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  1. What's important about engagement? 1. Custom of engagement ceremony

    according to traditional customs, the whole process of the engagement ceremony and the items to be prepared are quite complicated. However, recently, I think that the traditional engagement ceremony is too troublesome, and more and more people want to perform the engagement ceremony in a simple way. However, although the simple style is different, the place of origin of both parties and the ideas of the two families are different, and the degree of attention and ideas will also be different, However, it is only necessary for both sides to reach a consensus in advance. There are some differences in the amount of the bride price, the rebate and other matters due to different regions. Moreover, considering the differences in the ideas of the two families, it would be better to negotiate in detail and reach a consensus in advance. No matter which method is adopted, most of them are simplified in terms of ceremony and customs, and six kinds of gifts, ancestor worship, sweet tea and rings are prepared. Up to the engagement banquet and other basic processes, it is still the most common engagement ceremony process content for ordinary people. Among the six gifts, the "watch" can be said to be a very popular return gift. Although there are no so-called six kinds of gifts in foreign countries, there are also cases of giving watches in return at the time of marriage engagement. Some newlyweds will engrave the same name as the ring on the back of the watch, such as memorial day, to commemorate the two forever. After discussing with their fianc é and taking into account their parents' opinions, prospective brides can design different engagement ceremonies for them

    What's important about engagement? II. Engagement ring

    when engaged, the ceremony of wearing ring at the same time as the bride price is of course indispensable. In addition to gold and copper rings, engagement rings have become more and more popular among newly weds. Since the ceremony of wearing wedding rings is an important ceremony to symbolize that the new couple will be married from now on, and to call on relatives and friends to share this joy together, prospective newlyweds should remember to face it with a sacred and joyful mood# P # subtitle # e #

    What's important about engagement? III. engagement banquet

    after the engagement ceremony is completed, the woman usually gives a banquet. Recently, some hotels have started to launch some engagement banquet plans for prospective newlyweds. As these engagement banquet plans are usually more cost-effective in price, effective utilization is also a good way. In Europe and America, after the engagement ceremony, it is also a common way to entertain relatives and friends who are close to the families of both parties and hold a natural and warm party. Regardless of the form and mode of conduct, we will hold an engagement banquet at home to hold a home style party. Those who come to participate in the congratulations can also participate in a more relaxed mood. On the other hand, in Japan, there are also so-called dinner parties after the "engagement" ceremony. Generally speaking, the family members or matchmakers of both parties are the center. There are cases where a Japanese style food kiosk is chosen, or recently some new couples choose to hold a banquet in a high-style restaurant or restaurant

    you need to send three gold pieces, that is, three gold jewelry pieces. There is no specific provision for platinum gold. You also need to send 10000 yuan. If you take one in ten thousand, you need to prepare a box. The back of the second bed should be put in the box. There are also so-called "three gold" and clothes for the daughter-in-law. Sweaters, shoes and socks. Cotton padded jacket lining and watch. And that's your condition. But when the man goes to the woman's house, there must be cigarettes and sugar in the box

    the woman buys a good suit, shoes, tie and socks for the man.

    the man also needs to find a talkative woman over the age of 40 to act as a matchmaker (not divorced or widowed). He will also go on the same day and sit down with the woman's parents. Secondly, on the day of engagement, except for the money given by her mother-in-law and father-in-law, the girl changed her mouth to call her parents. Other relatives of the man, such as his aunt and aunt, also gave red envelopes. Girls call aunts the same. Aunts don't call aunts for nothing. Aunts also have to spend money. This custom of Jinan is very different from each district and town. Be sure to say hello. It's best to let the woman go home and ask her elders if there are any taboos and special precautions

    Please add a detailed explanation

  2. Generally, the man entrusts a matchmaker to propose marriage to the woman. It is better for the two sides to match each other according to their family circumstances. In the old days, after the approval of both parents, they exchanged their birthdays with Geng tie, cleared up the "eight characters" of Mr. Ming, and divined good and bad luck. If the eight characters of the year coincide, you can be engaged. The official engagement is "a red book", also known as "a book". The man invites the media to discuss the engagement. After the woman proposes the variety and amount of the bride price, the man prepares the bride price according to the agreed standard. The amount and quality of the bride price are determined by the family circumstances of both parties, and there are no precise provisions. The "red book" is the auspicious day chosen by the man's family. First, ten complete books are sent to the woman's parents, and then a matchmaker is invited. On that day, the man's house hung lanterns and hung decorations, burned incense and candles, and the Deacon wrote the "letter of promise". The matchmaker took the red letter of "please Jinnuo" and the bride price to the woman's house. The woman immediately returned the green note of "Muyun Yuqing". After the book is passed, the marriage can be completed at a selected time. The man entrusts a matchmaker to invite the woman to have a "Ha Qin wine". The two sides agree on the date of the marriage and prepare for the wedding preparations separately

