cheap fashion jewelry wholesale china How tall Na Ying

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  1. scissor jewelry wholesale Na Ying's official height is 168cm.
    Iying was born in Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. She has liked singing since she was a child. In 1979, Na Ying joined the Liaoning Youth Broadcasting Choir and served as a leading singer.
    In 1983, Na Ying took three times before and after, and finally entered the Shenyang Song and Dance Troupe. After entering the Shenyang Song and Dance Troupe, for a long time, Na Ying sang to others in the choir. Once, a certain actor did not come because of a cold and fever, so Na Ying changed from his companion to the lead singer. In addition, she also started to sing Su Rui's song and performed on the stage.
    Na Ying is a straightforward and delicate woman. Her voice has the magnetism and explosive power of black singers in Europe and America. All her songs are very popular in different environments.
    Iying in the Beijing concert "How about Musiclive" in the Beijing concert, her set of shapes can be remarkable, which not only reflects her dignified and noble temperament, but also outlines her figure curve. The shape also reflects the mature typhoon on the stage.
    The and humorous Na Ying, in fact, is also a "female man with a delicate and rich inner emotions. In the" Nam's World "global tour, Na Ying exhibited its charm, whether it is the bitter song of affection, or or Dynamic fast song and dance songs, she can perform calmly, handy.

  2. houston wholesale jewelry Origin: Shenyang
    Birth year: 11/27
    Age: 32
    Blood type: o
    Interests: shopping, Fangcheng Battle
    The favorite sport: swimming, skipping, running, basketball
    The favorite flavor: Spicy
    The favorite singers: Stading Susan Weige
    The favorite actors: Dastine Hofman, Leonado Dibrio, Demie Moore, Judy Fosster
    The favorite music: Jazz r
    's favorite songs: wake up, heart is too soft
    The favorite movie: Titani
    The favorite mantra: OK, Electric Union (telephone contact)
    : Black, orange
    The favorite drink: Pepsi
    The favorite accessories: ring
    The favorite flower: tulip
    The favorite animal: dog
    Equipment: College
    joined the Liaoning Youth Broadcasting Choir in 1979, becoming the lead singer of the children's voice.
    I entered the Shenyang Song and Dance Troupe in 1985, starting her stage career.
    . In 1988, she appeared in the third place in Beijing with the "Sunshine Cup Popular Song Competition" in Beijing, and became popular in a concert in "World Environment Day" with a "ravine".
    It 1997 EMI Records Company.
    This "Thinking for You" in 1994
    1995 "Blacks Black of the Night in the Day"
    The albums of "Conquest" in 1998, Plan B Plan [Movie soundtrack), and and and and and and and and and and and for Japanese artist Flying Bird Liang collaborated and chorus theme song "It's better to see each other"
    "The sad romance"
    has won the award:
    The first time in 1988 Go to Beijing to participate in the "Sunshine Cup National Pop Song Grand Prix" won the third place in the gold award. Hong Kong's top ten popular golden songs "ravine".
    The first place in the National "Jianpai Song Grand Prix" in 1989. The first place in the Ministry of Culture's "National Outstanding Singer Selection Trial".
    The first singing the theme song of the TV series "Mountains Not Turn" in 1990, won ten championships in the "National Radio". "National Young Singer Newcomer Award" "Mountains Not Turn to Water".
    The third place in Hong Kong's top ten popular golden songs "Thousands of Years of Story" in 1991.
    In 1991 to 1996, it was rated as the "Top Ten Most Popular Singer Award in the Country", "Top Ten Singer Awards in the National Film and Television", "Music Contribution Achievement Award", and "Top Ten Health Image Awards". Radio and television stations in various provinces and cities across the country lasted for 20 weeks of "Watching Flowers in Fog".
    The "Meeting 1988" for the Spring Festival Gala in 1998 for ten consecutive weeks.
    1999 [Conquest] The album was shortlisted for the 10th Golden Melody Award "Best Actress Singer" award. Channel V Chinese List TOP 20 "Conquest". The OTV Award "Meet 1998" in the Channel V Chinese List. Mainland China Oriental Television held the best song "Meet 1998" by the Shenzhou Music Award.

    "Reton", "Thinking for You", "The Blacks of Night Do not understand the night", "No Mountains Turn into Water", "Thousands of Years of Story", "Conquest" , "Meet 1998"

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