If you want to find a professional and reliable wedding company, how do you choose a wedding planning company?

4 thoughts on “If you want to find a professional and reliable wedding company, how do you choose a wedding planning company?”

  1. If you want to create a dedicated dream wedding, many newcomers will choose a professional wedding company, so how to find a professional and reliable wedding company has also become the most anxious thing for the current wedding family.
    O first how to distinguish whether the wedding company is reliable? Look at these four points!
    1, do not look at the facade, look at the establishment time. "The facade is large, there must be strength, there must be standards, the facade is small, there must be no strength, there must be no level; if the decoration is good, you can definitely be a good wedding. The one -sided view of the wedding company, but the fact is true? actually not. The size and decoration of the facade cannot truly explain the "strength" of this wedding company, and of course it cannot be the standard for your choice.
    Wedding is an industry that requires continuous accumulation of practical experience. If the time is not short, the entire wedding company has matured, and the running -in with the wedding banquet and the four King Kong also has experience. It's right. Therefore, the establishment time and word of mouth of the wedding planning company are important.
    . Many wedding companies that have been established shortly are for simple wedding process planning, which is very boring and unique. A high -quality wedding creation of high -quality wedding companies requires a strong wedding company to accumulate. Therefore, when the little fairies explore the store, remember to see the establishment time of these wedding planning companies.
    2. Little fairy, when you go to the wedding planning company, it depends on the size of the entire wedding company. One is whether the personnel are rich. It prop, if this wedding planning company has a large props library, it shows that his reserves are sufficient, so the scale of wedding is also an important consideration. Some small wedding companies attract customers by price, and then the quality of the entire wedding is very low. The important wedding in your life is so bad, that's terrible, so you still choose a reliable company. Of course, it is also great to have a reputation and experienced old wedding studio!
    3, watch the wedding planning team. A good wedding planning company has its own professional wedding planning team. There are not only four King Kong, but also professionals such as wedding supervision and bride secretary. This can avoid many emergencies that occur from weddings. The quality of the entire wedding has greatly improved.
    4. Look at the professional level of the planner. The activities on the wedding day cannot be error, so the level of planners who control the entire wedding are very important. There is a very important thing about the planning level of the planner's wedding planning. Wedding Bazaar Xiaobian suggested that when you communicate with the wedding planner, you need to make a plan. In addition, it is also important to satisfy your thoughts and build the wedding you want!
    What capabilities do you need to have excellent wedding planners? ① Learn about local folk customs and styles, proficient in various marriage customs and cultural knowledge. ② energetic. It is very good for planning a wedding to have mental strength and physical strength. The kind of wedding planner who looks spiritual is pretty good. ③ The communication ability and coordination ability must be strong, in other words, the field control ability. ④ Personality must be good and patient.
    What to ask when communicating with the wedding planning company?
    1, ask the price. Of course, many times, the planner will ask you, how much is your wedding budget? In fact, for many newcomers, she is also very aggressive, because she has no concept of the budget, so she does not know how to answer. At this time, just answer it truthfully ~ The budget of the general wedding accounts for about 15%of the entire wedding budget. Professional planners can spend your money on your blade according to your needs, and you will also clearly tell you what kind of effect can be made within your budget range, so that your wedding dream will be clearer.
    2. What are the wedding costs of the wedding planning company? This is not the details of your wedding cost, it is probably a probably description of the cost structure. Because different companies have different prices, such as planning costs, personnel fees, design fees, props, ... with such a preliminary cost composition, there will be a clear framework in my heart.
    3, "Can you see your real cases? What is the specific situation of this wedding?" Now the wedding company on the market is different, and many companies have stolen other people's cases to promote it, so the little fairies have to brighten brighter When watching the case of a wedding planning company, pay attention to watching the entire process video of the wedding planning company, it is best to have things such as changes in their design manuscripts and design schemes.
    In you should polish your eyes and don't be confused by low prices. Don't be afraid of trouble, do your homework in advance, think about what you want, and communicate with the wedding planning, ask everything you want to ask, the most important thing is to list the details on the contract. Guarantee, professional things to find professional people, I hope you can be a dream wedding!

  2. 01. When choosing a wedding company, don't just look at the facade, or it depends on the establishment time. The longer the establishment time, the higher the strength of the company.
    02. When choosing a wedding, it depends on the other party's wedding planning team. Good teams will have their own supervision and bride secretary and so on.

  3. 1. Power type, basically the purpose of taking the volume, do not expect the service, because people have to catch up; 2. Planning type, pay attention to planning, and tailor -made solutions for newcomers. High, the asking price is always lower than others, but other aspects cannot be guaranteed; 4. Find the same type, there will be no new breakthroughs, adhere to a stable plan, and do it step by step for newcomers.

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