2 thoughts on “What do you need to learn to do jewelry sales?”

  1. 1. Requirements for jewelry sales in stores

    at present, major jewelry brands do not have high requirements for the ability of jewelry sales consultants. Unless you are applying for a management position, you should have relevant jewelry sales performance and management experience. You can apply for a general jewelry sales position as long as you have sales experience

    2. Professional ability of jewelry sales

    it is better to have some knowledge of jewelry sales, such as the knowledge of diamond 4C, the daily work content of jewelry sales in stores, and the customer groups targeted by jewelry sales

    3. You need to understand the jewelry sales situation.

    customers buy jewelry in stores, usually gold and diamond ring jewelry. They will definitely ask what is the difference between this jewelry brand and other jewelry brands. During the rest, go to the market survey more often, pretend that you are the customer to buy, listen to the other party’s introduction, and finally bring a recording pen. After the market survey, listen to it several times and analyze the other party’s speech

    4. You need to be familiar with the purchasing psychology of jewelry sales customers.

    this is also the most important point to do a good job in jewelry sales. You should be very clear about what customers think when buying jewelry, and record the problems you encounter when receiving customers every day. If you don’t understand, you can ask the old staff in the store, or go to the market to find out how to answer the jewelry sales of other brands, My jewelry sales ability will soon be improved

    5. Be patient and serve well. Jewelry is a slow-moving product, which needs sincere and patient service to win the trust of consumers. Salespeople should understand it and consumers should understand it. In this way, the jewelry sold can give full play to its luster. Otherwise, scratches and injuries are inevitable. Compared with other sales businesses, jewelry sales is much easier to learn. As long as you are careful, it is not difficult to make achievements

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