jewelry order wholesale package ideas

jewelry order wholesale package ideas China Unicom mobile phone camp
what is the daily sign -in delivery of gold coins in the industry hall?

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  1. art glass jewelry wholesale At present, Unicom's mobile phone business hall sign -in to obtain gold coins to exchange traffic. Users can enter the Unicom's client client to sign in in the client of the Unicom every day. Click to sign in. After the sign -in is successful, you can receive gold coins. The cumulative gold coins can be redeemed in the prize exchange, and the records of previous prizes can be viewed. In addition, users can check the records of the monthly check -in, and the details of gold coins and consumption. 1. Each user can sign in once a day. The first sign -in can get 1 gold coin, and the number of gold coins obtained every day the day before the sign -in is increased by 1, but the 8th day will no longer increase. If you interrupt the sign -in, it will be re -calculated from 1. (For example: 10 days in a row, the number of gold coins obtained every day is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 7, 7 ... From the fifth day, it will be re -calculated from 1.) 2. Sign in directly above the homepage. You can see the balance of the gold coin in the current gold coin account, or click "My Sign -in", and you can also see the corresponding gold coin balance. 3. Sign -in homepage "My Sign -in" button, you can check the daily check -in of the month. Click the "Activity Rules" below to view the relevant rules of the sign -in. 4. Sign in the "gold coin details" on the homepage to view the gold coins you obtained and the consumed gold coins. Note: Gold coins can only view the records of nearly three months. 5. Unicom may hold some activities regularly to issue rewards for users. You can see the treasure chest of the reward event in "My Sign -in". After completing the sign -in task on the date with a reward box, you can get the treasure chest reward. Click on the treasure chest to see the reward information you can get. 7. In the "Gold Coin Prize" module on the homepage, you can view convertible prizes. The number of gold coins that require consumed may be different. 8. Prize distribution: If it is a virtual reward, such as points, recharge cards, phone bills, traffic packages, card vouchers, etc., customer service staff will be distributed offline for you offline, please pay attention to the details page description of the redeemed prizes; You need to fill in the valid mailing address when redeeming the prizes, and the customer service staff will uniformly mail it for you. After accumulating a certain amount of gold coins, you can check the convertible prizes in the "Gold Coin Prize" module on the homepage of the homepage for redeem.

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