    the custom of engagement in Qingdao

    there are six kinds of engagement gifts: Six Jin of meat (one size fits all), six pieces of fish with Linlin, six bottles of wine, six Jin of sugar (six boxes can also be used), six Jin of vermicelli (tied with red thread), and six Jin of snacks (six boxes can also be used)
    for each of the above betrothal gifts (except meat, as the saying goes, a girl is the meat of her body and is reluctant to give it to others), the woman's family will generally return some to the man's family, two or four copies of each kind

    in addition, there are other things, such as an engagement ring, a gift money (also called engagement money), two red bags, two red belts, and at least two sets of clothes (as the saying goes, the mother-in-law's coat is handed down to the old man). The woman's family should prepare a pair of new shoes for the man (called father-in-law's shoes)

    at the engagement ceremony, both the man and the woman should change their names to parents, and the parents of both parties should prepare the money for changing their names (600-1000 yuan). Generally, the man's home should arrive at the woman's home before noon. At noon, the woman's home should invite the guests of the man's home for dinner. After dinner, the man's family should return to their home before sunset. This is the end of the engagement ceremony

  3. 1. Deposit: it is also called gift money (commonly known as engagement money). According to the different economic conditions of each family, the gift money is different. Generally speaking, the number needs to be a good prize. Generally, it starts from 10001 and stresses that the bride is a good daughter-in-law in a million; 16800, 28000 and so on are closely related to auspiciousness and wealth; Now the more popular one is 31800, which stresses that "three companies will send together"; There is no capping on the way up. It depends on the economic conditions of both sides

    2. There are six kinds of engagement gifts (commonly known as small six kinds): Six Jin of meat (one size fits all), six Lin fish (usually yellow croaker), six bottles of wine, six Jin of sugar (six boxes can also be used), six Jin of vermicelli (tied with red thread), and six Jin of dim sum (six boxes can also be used)

    for each of the above betrothal gifts (except meat, as the saying goes, a girl is the meat of her body and is reluctant to give it to others), generally, the woman's family will return some to the man's family, two or four copies of each kind

    3. Jewelry: selected by the bride in advance according to the fashion trend

    4. Lining and surface of cotton padded jacket: in the past, it was necessary to make a cotton padded jacket. As the saying goes, "mother-in-law's coat is passed on to old people"; Nowadays, no one wears cotton padded jacket, so they send rice noodles inside. The emphasis is on "being reasonable and having a face", so even if they are pressed at the bottom of the box, they also send them

    5. The red bag and the red belt are 2 each. The picture shows the meaning of festivity, auspiciousness and avoiding evil. It is similar to the red belt of the birth year

    when the day of engagement comes, the bridegroom and his parents bring the bride's gift to the bride's home. The bride's home should prepare tea, snacks, fruits or dried fruits for reception. On the day of engagement, you should find a third party to preside over the ceremony. It is best to have an experienced and expressive person to adjust the atmosphere

    before noon, the man's family will arrive at the woman's family and everyone will have a chat. At this time, the bride and groom will change their names and call their parents. They will offer tea and change their names to each other's parents. At this time, the parents will send the prepared red envelopes (also called the change fee) to the groom and the bride respectively. Depending on the economic situation, they generally range from 600 yuan to 2000 yuan

    what should the woman do

    1. The woman's home should prepare a new pair of shoes (called father-in-law shoes) for the man

    2. The bride should go to a hotel with good quality and environment to order a banquet and invite the man to have dinner at home

    3. When the man returns home, the woman will return two copies of each of the six small samples (except meat) sent by the man; We also need to pay a certain deposit to the man, which is the so-called return gift

    finally, the man's family should return to their home before sunset. The engagement ceremony came to an end.

  4. Men should wear suits or casual clothes with some taste, while women should wear festive colors and be beautiful. Don't be too formal for engagement. I don't think you should wear anything big red and pink. After all, it's engagement! Just as you said, it's simple and elegant! If you like Chinese style, I suggest you wear a cheongsam! The color of the short can be light pink, gold, or some light flowers. If you want to be fashionable, it's a short white dress! It can be a high waist H-shaped skirt! It will be better to bring some Georgette material. The material should not be too soft! That would be very bad! Or a puffy skirt will look sweeter! You can also choose some light colored large flower pattern fabrics. It's better for boys to wear a simple suit as long as it's not khaki or dark blue. Accessories are also very important! The finishing touch! Don't exaggerate! It's good to wear ear nails... I hope I can help you! It depends on the situation.

    if you marry a high-ranking person with rich wealth, you should pay attention to it.

    if you marry an ordinary young man, you can only dress well.

    I'm not trying to be rich or poor.

    I just say that there are so many accountants in general.

    only those with so much money pay attention to it, They even invite friends and relatives on their engagement day.

    of course, we should pay attention to image

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