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  1. The first time
    The Huaguo Mountain in the East Sheng Shenzhou Ao Lai Guohai, a immortal stone on the mountain bred a stone monkey. The stone monkey found the stone cave called "Water Curtain Cave" in the water source of the water, and was worn by the monkeys as king. After another three or five hundred years, the stone monkey suddenly burst into life for a long time. According to the guidance of an old monkey, the stone monkey trains the south to Xiu Hezhou, the Shangling Terrace Fangcun Mountain, entering the Samsung Cave of Xieyue, and seeing the ancestor of Subti Bodhi.
    The second time
    Mukong learned from the ancestor, changes in seventy -two, and "Douyun". One day, Goku was challenged by everyone and turned into a pine tree, causing the ancestor to be unhappy and was expelled from the hole. Back to Huaguo Mountain, win with the Zhan Mountain Demon, bring back the captured monkeys and items.
    The third time
    Po Kumi moved the shooting method to move the weapons in the Treasury Museum into the mountains and perform the monkeys. The monsters and beasts in the mountains have worshiped Wukong as respect. Goku asked the Dragon King for 13,500 pounds. The name of the monkeys in the ghost world on the book of life and death. Dragon King and Yan Wang played the Jade Emperor, please Fu the monkey. The Jade Emperor sent Tai Bai Jinxing to Huaguo Mountain to recruit Anwukong.
    The fourth time
    Po Kumo was granted the official of "弼 弼". The Jade Emperor ordered Tota Li Tianwang to capture Goku with his son Nezha. Be defeated by Goku. Venus recruited Goku again. The Jade Emperor ordered Qi Tian Da Shengfu to allow Goku to live.
    The fifth time
    Powned to manage the Taoyuan Garden and eat the big peach in the garden. Go to Yaochi again to drink Guangxian wine; eat Jin Dan in Tai Shang Laojun's gourd. Rone back to Huaguo Mountain. The Jade Emperor ordered the King of Tota to lead Tian Bing to catch Goku. Goku repelled the gods.
    The sixth time
    Thenan Guanyin's younger brother Muku helped the king and was defeated. Guanyin recommends Erlang God again. Erlang God and Goku fought, Taishang Laojun fought in heaven, dropped the King Kong set and hit Goku. The gods betrayed him back to the upper bounds. The jade emperor passed down to execute.
    It seventh time
    The Laojun put Wukong into the alchemy furnace to burn. Forty -nine days later, Goku came out and made a big trouble. The Jade Emperor invited Rulai Buddha. Sun Wukong fought all the way, and he couldn't jump out of his palm. Rulai turned the five fingers into a mountain and pressed Goku. Fate the land god feed Goku with iron balls copper juice.
    The eighth time
    five hundred years later, Rulai Buddha wants to find a believers to learn from the scriptures, so that the Dharma can forever east. Guanyin led the wooden fork, with three hoop three hoops, tin sticks and gold, tightness, and banned. Along the way, Sha Wujing, Zhu Wuneng and Xiaobailong were persuaded to persuade Sun Wukong and let them keep the scriptures.
    The ninth time
    The king of Luohe to make Yuan Shoucheng's foresight, the private reform rainfall, the rainfall. Broken Yuan Shoucheng Gua Shop with the prevalence. Yuan Shoucheng asserted that the Dragon King was cut by the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty because of his decision. And let the Dragon King survive from Tang Taizong. Taizong Menglong King asked for love, Xu Zhi, ordered Wei Zheng to enter the Chao Sui, so that he could not cut the dragon.
    The tenth return
    I time when Wei Zheng and Taizong were against Yi, dreams cut old dragons. That night, Taizong Menglong King's life, and since then, he was sick and sick. In order to prevent ghosts, he ordered Wei Chigong and Qin Shubao to stay at the palace door. When Taizong died shortly, he met the old friend of Wei Zheng in the underworld, and he was now Cui Yan, who is now the judge of the underworld. Cui Yan has been in Taizong Tim Shou for 20 years. On the way to the sun, Taizong was entangled by the unjust ghost, and the gold and silver were out of the ghost. ● The eleventh time
    The Tang Taizong returned to the soul. Everyone recommended that Chen Xuanzang presided over the Water and Mandarin Conference, and Taizong promised.
