5 thoughts on “When buying a golden necklace, choose thick or thin?”

  1. People are more beautiful. They like some jewelry to decorate themselves, especially girls. They all like some beautiful jewelry. In many places, the men need to buy jewelry for the woman when they get married, buy necklaces, rings, earrings, etc., and need to go to the jewelry store to buy. In some places, there are some places to buy gold jewelry. This is to wear Chinese -style wedding dresses on the day of marriage for the bride. The topic we want to say today is when buying a golden necklace is thicker or more detailed? Let's take a look today.
    If first, if you are used to wear jewelry, I think it is better to buy a thicker. Because it is used to match Chinese wedding jewelry, it is best to buy a thicker. Some people will say that so many thick jewelry is a bit tacky on the body. In fact, I don't think so. What you wear on your body now is the jewelry you bought for you by your in -laws, and the day of marriage, of course, you need to be physical, wearing gold and silver, and making yourself a little bit tacky. Dressing, I feel that this is more face -to -face, and I will be happier after marriage. The bride is also relatively young, and usually wears these gold jewelry less. The thicker necklace is not so old to go out, but it is more valuable and can be stored as a sum of money.
    If the older aunt buy the necklace, it is best to choose a little bit. The gold necklace is more old -fashioned aunt, and it is also very beautiful to bring it. If you are more thick, you will look very tacky if you wear it. It has the meaning of deliberately showing off your wealth, and the thick necklace is not safe. It is easy to attract the attention of others. Especially the thief's attention, it is easy to attract the wolf into the room.
    The above is my own opinion. If you have other ideas, you are welcome to communicate and discuss with me.

  2. Personally, I think I should choose thin, because the fines are more beautiful, and the value of the gold necklace is mainly due to weight. As long as the weight is the same, you still need to choose what you like.

  3. Of course, it is fine. The ingredients in the thin necklace are relatively high, and the merchants cannot only apply gold. It is also light and beautiful to wear it, which is very suitable for everyone to wear.

  4. Choose a thicker one when buying a golden necklace. The thick gold, in fact, it is hollow and not very heavy. But it looks very atmospheric, so I still buy thick gold.

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