What are some ways to spice up sex?

What are the sexual positions of men and women? What are the sexual positions of men and women when different positions are used during sex and the results are different?Let BBW Sex Dolls tell you.

1. Sexual posture inventory

1. Back entry

This position is the best way to tone your butt muscles. Specific movements: Hold the buttocks to adjust the position, tighten the chest and abdominal muscles, tighten the buttocks when going out. If you feel your legs are not holding up, you can crouch down, but it will be more difficult. Adopt sexual positions that suit each other's physical condition.

2. Type 69

The great thing about this pose is that you can thin your face and it sounds fun. Because this sexual position brings out the full potential of the tips of both tongues. In the long run, your facial and jaw muscles will get a workout and you won't have to worry about them relaxing. It should be reminded that we must pay attention to hygiene when using this posture. The previous cleaning is an essential link.

3. Women in charge,

This position works your abs and back muscles. When a man lies flat on his back in bed, his legs naturally stretch straight and enjoy the pleasure a woman gives him. With the woman taking the initiative, you can also save some energy. If you interact with her, you will involuntarily jump up, and then your waist and abdominal muscles will be effectively exercised.

4. Male top pose

This position works your chest muscles. Although the male up and down pattern is the most widely used and frequent position for numerous couples. It allows both parties to meet face to face in direct communication, but it requires you to consistently perform more than 100 push-ups, as this position is more demanding on the chest muscles, triangle muscles, biceps and triceps. If you stick to this position, you will work your chest muscles a lot.

5. Shortcut

This pose is the best way to help you lose weight. When she is watching TV or answering the phone, when she is unprepared to make a surprise attack for her, the unexpected surprise will make each other more excited and will make each other crazier. This pose is claimed to burn 120 calories every 30 minutes, or 40 calories if you have an orgasm, which is close to a marathon.

Two, the method of sexual interest

1. Stormy night

The rhythm of the storm outside the window and the occasional thunder can serve as a strong reference to sex. Better turn off the lights. Ignore sight and touch becomes extremely sensitive. Expert analysis: Rainy days When people are more likely to have a desire for intimacy, their feelings become closer. However, over-exciting sex is not for everyone. During sexual activity during a thunderstorm, the sudden sound of thunder may frighten both parties, or even provoke men to act according to their ability to ED.

2, midnight car shock

Try different places and scenes to add some extra spice to your sex life. Put on the hot dress, sit in the passenger seat with your partner, and enjoy it. Expert analysis: There are two things men love: adventure and sex. The combination of the two is having sex in another place. In addition to the car, you can choose balconies, tents and other places.

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