3 thoughts on “Is Fuyuan Coin real?”

  1. The real existence of Fuyuan Coin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency. The future development and application scenarios are the application points of the jewelry industry. At present, a professional Fuyuan currency trading platform has appeared in China.
    Fuyuan currency, formerly known as Fortune Coin, referred to as FTC, is a new decentralized digital encryption virtual currency, which is operated by the Sino -US Crypto Digital Currency Promotion Association. Fuyuan Coin will be applied to all companies of the Global Jewelery Association in the future. It is mainly transformed into points through this digital currency to create a decentralized business district to promote business cooperation and expand business scope. At present, traditional enterprises such as some large finances, trade, and energy sources at home and abroad are trying to develop this new business model. (Bis Special Network)

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