3 thoughts on “I am a tire for tire.”

  1. First of all, aircraft tires are not solid. Most aircraft tires use tire structure without internal tires and tires, which are no internal tires. It does not mean that it is solid. Two special curtain towels are added inside the rubber on the aircraft tire tire, commonly known as "replenishing the curtain". Taking the curtain layer as the boundary, the tire glue is divided into outer tire glue and inner tire gum. When the tire is worn to exposing the second layer of curtain towels, it is scrapped. The glue surface of the aircraft tire is made of glue steel wire with a high -temperature resistant -resistant special material. It is about 20 mm thick and has a high strength. The tire valve mouth is both sharp and short. It is made of high -temperature fluorine plastic. There is no inner tire in the aircraft tires that are mainly convenient for disassembly and maintenance. When flying, you can directly replenish qi in the tire. At the same time, airlines around the world use high -intensity magnesium -zinc alloy to make wheels and activity wheels, and seal the joints of the wheels and activity wheels, the valve mouth and the wheels with a sealing ring, which can ensure that the tires are up to several atmospheric pressure values ​​in the tire. Gas does not leak, and its performance is incomparable to ordinary tires, and its cost is quite expensive. A dozen tons of aircraft landed at a speed of hundreds of kilometers. The weight of the aircraft and the impact of the ground, and the tire glue surface per square centimeter must withstand the pressure of nearly a thousand Newton. No such tires are not possible.

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