Keychains are made of these materials!

The keychain is a decorative item hung on the key ring. The materials used to make the keychain are generally: PVC, acrylic, metal, leather, plastic, crystal, wood, etc. There are many shapes of keychains, and their small and exquisite shapes can be high-profile and gorgeous, playful for daily life, or low-key and elegant, etc. Keychains have become a small gift.

With the increase of people's personalized needs, the types and materials of key chains are becoming more and more diverse. Let me introduce the materials of key chains to you.


PVC soft rubber keychains are also called glue keychains, soft rubber keychains, etc. According to different places and needs, they can be made into transparent, translucent, fluorescent and other effects; they can also be made into scented ones by adding essence. Compasses, thermometers and other trinkets are made into multifunctional keychains. This kind of key chain has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the color is relatively bright, which has a strong visual effect. It can be customized according to the size and shape you want, but the color tends to become dull.


Acrylic is also called plexiglass. Because it is transparent, you can put colored paper in the middle to make keychains of different styles. The hardness of acrylic determines the degree of wear of the keychain, and the bright colors can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes.View more details:best car keychains

Zinc alloy Keychains are generally made of zinc alloy, and the surface will be treated with dripping paint or electroplating to make the whole product more beautiful.

Due to the excellent plasticity of zinc alloy, it does not stick to iron during die-casting and has good fluidity, so more and more keychains are made of zinc alloy. The improvement of its material also increases the practical and aesthetic value of the keychain. At present, the surface of many zinc alloy keychains will be electroplated with a layer of metal to make the shape of the entire keychain more beautiful.

The wood is carved into various patterns using various woods, and some of them are also engraved with blessing words. The types of materials are more common: rosewood, jujube, ebony and so on. Among them, jujube is believed to have the function of warding off evil spirits in Taoism, so it is used more.

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