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  1. 1. Baicao Software
    advantages: multi -functional mobile terminal interconnection management: computer PC side, mobile phone mobile terminal, WeChat server, at the same time realize indoor and mobile office, real -time processing order sales and management business, interactive minimalist calculations, guarantee Users can get started quickly, and they can be entered into product sales with barcode guns.
    The products for different stages of enterprise development are set up with applicable products. The stage is divided into: start -up enterprises, growth enterprises, large -scale enterprises have VIP one -to -one software consultant service, 24 -hour feedback to solve the problem in real time. Use different stages of products to charge different fees.
    2, steward software

    advantages: for different industries' subdivided warehouse management software, such as food management, online store management, supermarket management, clothing and shoes industry, etc.; Image management function; price memory function; multi -warehouse management, mobile inventory; free use of sale module software.
    3, Lingyun warehouse software

    advantages: PC side, mobile app side connecting mobile management; refined function, while taking into account the scanning code in and out of the library, according to printing, warehouse warning, query and report functions, reporting, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, reporting functions, and reporting functions, and reporting functions, and reporting functions. Financial management, statistical loss and other functions; the software web version is strong; the product is categorized: Lingyun warehouse management system is suitable for most small and micro enterprises;
    Lingyun's sales retail version is suitable for retail clothing, bags, decorations, decorations, decorations For single shops or more stores, Ling Yun's General Edition is suitable for various individual merchants and small and medium wholesale industries. Software use costs are charged according to the number of management users. The first user is free for life for free.
    4, fool's sales deposit
    Recommended reason for: simple and easy to use multiple value -added services

    The focus should be recommended for this fool to sell, tested warehouse management software is not It is less, but it is easy to use, which is a fool to sell. If you want to find a warehouse management software, I believe that you can hardly ignore it. Search for warehouse management software directly on Baidu, and there are three fools on the homepage.
    It can be seen that the praise and search rate of fools in and stored is very high. This software is developed by Xinhai Technology Development Co., Ltd. It is about 2013. It is a universal warehouse management software that is suitable for various commercial and trade enterprises.
    Stric sales are available for users to choose from, which are streamlined, standard version and enhanced version. Among them, the streamlined version and standard version are single -machine software, and the enhanced version is online version, which can be used by multiple clients.
    It is recommended to buy an enhanced version. The enhanced version price is only 100 yuan from the standard version, but a variety of value -added services can be used in the later period. It is worth mentioning that the value -added services provided by fools are also complete, including mobile payment, mobile phone end, cloud backup and cloud services. If you need to purchase value -added services, it is recommended to consult official customer service.
    The comments: Although this fool's sales software is not the longest, the fool's sales will break the cumbersome and difficult problems of traditional domestic warehouse management software. For corporate users, it is very rare to buy a simple warehouse management software for one thousand yuan.
    5, Kingdee Fighting Cloud
    Recommended reason: Warehouse management software developed by front -line manufacturers for small and medium -sized enterprises
    Kingdee Fighting Cloud Series Software. A new generation of cloud series management software developed. The advantages of Yunjin sales: free installation, maintenance, and coordination in different places. It can be widely used in supply chain management of small business enterprises with multiple stores and multi -warehouses.
    Comments: I believe that everyone must be familiar with the brand of Kingdee. Kingdee occupies half of the domestic financial management software market. As long as friends in the accounting industry have come into contact with Kingdee Software.
    The main advantages of Kingdee Fighting Cloud Series Warehouse Management Software benefited from the endorsement effect of the Kingdee brand. The operability of software products can be described as average, but the stability is high. Among the comparison of the same warehouse management software, the fighting cloud is quite satisfactory. Essence
    The number of cloud warehouse management software on the market is large. Buying cloud warehouse management software is still recommended to buy large brands. After all, cloud data is stored on the server of service providers. In case small companies collapse, the data can be lost. It's right.

  2. 1. Investment and sales software of the account king
    advantages: input, purchase, purchase, sales, inventory, allocation and transfer and other functions are relatively comprehensive. You can use it for free
    , Return, borrowing sales and other types of businesses, at the same time, the inventory processing business such as dialing, inventory, assembly and splitting,
    This transfer processing business is included in the financial module.
    "King of Accounts" and "Corporate Bookkeepers", which are targeted at user groups of less than 10 and 10 or more, respectively. The account king is the financial software for bosses and employees. The entire employee accounts, the boss is looking at the accounts, and the real -time records of the financial data such as sales, procurement, salary, and reimbursement.
    2, butler software
    advantages: for different industries to subdivide warehouse management software, but the price is relatively high.

  3. Choose a warehouse management software suitable for your own shop or enterprise. You can judge from the following three aspects:
    1. Look at the function. Whether the software has the functions you need to use, such as the most basic process modules such as in -depth warehouses, approval, and orders, and whether these modules are used smoothly and whether the logic is clear;
    2, see service. Software products are not the same as other products. It is not delivered at one time. Long -term maintenance services are required.
    3, look at the price. The price is also a problem that needs to be considered when choosing software products. You need to compare the price according to the actual situation and choose the product that suits your current use.
    It is based on the above three aspects of the use of Qin Si input and sales software:
    1, Qin silk inlet and stocking software is permanent free, you can use it directly in the application market, you can use the annual fee port fee;
    2, the software is simple and easy to get started, and after -sales service, you can consult online customer service at any time to help solve it;
    3, integrating procurement, sales, inventory, performance analysis, etc. Management and procurement management has done a lot of scenarios for targeted development.

  4. Zhongzhi's WMS system can help enterprises realize digital management in various links in production, sales, inventory, and procurement.
    The more flexible warehousing management mode:
    This is input information, synchronization in real time, and improve efficiency.
    The more complete material traceability:
    automatically alarm during the failure period, inheritance of batch information, and the source of the material is clear.
    The more intelligent warehouse control:
    The source logo, scan the alarm, eliminate the error. Timeout time, automatically alarm.
    The higher library utilization:
    The space identification is refined, supports mixed release, enhances spatial utilization rate, and reduces corporate costs.
    The richer and accurate disk management:
    The inventory scheme to improve the inventory efficiency.
    Per more standardized logistics entry and exit operations:
    fifo planning, reminding the order order, and standardized operation behavior.
    We not only improve the software, but also provide services:
    A warehousing planning consulting service: combined with the status quo of customers, the use of advanced storage theory, scientific management ideas and intelligent devices into enterprises, greatly improving the efficiency of warehouse operations
    Integrated system services: rich system integration service experience, provide integrated product solutions, perfectly solve a series of business processes such as procurement, production, sales, inventory, and management difficulties. Consultation service: Combined with the status quo of customers, the use of advanced theory, scientific management ideas and intelligent equipment to the enterprise is used to greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse operations
    In helping enterprises to improve the level of warehousing management.

  5. Most of the warehouse management software requires paid to be purchased, and a small part is free. For example, the free version of the faith management fly RMS, the free version is permanent and free. You can consult their official website customer service before downloading. Many, then include the most basic functions such as purchasing warehouses, sales outbounds, inventory query, etc. can be included. You can download the trial to see if the function meets your needs

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