    The twelfth time
    The Guanyin Bodhisattva became a monk and dedicated the tin stick to Taizong. Taizong gave it Xuanzang. Guanyin came to power about the wonderfulness of Xuanzang's Mahayana Dharma. Xuan Zang was willing to go to Xitian. Taizong sealed him as "Royal
    Brother Sacred Monk" and the name "Three Tibetan". Three Tibetan Tang monks went out.
    The thirteenth time
    Tang Seng rides Malaysia. The mountainside, the night of the two -fork riding, was captured by the tiger and demon king. Taibai Venus rescued Tang Seng. Tang Seng went to the mountains of the two realms, and suddenly listened to the shouting: "My master is here!"
    The 14th time
    Tang Seng accepted Goku as an apprentice. On the westward road, Goku killed six robbers who cut the diameter, and Tang Seng complained. Goku Zongyun left Tang Seng. Guanyin grant Tang Seng's tight curse, and Goku accepted the advice of the Dragon King to protect the Tang monk and put on the tight curse, indicating that the existing funds were not violated.
    The fifteenth time
    The approach to Snake Pan Mountain, the horse was swallowed by the dragon in the eagle. Guanyin called out the evil dragon and turned it to the white horse to the Tang monk to ride.
    The 16th round
    The line to Guanyin Zen Temple, old residence is conspiracy to occupy the cricket, want to fire to the Tang monk and apprentice, Goku borrows from heaven to cover the Tang monk, and he is on the side. Make the fire in a clean Zen Temple. Black Fengshan Xiong Monster stole the puppet while the fire. Goku went up the mountain to find a demon.
    The seventeenth time
    Po when he saw a black man who was discussing a club with a priest and a white show. Goku killed a little monster outside the cave, got a post, and became an old residence to go to the meeting. Because of being recognized, I had to invite Guanyin. Guanyin became a Taoist priest, persuading Xiong Monster to take into Wukong Xian Dan. Goku couldn't bear the bear in the stomach. I had to return to the Buddhist gate.
    The eighteenth time
    Gao Laozhuang Gao Tai Gong enters the monster to ask his home to ask for the monster. Goku becomes the daughter of Taigong. Break the monster. The original body is available again. The monster fled into the wind. Goku follows.
    The ethics
    The monster into the cave and took out the nine -tooth nail rake. When he listened to Wukong, to protect the Tang monk passed by, then left the rake and went to see the Tang monk with Goku. Pig Bajie. The three went to Fusu Mountain and the Master of Fengwu Chao, and got a volume of the Heart Sutra from him.
    The twenty rounds
    The yellow wind monster in Huangfengling to take the Tang monk into the hole. Goku and Bajie rushed to the cave. Tiger Xianfeng couldn't resist and defeat, and was died by the eight precepts.
    The twelfth time
    Goku but not Huang Fengsheng, defeated. Come to Lingji, grab the fairy of the yellow -haired mink rat, and rescue the Tang monk.
    The twenty -two times
    The monsters in the Liusha River grab the monks in the Tang Dynasty. Goku went to see Guanyin, and Guanyin asked Muku to go with Goku. The wooden fork called the monster to understand. Wu Jing fired into a French boat with a skeleton under his neck and crossed the river to the river.
    The twenty -three times
    Laoshan's mother and Guanyin, Puxian, Manjushri Bodhisattva becomes four mother and daughter, intending to test whether the four Zen hearts are solid, but the eight precepts of Zen heart are not bundled. Essence
    The twenty -fourth time
    Wanshou Shouzhuang View has tree ginseng fruit, and it is not old after eating. Guanzhu Town Yuanzi Erzi stayed in the Tang monk to misunderstand the ginseng fruit as the baby and did not dare to eat. Goku steals three fruits and eats eight precepts and sand monks. There are few eight rumors, and they are stubborn. The two boy scolded Tang Seng.
