What is good for Women's Day Women's Day Welfare?

The leader asked me to consider what Women's Day sent to the employees (not considering the shopping card), the standard 500.

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  1. In order to express the strong care of female employees, the company will distribute welfare gifts on Women's Day on March 8. Generally, it is mainly practical. Here are some of the welfare products that female employees like:
    Food category: chocolate force: chocolate force , Cookie Biscuits, Snacks Gift Pack, Nuts Gift Box, Preserved Gift Box
    Life: bags, umbrellas, U -shaped pillows, insulation cups, folding beds, insulation lunch box
    home appliances: juicer, humidification, humidification Oversure, hair dryer, electric toothbrush, air fried pot
    : eye cream, perfume, handwashing, hand cream, skin care suit, makeup box
    Health: cleansing instrument, aunt artifact, cervical spine massage massage The instrument, eye massage instrument, air purifier
    This welfare gift gifts above are for reference only. All are not expensive but very practical. Female employees can use it immediately by taking it home. You who need it.

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