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  1. Since ancient times, diamonds have a dream, an ideal and an image for everyone. However, because diamonds come from different areas, times, and cultural backgrounds, it has some specific meaning for everyone. Diamonds represent power, wealth, status, achievement, and peace for some people, but to some people's symbols of love, eternity, purity and loyalty, bravery, and firmness. These different images are intertwined with religious myths, ancient scientific speculations, legends of the drill drills, and the fabrication of businessmen. Although it is complicated, it is not resistant. These images are all shaped for people who love diamonds, fight for it, and even die for them. Historically, the brilliantness and light of the diamonds became the sharp blade of the murderer according to the eyes of the lover; it was the torch of the conqueror, and the bleak candlestick of the tyrant.
    1. The magic of mythology
    The ancient Greeks believe that diamonds are star fragments falling to the earth. Some people even think that diamonds are tears dripping by heaven; The word diamond in Sanskrit is the meaning of lightning, to express the belief of diamonds from lightning. It was not until today that the development of modern science told people that diamonds did not fall from the sky, but instead broke the ground. The ancients also believed that diamonds would have small diamonds, and even the famous scientist R. Boyle (1627-1691) also believed this statement. In the 17th century, Portuguese explorers believed that "diamonds can grow on the surface of near the ground for 2-3 years" and use the diamonds to prove this view in the old mining area after a few years.
    2. Feeding birds with meat, borrowing birds to take diamonds
    The protagonist Simbard in the one thousand and one night story, Simbard, originally lived a happy fairy life. One day he moved Fan Nian and wanted to see the world of the world, so he floated into the sea with the wind and let him send him to a beautiful and lush island. Simbard, who stepped on the beach, said:
    "I walked the courage to walk towards the stream and found the diamonds everywhere. Difficult to do, crisis. Suddenly, a piece of lamb that was slaughtered in the previous one was missing. In surprise, I remembered that a story heard from the businessman and travelers a long time ago. Flying birds are difficult to cross, but the drilling people have their own magic recipes ... They shred the sheep after killing the sheep and threw it into a piece of slices, and left the bottom of the valley from the top of the mountain. The bloody mutton was covered with diamonds. At noon, the bald eagle flew into the valley to so that the bald eagle flew into the valley for so The claws got the meat pieces that adhered to the diamond, and then flew back to the top of the mountain. At this time, the diamonds on the top of the mountain slammed, scared away the bald eagle, and left the meat pieces to the eagle beast. "
    So Simbard learned the method in the story and wrapped himself in the meat pieces. The bald eagle grabbed his meat block, flew to the top of the mountain, and rescued him. This story also illustrates the parenting characteristics of diamonds.
    3. The story of Snake Valley
    In Greece, there is such a legend. Diamonds are in the valley and are guarded by pythons. Mortal eyes will die in its eyes as long as they look at the python. Only those who are witty can get rid of their guardianship to obtain diamonds. In an article about Diamond Valley in the ancient Roman P1iny, when Alexander fought India in 350 BC, he obtained diamonds in Diamond Valley. He witnessed the soldiers with mirrors to reflect the snake's eyes to the snake itself and kill the snake. Then he threw the lamb nuggets to the diamond in the valley, and then tracked the bald eagle to catch the meat, killed it and obtained the diamond.
    4. Diamond -Taurus symbol
    1278 Spanish scholars have discovered the research of ancient Babylonic culture. The ancient Babylonians believed that diamonds were the third faces of Gemini constellations and also regarded it as the first symbol of Taurus. Those who wear diamonds are hunting, exquisite skills, and respect. When Saturn rises at this position, it rises in a timely manner to 60 with the moon. Or 120. At that time, the weirler wears armor and arrows on the shoulders, and the divine power is doubled.
    5. Religion and diamonds
    In the late Middle Ages, in some religious books, the chest cards of the priest Aaron and the cornerstone of New Jerusalem were divine because of diamonds. Legend has it that under the protection of this divine power, it can make people compete, gain strength, courage, power, wealth, eternal life, youth permanent, dreams come true, happiness and friendship, and so on. It even said that diamonds can make people invisible and make the deceased resurrected.
    6. The theory of wearing a diamond ring
    According to the custom of Christianity, the diamond ring is worn on the ring finger. It is said that it is because the priest touches the three fingers of the new person's left hand in the order of the ring, and said "the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit". , Finally fell on the ring finger.
    . Another more romantic legend is that the Egyptians believe that the blood veins of the ring finger directly introduced the love of the atrium, symbolizing the eternal love.
    7. The medical effect of diamonds
    In addition to various myths and legends, diamonds are also believed to have medical effects, especially for leprosy, nervous chaos, cystitis and plague. Some people wrote in the book: "The medical effect of diamonds can be pronounced by the poor infected with plague, and the rich is proved by the immunity because of the diamond." Other statements also say that diamonds can be detoxified, and some people say that diamonds are poisonous. It is said that Frederic II (1194-1250) was poisoned by eating foods mixed with diamond powder by his son.
    8. The origin of the diamond name
    The English name of the diamond Diamond is derived from the Greek Vajra -Adams, which means "no conquest". Sapphire is much larger than iron. With people's constant understanding of gemstones, Diamond refers to diamonds.
    9. The diluted diamond magic and religious legends
    to the L7-18 century, with the continuous development of human science and natural sciences and the gradual popularization of diamonds, the legends of diamond plague and witchcraft gradually faded. Gradually shifted from the legendary perceptual to the symbol and psychological association, these are closely related to the nature of diamonds.
    Cleecent: The ancients regarded diamonds as the purest objects. Many civilizations believed that only diamonds that could not be seen in the naked eye were valuable, and those with "flaws" represent doom.
    color: colorless and transparent diamond represents purity.
    The appearance of the intact octopus is the most complete object in nature, which symbolizes order and peace.
    In brightness and fire color: colorless transparency, good crystalline octagonal diamonds, even without cutting, can show good brightness and fire color, so diamonds are regarded as a symbol of brightness.
    The hardness: Warriors and magicians believe that the hardness of diamonds is a symbol of conquest, and philosophers believe that it means the unpredictable mystery of human life.

