5 thoughts on “The latest news of the case of Huainan Anui Postal Card case”

  1. Anhui Angui's commodity e -commerce spot market Co., Ltd. and some of their members are suspected of crime. At present, the Huainan Public Security Bureau has filed a case. In the investigation, if the funds involved in the investigation were found to flow into your bank account, the public security organs frozen according to law. According to the law, please actively cooperate with the public security organs and provide the following relevant information. The public security organs will verify in time and handle it in accordance with the law. Please contact the Economic Investigation Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. 1. Basic information and copy of the account card ID card. 2. The trading details of the account of being frozen. 3. Frozen accounts (paper, electronics) vouchers and other related documents corresponding to the corresponding contracts with Angui or its member units. .
    At present, the team of Yingke Hefei Criminal Lawyers has accepted the entrustment of some of the defendants in the case to provide them with legal assistance. The victims can also entrust a lawyer to provide you with legal services!

  2. An Gui is currently being identified as fraud by Huainan Public Security, and is currently under investigation. It is reported that the evidence collection stage must be traced back for two years.

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