Judging from the current situation, do the small deposits in the bank need to be transferred?

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  1. The foreign epidemic is serious. Do we need to take out the bank regularly on a regular basis? Sanren thinks not to use it, let's talk to you below.
    The new overseas new crown pneumonia has increased, and the global epidemic may be difficult to control in the short term. Although the global economy has been impacted, my country's epidemic has stabilized, and my country's banks are still very safe. Even if foreign outbreaks cannot be controlled, there is no need to take it out on a regular basis. At this time, the bank's regular deposit is the safest way of investment. why?
    The deposit insurance system is guaranteed. In May 2015, the deposit insurance system began in May 2015. It means that when the bank operates crisis or faces bankruptcy, the deposit insurance institution can provide financial assistance or pay directly to the depositor or all or all of them. Deposit to protect the interests of deposits and safeguard bank credit. The maximum payment limit for deposit insurance is 5,000. As long as your principal and interest and less than 500,000, it is 100 % insurance. Even if this bank is closed, this deposit insurance can pay you for you, so there is no need to worry about the regular period. However, the branches established abroad and the branches established by foreign banks in my country are not applicable. Those who have deposits in these two banks can transfer funds to avoid risks.
    The "cash is king" during the financial crisis. Now, in the background, all investment products are very unstable. The main decline, occasionally rising, oil plunge, silver plunge, and even the price of insurance assets such as gold is down. When the price of other assets falls, it is actually more valuable. At this time, the most important thing is that the cash is king, invest less, and go to the capital market to bottom out.
    This cash here is king, which refers to investment products of cash and cash. This also includes banks' regular deposits, Treasury and Monetary Fund. At present, banks' regular deposits are one of the most suitable investment products. Therefore, of course, the regular period does not need to be taken out.
    If consider investing in the bottom, it is not too good. After the European and American epidemic reaches the highest peak, consider investing. If you are worried that the inflation will occur in large water releases in various countries, the investment that can be done now is to divide the money you want to invest into 50 copies. fund.
    It, if you are worried that the foreign epidemic situation will have a serious impact on China, you can save a little food at home, enough for the whole family to eat the basic amount of three or five months. The money is definitely safer than in your hands.
    Perfida may occur in the future, and there may be a large depression. Many people may lose their jobs during the Great Depression, so we must ensure that our cash flow is as much as possible. The most important thing in the future is to ensure that the quality of life of you and your family will not decrease.
    The current situation. At present, the epidemic in China has been effectively controlled, and enterprises have gradually begun to resume work. Most of the regional schools have a clear date. Therefore, in terms of the current situation, the domestic situation is still good.
    Secondly, the bank's small deposit, the epidemic has little impact on the bank. Even during the epidemic, the bank's business passenger traffic is reduced, the deposit is still in the bank, and the loan still needs to be repaid normally. The profit of banks has little impact. Even if it goes to extremes, the bank fails, and your small amount deposit is in the national deposit insurance system.
    third, where to transfer small deposits, where is the transfer? If even the bank is not safe and the bank has closed down, then the entire society is estimated to have been chaotic, the entire currency system has lost trust, and the cash on the home has become waste paper.
    Misites due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia's epidemic, some people may worry that the central bank will continue to release water, causing deposit interest to decline and increase inflation rate. Some small deposits in the bank are better transferred, and you can consider doing other things.

