What are the advantages of electric lift?

The electric lift is simple to operate and convenient to move. It is a common tool for aerial work. It has three main characteristics: safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

1. The security

Safe voltage; ​the safety voltage of equipment control is less than 36 volts, and the platform staff can operate boldly and confidently without any worries.

Lifting safety: The equipment adopts hydraulic transmission mode. Compared with pneumatic lifting, more stable and safer;

​emergency system: When the equipment encounters emergencies, such as: power failure, pipeline oil leakage and other symptoms, the relief valve can make the operator safe.​Here's a push around a man lift for sale.

53c6ac8bc2fc9cf7a4cb16fcab057e102. Efficient

Electric lifting motor, a variety of choices of oil cylinder, lifting speed 3-5m/min adjustable;

​lightly press the electric control switch to lift, save the complex operation process, more convenient and quick;

3. ​environmental protection

1, the equipment adopts hydraulic transmission mode, no noise pollution:

2. The hydraulic oil in the lifting platform can be replaced once and used numerous times, which meets the requirements of low carbon and green.

3, the equipment does not produce exhaust gas, impurities and other emissions, low carbon energy saving;

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