wholesale oilfield jewelry What should I do if the courier is signed in advance

wholesale oilfield jewelry

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  1. wholesale closeout jewelry items The solution is as follows:
    1, contact the courier company or courier through the courier number, confirm the signing of the courier and the courier trend.
    2. Contact the seller for verification. Generally, this situation is that the courier company enters the signing information in advance, and the goods are subsequently delivered.
    3. If you still do n’t find a courier after confirmation, you can find the order on your mobile Taobao/PC Taobao page, click “Logistics Complaint” on the logistics details page, and select the corresponding reason to launch a complaint (the reason includes: the did not receive it without receiving it received The goods are not informed where the goods are, the parcel is not allowed to be placed in the collection point, and the package is not allowed in the self -lifting cabinet).
    4. Logistics companies generally call back to you within 48 hours. Please wait patiently. Some express companies have not opened the complaint entrance, please consult a merchant or a courier company to verify the feedback. If your product has not received it, you can apply for a refund in time.
    Sta: The seller has 10 days (10 days of express, 30 days in the flat mail) time to confirm whether to receive the goods, please pay attention to the timeout to avoid the system automatic sellers.
    In when receiving the product, please be sure to open the box inspection before signing and check the product according to the delivery list. If it is found that the product packaging is damaged, short -short or errors, quality problems, etc., it is pointed out to the delivery staff and refuses to accept the entire package or call the customer service center for processing.
    If the product, the name, quantity, price and other information of the product are correct after you accept the product, the product packaging is intact, and the product is not damaged. After you or the consignee you entrusted to sign, it means that you have confirmed that the above content is correct, and the seller has the right to do not accept the return of this reason.

  2. tiffany replica jewelry wholesale Now that you have displayed early signing, you can contact the courier according to the logistics information. In most cases, the courier will give you a satisfactory explanation, and even give you a specified place.

  3. gold plated chain wholesale jewelry making Hello, the express delivery will generally notify you in advance. If the other party does not notify you, it may be placed at the collection point, so you can contact the express delivery point

  4. engravable 925 silver jewelry wholesale it does not matter! You can make it clear with the after -sales service because we don’t receive the goods. The current courier company is not so unfair.

  5. inspirational jewelry charms wholesale Express signing in advance. It is illegal in normal terms. But the premature money is over if the other party has no objection

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