top secret list of wholesale jewelry distributors What is the difference between BAG, Sack, Handbag, PURSE? Ask for answers

top secret list of wholesale jewelry distributors

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  1. beje jewelry wholesale First, the meaning of the words is different
    1, bag
    (1) noun, fingers; bags; hunting; (slang) a bottle of beer.
    (2) and obtained verbs, hunting; putting ... Put in a bag; give up; give up; score; occupy, private swallow; enlarge; destroy.
    (3) No more than the obstacle, loose; deformation.
    2, sack noun, sack bag; ransy. A verb, firing; putting ... pocket; plunder.
    3, handbag noun, handbag.
    4, pURSE nouns, (lady) wallet, handbag; (national, family, group, etc.) financial resources; verbs, (mouth) wrinkled, shrinking; pouting.
    . Emphasis on the key points
    1, bag: General words, usually referring to ordinary pockets, sometimes refers to handbags.
    a Black Plastic Rubbish Bag a black plastic garbage bag; a shoppingbag shopping bag; a make-upbag
    cosmetics bag.
    she Opened Herbag (= Herhandbag) and too out her comb.
    . She opened the handbag and took out the comb.
    2, SACK applications are narrow, referring to larger bags, such as sacks.
    ASACKOF POTATOES/Coal/Flour A bag of potatoes/coal/flour
    3, handbag: refers to handbags, especially for women's handbags.
    a crumpled scrap of paper was found in herhandbag.
    This found a small wrinkled piece of paper in her handbag.
    4, PURSE: Refers to the lady's wallet or small money bag, which is equivalent to Bandbag in the United States.
    i TOOK A Coin Out of MyPURSEAND GAVE It to the Child.
    I took a coin from the wallet to the child.
    . Different usage
    1, bags are commonly used words, and are widely used, which refers to pockets, bags, etc. used. Such as:
    hes upstairs unpacking his backs.
    This he opened his travel bag upstairs and took out things.
    2, SACK's application range is narrow, only used to refer to larger numbers.
    thecorn was stored in large sacks.
    corn is packed in marijuana bags.
    3, handbag applications narrow, referring to handbags.
    the Slimline Dly Fits Easily Into Ahandbag.
    This long diary is easy to put in the handbag.
    4, PURSE is narrow, mostly used to refer to women's wallets, small handbags, etc.
    she lookd at me and then reached in herpursefor.
    . She looked at me and then reached out to the bag to get cigarettes.

  2. wholesale jewelry tassel earrings 1. BAG: Refers to general pockets, sometimes refers to handbags
    2, sack: The application is narrow, refers to larger bags, such as sacks, etc. Handbag

    4, PURSE: Special refers to women's small wallets, small money bags
    1, bag: Ying [bAɡ] beauty [bæɡ]
    2, Sack: Ying [SAK]
    [Source] Old Englishsacc, from Latinsaccus'sack, Sackcloth, from Greeksakkos, of SEMITICONSERIGIN. From the MID 19th center.
    3, handbag: Ying [ˈhan (d) Baɡ] Mei [ˈHæn (d) ˌBæɡ]
    ] Beauty [PsRS]
    [Source] Late Old English, of Late Latinbursa'PURSE, from Greekbursa'Hide, Leather. The Current Verb Sense (from the Notion of Drawing Strings)

  3. wholesale irish jewelry 1.bag: Ordinary words, referring to ordinary pockets, sometimes referring to handbags. For example: The Bag of this style is the most in this season. For example: coal userd to count 3 shillings a sack. For example: Helen Foundbag with a Lot of Money in the Railway Station.

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