    does the central bank have recently opened the third reduction during the year, and the amount of funds for the release of small and medium -sized banks will be about 400 billion yuan. At the same time, from April 7, the excess reserve was reduced to 0.35%, which is the first time that the central bank has reduced the excess reserve rate in 12 years. However, this problem should be divided into situation.
    First, the deposit between banks can be transferred to each other. At present, some local small and medium -sized banks and private banks have a high pressure on the brand's influence, so they often give 4%or even 5%of deposit interest rates. For ordinary large state -owned banks, the three -year regular deposit interest rate is generally between 3.3%and 3.575%, and ordinary one -year deposit interest rates are generally 1.5%to 2%, and the interest is lower. But small and medium -sized banks are more difficult to find. If people are online on the online platform, they have a certain alert psychology, so this operation is also difficult.
    The second, if it is a long -term deposit, there is no need to transfer the interest rate in the future. After all, early cash withdrawal needs to face certain interest losses. Now the market is sufficient, and the yields of various investment wealth management products are declining. If it is a risk product such as the stock market, it is even possible to lose money. Therefore, in this case, it is mainly stable.
    third, if it is considering the security of deposits, this is completely unnecessary. At present, if we are within a bank and within 500,000 yuan for all account deposits, the full guarantee of the deposit insurance regulations can be obtained. There will be no bank failure and personal loss.

    . Therefore, small deposits are generally recommended to invest in currency funds, with stable yields, high flexibility, and a lot stronger than bank deposits.
    It the transfer of small deposits of banks that the subject said, what is the purpose of? It is because they are worried about the safety of deposits and want to find better investment channels.

    If you are worried about the security of bank deposits, I don't think it is necessary, because in the current situation, bank deposits are relatively safe.
    The new crown virus epidemic spreads around the world, which may cause the financial crisis, but this crisis is mainly for high -risk wealth management products, such as stocks, crude oil, commodities, etc., for low -risk financial products with low risk financial products For example, the deposit of Treasury banks is very small, so there is no need to withdraw bank deposits, and after taking it out, you do not have more secure products to invest.
    If you want to find better investment channels, I think it can be considered. Now the new crown virus epidemic has caused some asset discounts, registered funds in advance, and some value investment is good.
    The as a bank deposit, everyone mainly considers the security of funds, but the yield of bank deposits is relatively low, especially some small deposits, which often cannot achieve the purpose of fund preservation. In the current situation, the currency depreciation of the currency depreciation The speed may be faster. It is better to find some products that can be investing, and use the opportunity to use the epidemic to make an investment layout in advance.
    From the perspective of value investment, I think that some index funds are currently determined to invest in it. Because of the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, the global stock market has generally fallen. Fund fixed investment, put some bank deposits in batches into the fund in batches, and slowly absorb low -cost chips over time. After the epidemic is over, once the economic situation is better, you can get better investment income.
    Although the risk of fixed investment in the fund is higher than the bank deposit, as a long -term investment, there is a chance to win inflation, so if you consider taking out bank deposits from the perspective of investment, I think it is feasible to be feasible. Essence
    For the current situation, do the small deposits in the bank need to be transferred?
    Where to transfer? If there is a safer place than a bank, of course, it can be transferred.

    Ifly affected by the epidemic, the current capital market is turbulent, and it also threatens the security of the financial market. Many people have proposed the slogan of "cash as king".
    The cash is a certain reason, but this is limited to a few cash, which is enough to maintain liquidity. It is obviously unrealistic for families with a large deposit amount, and it is obviously unrealistic. How to protect the safety of these funds?

    The bank deposit is guaranteed by the national deposit insurance regulations, 100%compensation within 500,000 interests. Now that small deposits are said, it must be within 500,000, and this part of money does not need to be taken out at all. Even if the bank really has a problem, it will be paid by the insurance company.
    Of course, more than 500,000 deposits in a bank. If you are really worried, you can take out a part, hold the position below 500,000, and then save other banks.

    It assets other than bank deposits, such as stocks, funds, wealth management products, etc. This really needs to be temporarily changed to avoid turbulence in the current capital market.

