2 thoughts on “Is the price of synthetic diamonds really twice lower than natural diamonds?”

  1. The price of synthetic diamonds is more than doubled than natural diamonds. It is understood that the market price of 1 carat imported Belgian magic star drilling is about 4,800 yuan, which is less than 1/8 of natural diamonds. Belgian Diamond Diamond is still very popular in Europe and the United States. In addition to affordable prices, it is more important. The price of Belgian magic star diamonds is much cheaper than natural diamonds.
    So in terms of price, the Belgian magic star diamond relieves the economic pressure of many post -90s consumers, allowing more people to buy a "same diamond quality" wedding ring at a lower price. Because the Belgian magic star diamond is made in the laboratory, the process is completely controllable, the SIC crystals are high, and it is easier to process into various types of jewelry than natural diamonds. Therefore, the Belgian magic star diamond jewelry can also achieve a good wearing effect to meet people's pursuit of fashion.

  2. Yes, my diamond ring is customized on Diamond Foundry Tmall. It feels good. You can choose Diamond Foundry to cultivate the leading enterprise in the diamond industry. It is said that it is the first one to start cultivating diamond jewelry. The brand, founded in Silicon Valley in 2012, cultivates jewelry -level diamonds with black technology. The cultivation of diamonds is sold well around the world. Many Hollywood stars have DF products on various occasions. Atropz, etc., the composition of diamonds and mineral diamonds cultivated by Diamond Foundry is exactly the same. They are pure carbon atoms, and they are generally better in color and clarity than mineral diamonds of the same level. Diamond Foundry's cultivation diamond cut is also very good. It will not sacrifice the diamond to make the diamond not flash in order to ensure the carat number of diamonds. The cutting of his family is really improving, all pursuing the most flashing fire color. In terms of cost -effectiveness, the cost of cultivating diamonds is much higher than that of mineral diamonds. The price of 50 points for mine diamonds is definitely no problem to buy 1 carat at Diamond Foundry.

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