Is the curtain profitable?

I want to start a business, but the city is not very beautiful. Listening to people said that the curtain industry is still good or quite profitable. Is it true?

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  1. Curtain business profits are relatively high. Generally, a curtain is generally cost a cost price of dozens of dollars, but after packaging, it can be sold to more than 100 or even hundreds of dollars.

    Due to the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, more and more new houses are now increasing The curtain business is still possible. This kind of business of curtain stores is special. It is required that the owner is sinking, and sometimes there is no real "normal" for two or three days. Generally speaking, business will be better on some holidays. There are also special situations that affect business. Due to the low entry threshold of the curtain industry, there are many people who do it, and the price is low, and it cannot attract customers. Only when the design and production process work hard can we attract customers' attention. It does not innovate in the product. There are many, but there are very few people who really place orders.
    Actually, when our shop is in poor operation, we should adjust our mentality and face our challenges with an optimistic attitude. I believe that every payment will be returned. You can make a large, bright and bright, attractive poster at the door of the store. You can also display a unique color curtain with beautiful colors in the window, so that the customers who enter the store and passing by must look at it. It is also necessary to make the lights in the store still bright, full, and the curtain samples are more eye -catching and attractive, making customers feel that they are so attractive.
    In more carefully cleaning, even the leaves of the plant should be wiped carefully. Do not let go of the corner of the sample. Keep the store clean at all times so that every customer who enters the store can enjoy a clean and comfortable environment. Try to walk around the nearby stores to see how business shops operate, compare your own shops, find out the shortcomings, and then improve little by little. Learn to constantly warn themselves that customers need to grasp one by one, and business requires a single maintenance.
    In precautions:

    1. At least once a week, pay attention to removing the accumulation of dust between the structure of the fabric. Essence

    2, if you have stains, you can wipe it with a clean rag with a clean rag. In order to avoid leaving the traces, it is best to wipe up from the stain periphery. Frequent furniture should not be dipped in water, and dry washing agents should be used. All cloth covers and jersey should be cleaned in dry cleaning. Do not wash them.
    3, if the line head is loose, you must not be disconnected with your hands. The scissors are neatly cut. You can use water once in about half a year. It is best to wash it by hand. Do not dry it with a washing machine. Different from the fabric, some fabrics need to be ironed.

  2. The profit is still very considerable, and the difference between bulk goods and brand curtains is also very large, especially the profit of brand curtains is very large. Prose is available, but the profit method is not as good as the brand. Many people think that the curtains are just a piece of cloth, and it will not be worth so much. But the cost of the entire curtain will be very high. Just like buying a car, the bare car will be about tens of thousands of.

    The well -known brands of curtains are: Kangli curtains, Moac, and fish are all domestic first -line brands. The curtain style and quality are guaranteed. If you have capital to make a brand, the current consumers are very high in brand concepts. Even if the same thing is the same as the brand, regardless of the brand is expensive, the first selectivity is still the brand, because the brand is guaranteed to have face.

  3. Market research has found that many people think that curtains are huge profits. The main source of profit of the curtain store is to make money by relying on the auxiliary materials. Among the various curtain fabrics, the lowest price is 8 yuan/meter, and the most expensive is 48 yuan/meter. The stores opened next to the community are low. In the curtain shop near the prosperous street, the price of curtain fabrics is available from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. If you want to open a store, join the Chinese window curtains and curtains.

  4. Market research and development of curtains The main profit sources of the curtains of curtains depends on accessories to make money to make money. Various curtain fabrics are 8 yuan/meter expensive 48 yuan/m. If you want to join the window curtain curtain bar, the benefits are wrong

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