    The twenty -fifth time
    Puki to endure scolding and down the tree. The second child design locked the monk of the Tang monk into the main hall. The teachers and apprentices fled at night. Zhen Yuanzi Junyun caught up and returned Tang Seng with his robe sleeves. The night teacher escaped again. Zhen Yuanzi ordered Goku to fry the pot, but Wukong turned it through the stone lion to smash the pot.
    The twenty -sixth round
    Goku is a living fruit tree, see Guanyin, Guanyin and Goku come, resurrect the fruit tree. Zhen Yuanzi opened a ginseng fruit meeting, waiting for Guanyin, Xianxian, and Tang monks and apprentices, and became brothers with Goku.
    The twenty -seventh time
    Tang Seng sent Goku to fast rice. Fairy in the mountains, a beautiful woman, the second change of the old woman, the third change of the old man, confusing the Tang monk, Goku killed the fairy, the Tang monk was furious and walked in Goku.
    28 times
    Wukong returned to Huaguo Mountain, sowing the wind and stones, killing the hunter who went up the mountain to catch monkeys.
    The Tang monk was caught by the demon hole by mistake. The eight precepts, sand monks and old demon yellow robes were killed in mid -air.
    The 29th time
    Tang Seng saw a woman in the cave, claiming to be Princess of Baodiang, and was photographed by a yellow robe 13 years ago. The princess advised the old demon to release the Tang monk. To the treasure, the monk of the Tang Dynasty handed the letter to the king's letter to the woman. The king pleaded with the eight precepts and the sand monk to save the monster and saved the woman. The sand monk was caught in the cave by the yellow robe monster.
    The yellow robe monsters became a beautiful man. Bai Longma turned into Gong'e, raised the knife to secretly calculate the yellow robe monster, and was hit hind legs. Bajie was going back to Gao Laozhuang, and Bai Longma advised him to go to Goku. I rejected, and Bajie scolded down the mountain and was caught by the monkeys.
    The eight precepts were used to make Goku follow him. Goku became a princess crying, swallowing Nine Monsters in Neidan relic, showing the original image, and the monsters all the way the monsters were without a trace. Goku went to heaven to visit, and the star god thought mobilized the spell to retract the kiss Mu wolf who made the monster. Goku brought the princess back to China and resumed Tang Seng.
    32 times
    The line to Yishan, Goku heard that there was a demon, Master Master asked Bajie to patrol the mountain. Bajie had to sleep lazily, compiled and deceived, but Wukong, who was turned into a worm, heard one by one, and pierced his lies in person. Bajie had to visit the road again. One of the two demon kings led the demon caves to patrol and catch the eight precepts.
    33 times
    The priests of the silver horns turned on the road, and Tang Seng asked Goku to carry it. The demon sent the three mountains to suppress Goku and took the Tang monk and the sand monk into the hole. Land, mountain gods, etc. moved the mountains, causing Goku to get out. Goku became an old Taoist priest. With the help of Prince Nezha, he replaced the real gourd of the monster with fake gourds.
    34 times
    Po Kumi became an old monster into the hole, and the eight precepts of the hanging were gone. King of Silver Horn and Wukong War. Goku throws out the golden rope that was pressed from the old demon to tie the opponent. The Great King of the Silver Horn was liberated and tied Wukong with the rope. Goku turned out of steel, and the rope broke away. It turned into a monster stealing the golden rope. King Silver Horn installed Goku with a gourd. Goku deceives the demon to open the gourd, escape from the opportunity, sneak into the hole, steal the gourd
    35 times
    It instantly turned into water. King Golden Horn defeated Goku with a fan fan. Goku drilled into the cave and stole a net bottle and fan. The old magic was put into the net bottle. Tai Shang Laojun said that he was entrusted by Guanyin, and the boy turned into two demon to test the monks and apprentices of the Tang monks. The second boy resurrected to return to heaven.
