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  1. Ecccascains cheats for purchase of Yiwu International Trade City-Friends who want to go to the purchase can see that friends in the open jewelry shop must go to Yiwu to see it. After all, it is a paradise for small products. Just write for everyone. First of all, if you are making boutiques, you can close this page now, because after all, it is required in Yiwu, at least 12 of each product, and the boutique shop is not suitable. In fact, I feel that the profits of boutique stores are indeed high, but the sales give people an unreliable feeling. It is recommended that novices do not open boutique stores. High profits means only high risk. Mid -low -grade jewelry stores have a stronger survivability. If you do it well, consider opening a branch to make boutiques. Return to the home, let's go to Yiwu now. 1. You must know that Yiwu International Trade City, a total of 4 floors, divided into 1 period and 2 periods. It is said that there are still 3 issues now. The big one makes you unimaginable. In 1 hour, you can visit the 4th floor once, you need 4 hours, you can buy nothing, and you can see anything, so the consumption of this physical strength is very large. If you rush to Yiwu in the morning like me, The time is very urgent to return to Hangzhou at 8 o'clock in Yiwu at 8 o'clock, so be sure to put some water in the bag and prepare some dry food. Especially the day before, you must rest well. The girls should not wear high heels that day. Many people think that it is a large amount of goods in Yiwu. In fact, it is not complete. Many stores also have some tail orders or spot products for domestic wholesalers. Of course, the price is slightly more expensive. Without a hurry, some merchants can provide styles and colors, so they can run more and see more. There are also many stores that are specially distributed for 2 yuan stores, so those who are ready to make 2 yuan can also go to see 3. Don't pay off, you can dislike the wholesale market, you can not buy it, but there is no need to pay the bargain. You generally tell you one price. If you are suitable Do n’t tell them that you have a lot of goods. Is it cheap? They usually ask how much goods you get? For example, even if you get 1,000 in the entry price of 2.5, it is very small and small for them. Essence Essence 4. Similar products must be strolled a few more times. In the early stage, you have to eat some losses and spend money to teach. When I enter the air fresh agent. The first time is 2.5 for the first time, and the second time I changed my home store to 2 yuan. Because I sold it well, I changed my store for the third time. The price they gave me was 1.6, in the wholesale market, and in the wholesale market In, the purchase price of a type of commodity is 9 cents. At least 100 at each time, one product is 90 yuan, how painful lessons. Therefore, you must compare the price in the early stage. If you get cooked in the future, you can order directly. You do n’t need to run for Yiwu 5 for each time you want to order something. Be sure to buy special products in the area. For example, you can buy a ring in Area A B. Do not buy a ring in area A. According to my observations, selling rings in the headdress area must be more expensive than selling rings in the jewelry area, and The quality of the style is not satisfactory. 6.在义乌拿货,货的数量一般不会有什么问题,但是质量的确有些让人担忧,就目前我发现的几个大类商品比较有问题:化妆品、毛绒类的玩具,手机挂件,手表, Therefore, it is best not to enter the product with unreliable quality, otherwise it will be sold to customers. After -sales service is really a headache. A batch of tables in total, there are 12 in total. Go, walk slowly, the phenomenon of band breaks 7. Many of Yiwu have a problem with the styles of stocks, because it is a tail order or a slow -selling product, so it can be allowed to get customers with zero. You need to open your eyes with your eyes. It's money. Essence Many beautiful goods are hung on the wall. When you ask him if there is a spot, you will defending it. These need to be ordered. And the number is generally unbearable. 8. Many people must think that I described Yiwu too horrible. In fact, there is a mixed phenomenon of fish and dragons in each wholesale market. It needs to be discovered slowly. In fact, it is not difficult. There are many very beautiful things in Yiwu. , Afraid of the product that has been treated with backlogs, these things are my favorite. I used to enter a batch of sunglasses 1.2, I sold 10 yuan a pair, I made special offers in four stores, 500 a week 500 a week After all the videos, the quality and style are not bad, and the profits are very considerable!

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