  2. Diamonds are derived from ancient times. They are born in the deep part of the earth, with endless mystery, brilliant glory, and are desirable, pursued, and even worshiped with their scarcity, precious, hard, unique and noble aesthetics.
    The legend and stories like diamonds spreading many moving and seductive legends and stories like diamonds. Among them, the most seductive story is the story of "Diamond Valley". Legend has it that there is a terrible and terrible valley, and there are diamonds in the ground. There are birds circling in the sky, and there are poisonous snakes underground. The eyes of these poisonous snakes can be settled to death. This legend tells the hardships of diamond mining. "Brazil color diamond" is known worldwide, but the mining area is located in a very desolate zone in the Totinis River. The locals say that the Totin Ting River is more difficult than heaven. group. Dutch explorers have repeatedly tried to cross the swamp with a raft, and they ended with a painful failure. In the story of diamonds, the most touching story is "Taylorbatton Diamond". This story tells that the Hollywood superstar Taylor auctioned his cherished Taylorbaton diamonds and built a welfare hospital in the hometown of the diamond -Botswana, leaving the name of the first life.

    15th century, only the emperor could wear diamonds as amulets for leading soldiers and governing the country. According to the famous Indian epic "Mahapara", more than 4,000 years ago, people used diamonds to decorate their heroes. The records of ancient diamonds are full of mystery, legend and romance. Therefore, some people believe that diamonds are fragments of stars falling; others say that diamonds are the tears of heaven. In the ancient times, diamonds were the symbol of the imperial power since generations. The emperor wore diamonds as a symbol of strength, courage and war. In India, people have embedded diamonds on the eyes of Hindu statues, and we can see people worshiping diamonds. Europeans once believed that diamonds had the effects of preventing disease and avoiding evil, and Chinese Tibetan medicine also recorded the story of diamond powder to treat gastric disease. Diamonds are more

  3. In 1642, the jewelry merchant Taernier took the blue diamonds like the blue diamond on the forehead of an idol in India and returned to France to sell the blue diamond to the then king Louis XIV Naye was attacked by a wolf group in the Russian grassland and Dead Louis XIV liked this drill and died of a succession of Louis XV to her lover Mrs. Joan Bali when she died of a smallpox. Louis XVI and his princess Mary also like this diamond, but in history, both of them were sent to the facility.

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