    36 times
    came to a broken temple. Tang Seng Zixiang, Goku used the moon as a metaphor, to make it clear that "seeing Buddha Kong is easy, and returning to his hometown is easy." The eight precepts and sand monks watched the moon, and they also had their own gains in Buddhism.
    37 times
    Tang Sengmeng came and claimed to be the king of the black chicken country here. Three years ago, a priest was pushed into the Royal Garden Well to kill him. Give it to Tang Seng Yiyu King Gui. As a watch that informs the prince. Tang Seng woke up from the dream, but there was a jade king Gui. Goku turned into a white rabbit and introduced it too much to the temple. He became a dwarf to say his father's king, and asked him to go back to verify his mother.
    38 times
    Mu mother and prince have confirmed that the king has changed today. Goku Eight is the Royal Garden, under the banana tree to the well -buried well. The eight precepts went down the well, got the king's body, and returned to the temple. And challenged Master to think of the curse to force Wukong to do medical work.
    39 times
    Mukong to ask the Taishang Laojun to return to the soul Dan, save the king, the fake king terror, and become a Tang monk, but was seen because he could not read the tight curse. Wenshu Bodhisattva said to Goku that the king had immersed himself in the Royal River for three days, so he sent riding to immerse the Year of the King to hate before.
    The 40th time
    The red child to deter the monk. Goku learned that the red child was the
    of his worship five hundred years ago.
    The 41 times
    The red child does not believe Goku said, spraying fireworks from the nose and nose to return Goku Eight Precepts. Brother Dragon was invited to spray water at the red child, instead of making a fireworks, Wukong was almost excited. Bayi went to Guanyin, and was pretended to be in Guanyin by that monster and earned into the cave.
    It 42 times
    Wukong turned into a bull demon king and was asked by the red baby.
    The 43rd
    The monster in the Heishui River becomes a boatman, and the Tang monk and Bajie take the boat to the bottom of the water. The sand monk dived with that strange battle and could not win. Goku asked for guilty of Dragon King. Dragon King's ordered Prince Moen went to collect.
    44 times
    The line to the car of the car. The king Xingdao destroyed the Buddha, and the monks were punished for hard work. The monk priests of Wukong let go of the monks, and wake up the eight precepts and sand monks.
    The 45th time
    The Taoist priests regard the three as a three -clear prayer for the coming, so as to push water. The three of the three returned the urine and the cloud. The three major immortals played to the king that Goku and other priests were killed and pretended to be three clear things. The king ordered Tang Seng and others to seek rain with the three major immortals. Hu Li Da Xian first boarded the altar to make the law, calling the wind, clouds, fog gods, and the dragon king of the four sea, which was blocked by Goku to prevent the magic power from the rain. Goku climb the altar, the wind and thunder are made, and the rain is pouring.
    The 46 times
    The tiger power and Tang Seng each sitting on a high stage. The tiger power turned out of the monk, and the Wu family became a tiger force. He fell down; gambled in the cabinet, gambling chopped cesarean oil cooker bath, etc.: Due to Goku's tricks, all three immortals lost.
    47 times
    The Tongtianhe in front of 800 miles. The four people stayed at an old man's house in the village of the river at night. I heard that there was a sense of recording here. It was accustomed to Shi Ganyu. Only a pair of children and women need to eat a pair of children and women every year. Goku becomes a boy, let the eight precepts become a child and girl, and wait for the demon in the temple.
    The 48 times
    The monster was raised by the eight rings to build two fish scales and fled back to the water palace. The monster freezes the river. Seasoning Tang Seng stepped across the river and fell into the water. Hidden in the stone box behind the palace. Eight precepts, sand monks, white horses, and Goku will return to the village.
    The 49 times
    Eight precepts and sand monks will lead the monk out of the water, and Goku will fight, and the monster can sneak into the water. Guanyin was invited by Goku to accept the monsters. The old man in the river crossed the river and the monk crossed the river, and asked the Tang monk to go to Xitian to ask the Buddha's future.