    The minor deposit transfer of the questioner comes from two aspects: first, the security of bank deposits in the current situation; second, the yield of bank deposits in the current situation.
    This year is indeed a year when "Black Swan" is frequent. At the beginning of the year, my country's new crown epidemic broke out. The stock market and the real economy have been hit for two months. The global economy and major stock indexes have been severely damaged, and central banks of various countries have frequently adopted relatively loose monetary policy in order to save the market, and the central bank's "water release" also directly leads to various types of asset depreciation worldwide. At the same time, affected by the epidemic, the supply and demand of commodities, including crude oil, is unbalanced, and the price of goods fluctuates greatly.
    Is, the security of bank deposits
    Matons will think that the days of all walks of life in the first situation are not good. Banks as profit institutions are also difficult to live. Therefore safety.
    It this worry is completely redundant, because whether it is, whether the bank deposit is in a state -owned bank or a private bank, all bank deposits in my country are constrained by the "bank deposit insurance system". The "system" stipulates that under the premise that the principal and interest deposit of a single bank does not exceed 500,000, the principal and interest can be fully paid regardless of whether the bank will go bankrupt or not in the future. Therefore, it is completely unnecessary to transfer deposits just considering the security of deposits.

    . The yield of bank deposits
    In general, the rate of return on regular deposits of banks is fixed. Unless the central bank increases the benchmark interest rate, banks will increase the deposit accordingly Interest rates; Assuming that the central bank reduces bank deposit interest rates, in order to prevent large -scale crowding phenomena, banks generally maintain the original interest rate unchanged, and still maintain the interest rate agreed when deposit.
    . In addition, as mentioned above the epidemic mentioned above, the economy that broke out globally has seriously affected the economy. There is a trend of crisis. Inflation may occur in the future. Essence
    But think about it from another angle. Assuming that the bank's deposit cannot fight inflation, then under the current situation, all kinds of assets are depreciating. We cannot find a place that is more suitable for investment. What investment can you transfer? Unless you are a master of "bottoming" in the stock market, you have enough experience and courage to make a profit in the shock market.
    Therefore, from the above analysis, it is not difficult to find that, no matter at any time, bank deposits are safe, so do not worry about the bank's ability to resist risks in a special period. Furthermore, from the perspective of yields The investment market fluctuates a lot. It is difficult for ordinary people to find a stable investment market, so it is necessary to adhere to "cash as king" at the moment.

    The answer is: If it is only out of security considerations, it is completely unnecessary. I will analyze from the following 3 points:
    Is, China has not yet bankruptcy in China in recent years. In my opinion, the bankruptcy rate of banks in China and the insurance industry is very small. At least 20 years in China, no banks have announced bankruptcy. Even under the financial crisis in 2008, China ’s banks have been fully insisted. Although there was news a few days ago, 10 local banks went bankrupt in 19 years, but they proved to be rumors later. Some people will say what is going on in the 2008 financial crisis of the Lyman Brothers Bank of the United States. I can only say that it was a capitalist society, and the national conditions were different, and when other US banks were about to go bankrupt at that time, the United States was rescued in time.
    If, bankruptcy can also be compensated in full. According to the "Deposit Insurance Regulations" promulgated in 2015, various banks must purchase insurance at the central bank. If the bank bankruptcy, the central bank is exempt from the amount of 500,000 in bankruptcy banks, which means that if your deposit is 500,000 in 500,000 In the following, even if the bank bankruptcy can get all deposits compensation, this rule is based on the deposits of 99.63%of the banks in my country within 500,000 amounts, so it is reasonable to set the amount of compensation to 500,000. For more than 500,000 yuan, the excess should be theoretically paid in proportion after the bank liquidation.
    The self -confidence in socialism. The bankruptcy of a large bank will cause turbulence or even endangering the economic development of the entire country. Even a local bank bankruptcy will affect tens of millions of local families and enterprises. The state and local governments do not allow such things to happen. Because we are a socialist country, the people of the people, believe that our country believes that the government also believes in ourselves. This year's epidemic fully shows that China spare no effort to protect the people, but Western capitalism has dropped the chain at a critical moment (haha, this is a bit far away).
    The summary, the bank's small deposit is safe and does not need to be transferred.

