceramic rod relative to similar products, the advantage is fairly obvious, it has a strong weather resistance, no matter at anytime, then zirconia industrial ceramic rod has what advantages and uses? Next ceramic foam filter manufacturer to introduce you.

Zirconia industrial ceramic rod advantage

1, strong weather resistance ceramic rod using zirconia or alumina as production materials, compared with similar products, the advantage is fairly obvious, it has strong weather resistance.

No matter sunshine, rain, or moisture has any effect on the surface and substrate of ceramic rods. Corrosion resistant ceramic rod under ultraviolet irradiation color is also extremely stable, in impact resistance and strength and elasticity, are extremely excellent in line with the international standards.

2f99bfb0380acd9e00e2347b70c834072, extremely stable zirconia ceramic manufacturers of ceramic rods are typically made of zirconia, which is a higher leading technology in the industry.

First of all, it is simple to wash, has excellent fire resistance, will not melt, low or explosion, and can remain stable for a long time, so the stability is extremely strong.

And zirconia industrial ceramic rods are easy to maintain, there is no need to add any corrosion resistant paint or protective layer on the surface, easy to use, and long life.

3, high-wear resistance zirconia industrial ceramic rod is the use of high precision raw materials, in the elevated temperature firing process to enhance the mechanical strength and hardness of the ceramic.

Therefore, zirconia industrial ceramic rod in the impact resistance has a very excellent performance, after a long time of proof and a number of tests, wear resistance is also extremely strong, long

Phase use appearance will not appear damage. In a variety of harsh working conditions, the advantages of zirconia industrial ceramic rods are more significant, but also makes acid-resistant ceramic rods become the best choice under harsh working conditions.

Use of a zirconia industrial ceramic rod

Ultra-fine grinding equipment, fine chemical industry, electronic paste, semiconductor, current energy, nano different materials, medical instruments, precision casting, structural ceramics, refractory materials, electronic communication, sensitive ceramics, petrochemical industry, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, optical fiber connectors, battery materials and other high precision end fields.

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