kiwi premium jewelry and handbag wholesale What does the long: 01/11 mean by the long bar on the plane suitcase mean

kiwi premium jewelry and handbag wholesale I didn't go anywhere on January 11.

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  1. wholesale korean jewelry malaysia Indicates 1 piece of luggage, 13 kg. The weight of the consignment luggage cannot exceed 50 kg, and the volume cannot exceed 40*60*100 cm. It exceeds the luggage of the above regulations. The consent of the carrier must be required to check in advance.
    The weight of the luggage self -care should not exceed 10 kg, and each piece does not exceed 24*40*55 cm. With the weight of carrying items with you, each passenger is limited to 5 kg.
    The passengers holding first -class passengers can carry two items with them. Passengers holding business class or economy class passengers can only carry one item with them. The volume of each one with it must not exceed 20*40*55 %. Portable items that exceed the above -mentioned weight, number or volume limit are applied to consignment luggage consignment.
    Extension information
    free luggage amount: the free luggage amount of each passenger (including consignment and self -care luggage): the first -class passenger holding an adult or child ticket is 40 kg, the business class passenger is 30 kg, the economy is the economy, the economy, and the economy The cabin passenger is 20 kg. Passengers holding infant tickets have no free luggage. Passengers must check their baggage with valid tickets.
    The carrier shall indicate the number and weight of checked baggage on the ticket and baggage tickets. Items that are not luggage should be checked according to the goods and cannot be checked as luggage. Important documents and materials, diplomatic letter bags, securities, currency bills, valuables, fragile and corrupt items, and other items that need to be managed, and they are not caught in the luggage. The carrier is liable for compensation for the loss or damage of the above -mentioned items in the checked luggage.
    Reference information Source: People's Daily-Civil Aviation Regulations on Passenger Luggage

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