    It's current situation to see if the small deposits in the bank need to be transferred. In fact, whether it should be transferred or depends on, personal risk tolerance and expected yields are used to choose from. Choosing is naturally different. For conservative storage households, this overall market fluctuates a lot, deposits in banks do not need to choose to transfer, but it should increase the holdings of medium and long -term regular deposits, because it is currently being released by the Bank of the Bank of the Central Bank of the Epidemium. The recovery of small and medium -sized enterprises to reduce the finished product. In this case, in order to maintain the recovery of the domestic market economy to stimulate the overall economy, the probability of the deposit interest rate will inevitably occur. Therefore, it should be increased before the interest rate cut. The holdings of regular deposits in the medium and long term lock in the higher deposit interest income (conservative storage households) in the next 3-5 years. If you can withstand high -risk storage households, in the current situation, if the small deposits in the bank are transferred to the high -risk wealth management product in the score, the higher yield is also considered. Return to the right track, but the foreign epidemic is increasingly fluctuating in the global economy, stocks, crude oil, precious metals, virtual currencies, and funds have suffered large fluctuations. If they know this kind of wealth management products, they choose this type. The short -term investment method with high risk also has a certain probability of obtaining a higher income. If it is not time to hold a long -term holding for a long time, it should be a stable stage of the global epidemic. Low (high risk). However, for some storeders with moderate risk tolerance, personal suggestions are recommended to transfer small deposits in the bank to the current situation. Fund products with moderate risks are fixed. At this time, choosing a fixed investment method that can avoid high winds should be obtained after the global epidemic is stable, which is slightly higher than choosing a steady wealth management product or a regular deposit product of banks (but there are certain risks, after all, the global overall overall overall worldwide When the economic fluctuations are large, the fund products will also have a large fluctuation) Remember that the fund's fixed investment realizes the smile curve how long. A cycle must eventually make a profit, and the specifics cannot be determined. In summary: From the perspective of the current situation, different people's unused options, conservative proposals to increase the medium and long -term regular deposit lock in a few years of high interest income; the risk tolerance is more moderate to choose some fund products. Choose disconnected investment in high bearing capabilities. When the global epidemic appears smooth, choosing a bottoming should be more appropriate (no matter how you choose, you must remember that high returns are high risks, and there will never be low risk and high yields).

    For the current situation, small deposits in banks are not necessary to transfer.

    Is all know that there is the most important one in the "Deposit Insurance Regulations" implemented in 2015: the principal and interest of all account deposits and interests of the same deposit in a bank are 500,000 yuan Within the bank's bankruptcy, 100%compensation can be received.

    Since it is a small deposit, then it must be within 500,000 yuan, so don't worry about safety issues.

    The epidemic situation will affect various industries. In the next six months, non -performing loans of banks will increase, and different bank bad debt rates will be significantly different. In contrast, large banks have higher anti -risk ability, but it does not mean that money must be deposited to large banks.

    At this stage, it is necessary to leave a amount of funds for a good liquidity.

    Stime deposits have banks. Even if the three -year or five -year interest will not be too high, it is better to put it directly in Yu'ebao.

    In addition, Alipay has wealth management products that are essentially bank deposits. The annual yield can reach more than 4%. The cycle is only half a year. It is also a good financial management choice at the moment.

    The epidemic is a test. The most difficult stage has passed, and later is more to solve employment problems. As long as the employment is stable, the finance is stable, and the bad debts will not be too much, and the probability of bank bankruptcy is small.

    does not have to panic, and you don't have to worry about the loss of bank deposits. The most important thing at the moment is to look at your work that is not affected. Think about how to expand the second profession in the future. It is the key to try to increase income.

    The banks are relatively stable financial institutions. There are very few bank closed doors in history. Therefore, it is safer to exist banks.
    In this year's environment, there is no better investment channel, you can pay appropriate attention to the deposit products of small and medium banks, and the interest rate is more than 4 or more. It is a relatively good stage investment method.

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