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  1. celtic wholesale jewelry Simulation@模 模 模 模: U81H

    “Simulation Life” is a role -playing web game developed by Maxis and was released on February 4, 2000. [1]
    Player can set gender and basic appearance in the game, determine personality traits, to create houses, set up home homes, and then guide citizens to live and live, go out, and make friends.
    Due to the success of the initial works, Maxis produced seven expansion pieces for the series, and later formed a complete game series, including later “Simulation Life 2”, “Simulation Life 3” and “Simulation of Simulation in 2014” and 2014 “Simulation Life 4 “.
    n00:00 / 00: 2470% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / suspend ESC: exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: reduced volume decrease by 10% →: single fast forward 5 seconds ←: single fast retreat 5 seconds Press hold up and hold it up. Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

  2. ds wholesale jewelry To enter the confidential technique in the game, you must first use CTRL Shift C to turn on the instruction input interface. You can also press the ENTER or ESC button to close the instruction input interface. The following are some of the secret techniques that can be used in the game:

    help: List all games that can be used in secret techniques.
    help u003CTanxing Name>: Display relevant information about specific secret techniques.
    quit: Leave the game.
    u003Ctop key>: View the secret techniques entered in this window last time.

    [true/false]: The second -generation commonly known large secrets can adjust various needs after opening. After pressing Shift, click the mailbox to choose the citizen’s occupation, lock -up needs, etc., press Shift, etc., press Shift, etc. Point people have grown, changing personality, etc., and the ground is instantly shifted. After opening a cheats, then enter Buydebug, and then click on furniture, there will be all things that cannot be bought, such as Death Fish.

    “Simulation Life 3”: In some cases, simulate life will be “stuck”, and you can use this secret technique to make the simulation citizens return to normal. This secret technique may be treated a little after entering, and simulated citizens will appear. Example: Resetsim Gaussimel

    FPS [on | OFF]: Open or close the screen update message displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

    [on/off]: Remove the footprint restrictions of all object placement in the purchase and architectural mode. When the object cannot move when it is used, this secret technology can remove the placement limit of the hand shape tool. This is known to cause the game content, path, hidden objects to cause and manipulate problems, and so on. Please note that using this secret technique will allow you to move and delete it under normal circumstances, but you cannot manipulate it like a citizen. If you delete these objects, you cannot restore them in any way, so please use it carefully!

    [true | false]: Allows to ignore objects on the terrain, simulate life and other buildings and adjust terrain. Walls, floors and objects will move with the terrain, allowing you to create tilted walls and flooring ups and downs. However, setting a new wall and flooring will still make the adjusted terrain flat, and placing items still require flat flooring.

    [On | OFF]: When you turn it on, press the ALT key to not put it, and you can move without the Qige line. It is usually used to furnish quite close objects, such as tables and chairs.

    [true/false]: Hide all the effects on the top of all the simulated citizens, such as thinking about bubble icons and speaking bubble icons.

    [On | OFF]: The effect of opening the object/into the enters. Not suitable for simulation citizens.

    u003CLevel>: Make the game’s visual effects slowly play, enter the “level” value to adjust the option, the range of the level value is -0 = normal speed; 8 = the slowest speed.

    : Clothing that can use various careers in creating simulated citizens. You must first enter this secret technique and then enter the creation of simulated citizens.

    kaching: Add 1,000 yuan analog coin to the family you choose

    : Add 50,000 yuan simulation coins to the selected family
    n on/off: Move items that cannot be moved/let items overlap

    [true/false]: Use “false” to increase or reduce the height of the wall; n
    [on/off]: Use “ON”, after pressing the ALT key, the object can be placed without pressing the line

    [on/off]: This is a joke, this dense, this dense There is a list of secrets, but it does not cause any results, just for fun

    [on/off]: When the lens is close, the object will not be invisible
    FPS [on/off]: Open or close the picture update rate displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

    [On/OFF]: Turn the game window into a full screen … You can also adjust it at the beginning of the game settings
    n [on/off]: Display or Hidden citizens appear dialogue and ideological bubbles

    : Show random jokes in the input window of the secret plan

    QUIT: directly turn off the game

    resetsim [first name] [Last name]: Let the citizens return home safely

    [0-8]: Let the citizens in the picture slow move (but not affect the time in the game).

    [on/off]: Use before entering the creative character mode. You can choose all kinds of occupations and services NPC clothing

    []: Increase or reduce money for selected families


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