    The fiftieth time
    Wukong draws a circle of monsters with a golden hoop stick, so that Tang Seng and other sitting in the circle, then to fast. The three monks were impatient, and they went out to the people in front of them and mistakenly entered the magic cave of the unicorn king. Goku hurried to fight with the magic, but was thrown out of a circle by the demon and put the golden hoop stick.
    Fifty -one time
    Po Kumi to visit the monster without results. He invited the father and son of Tota Tianwang, Vulcan, Yellow River God and other battles. Goku was furious, turned out to be a 350th monkey with the hair, and was taken away. Goku turned into the hole and picked up the golden hoop stick all the way out.
    The fifty -two times
    Po Kumo became a knitting hole, took the weapons of the gods, and was taken away by the strange circle. Rulai Buddha sent eighteen Luohan to come, but he couldn't fight monsters. Yiluo said, Rulai has motioned to ask Taishang Laojun to lower the monster. Goku invited Laojun to make the strange three phases with Baban. It turned out to be the old monarch riding a green cow, and his circle was the King Kongzhuo of Laojun.
    The fifty -three times
    Tang Seng and Bajie drank the river water and pregnant. Goku went to Suo Luo Spring, and Ruyi Zhenxian was born and hated because his nephew's Red Baby was was Wu Kong. Wukong taught the sand monk while he seduced the opportunity of true immortals and took away the spring water. Tang Seng Bajie Drinking the tire.
    The 54 times
    It went to the capital city pass. Goku asked Tang Seng to be inherited. The four entered the city, and the queen set up a banquet in the palace. After the banquet, they replaced Guan Wen and went to Xitian. Tang Seng invited the Queen of the Dragon to send off the city for the three disciples, and took the opportunity to invest with the three apprentices in the West. A woman flashed by the road, and the wind was taken away by the Tang monk.
    The fifty -fifth time
    The three disciples rushed to a mountain, seeing a hole in the mountains. Goku's peaks into a cave, in conjunction with the banshee to tease Tang Seng, fighting with strangeness, being stunned. Bajie was stunned. Guanyin asked Goku to invite Tian Shen to the Sun Star Palace, cure the injuries of the eight precepts and Goku, and appeared in the original male chicken, which scared the monster to death. It turned out to be a female scorpion.
    The 56 times
    The Tang monk was hung on the tree by a group of robbers. Goku rescued Tang Seng and killed the two. That night, he stayed at the old man's house, the old man's son and the robbers found Goku. Financial revenge. The old man reported that the master and apprentice got rid of, the robber chased, and Wukong was beaten and injured. The old man's son was also cut off. The monk was shocked.
    57 times
    Goku to see Guanyin was left. The fake Goku knocked down the Tang monk and grabbed the burden. In Huaguo Shan's wen, he said that he would go to the west to heaven to learn from the scriptures. The monk met and went to the South China Sea to see Guanyin. Suddenly, Goku was beside him, so he toured the stick and told Guanyin what he saw. Guanyin sent Goku Sand monks to Huaguo Mountain.
    The fifty -eight times
    Po Kumi was furious when he saw the fake Goku. The two dance sticks were fierce in the air. Rulai recognized that the fake Goku was a six -omee monkey, which made him the original. Goku killed him with a stick and was sent back to Tang Seng by Guanyin.
    59 times
    In front of the flame mountain to block the road, Goku borrowed a fan from the Niu Devil's wife Rakshasa, the Rakshasa girl was descended from Goku because of her son's red baby, a Moncong fan was fifty thousand miles. Postering the Lingji Bodhisattva. Goku got Dingfeng Dan and then watched it, and was fascinated; then he turned into a bug into the hole, flew into the tea, was drunk by the Rakshasa woman, and rolled in the abdomen. The Rakshasa girl had to lend the fan to Goku. Goku's fan is endless, and he knows the fake fan.
    The sixtieth time
    Wukong went to Jileshan to find the cattle demon king who entered Princess Jade Mandarin to borrow a fan; Goku stole the cattle demon throne to ride a golden eye beast, turned into a cattle demon king to the banana hole, and cheated the fan. It will not become smaller. The Demon King lost his golden beast and hurried back to Banana Cave.
    The sixty -one times
    This monster king becomes eight precepts, took the fixed fan, and showed three phases to fight with Goku. With the help of the gods of protection, the cattle demon king defeated. Zhujin Zhuang and Tian Bing Tian General will collect the cattle demon king. Goku fan the mountain fans by the Rakshagirl's treasure fan, and the master and apprentice crossed the flame mountain.
    The 62nd time
    The monks who wore the four people came to Jinguang Temple. Goku learned that Ye Fangxiaguang was a thief of the dragon king, and he was entrusted by the king to capture the demon.
    The 63rd back
    The monster is a nine -headed giant. Goku was helped by Erlang God and Meishan Six Saint. Fighting the demon and cheating Tabao.
    Bajie opened the road to the thorns ridge. The old man who claimed to be a Sobic Land Land turned into a yin wind to take the Tang monk. The old man was the same as the other three old people. Four Old Lao Yang Dao, the monk of the Tang monk. Xing Fairy came to go with Tang Seng. If the people are looking for, the trees are refined into a tree. The eight precepts are built.
    The 65th time
    Tang Seng entered the "Leiyin Temple" to worship the Buddha, and the monk with Goku, Bajie, and the sand monk was in the golden magic. The corners drilled into the seam to rescue Goku. Goku broke the golden cricket, and the old demon was busy using the bag to put all the gods. In the middle of the night, Goku let go of Master, singing his brother and the gods. The demon chased out and pretended to be the monk and apprentice and the gods. Goku took away and asked the Emperor Wudang Mountain to rescue.
    The 66 times
    The five dragons, turtles and snakes sent by Zhenwu, and Prince Zhang, Xiao Zhang, and the four gods, and do everything in the bag. When Goku was miserable, Maitreya suddenly came, saying that the monster was his Huang Mei Tong who became essential. Goku Yimrete drilled into the strange belly and rolled around. Maitreya puts the stranger into the bag.
    The 67 times
    Qi Zhe Mountain and a python to become a monster, Goku took his mouth to swallow, drilled into his belly, and pumped the golden hoop stick from the back. Essence The eight precepts are ready -made giant pigs, arched along the unlike persimmons, and Tang Seng and his party crossed Qizifu Mountain.
    68 times
    The king was sick for medical treatment. According to the words of the eight precepts, the officials asked Goku to treat the king.
    The above discussion of the evil country of the demon king ’s medical treatment. The root cause was due to the Dragon Boat Festival three years ago. The monster came suddenly, and Goku let the eight precepts and sand monks be held in the comparison, and he was torrentially Xiangjiang and jumped up. ● Seventy -10 times
    Mukong running the pioneer sent by Tai Sui, killing himself to Zhu Zi as the monster with Zhu Zi as the next battle book, and returned to China with his corpse. The king handed over the golden strings worn by the queen to Goku as a watch. Goku becomes a little demon who was killed into the mountain and entered the cave. He handed the treasure skewers to the queen, and entrusted her to deceive the three golden bells of the monster, sand, and fire. Strange, I had to leave the golden bell and become a fly.
    The 71st
    Po Kumi made the trick scammer golden bell, slipped out of the cave to challenge, led to the monster, shaking the smoke, sand, and fire with the bell, making the monster go without any way. Guanyin sprinkled the fire and fire, and said that it was the monster that was riding golden hair holes in his own. Because he reported the king's hate of the king of the peacock, the king of the big Ming of the big Ming, the king came to dismantle the king's phoenix.
    The seventy -two times
    It the seven banshee in the pale silk hole to put the Tang monk who came in to fast into the beam, and came out of the rope from the umbilicus to live. Goku turned the flies and saw the seven women bathing next to the hot spring, and then became hungry eagles and took away her clothes. The eight precepts turned into a catfish drill, then appeared in the book, and raised the rake. The girls stumbled to the eight precepts. Goku turned the birds with the slightest hair, destroyed the poisonous insects, rescued the Tang monk, and the seven women had taken away.
    The 73rd back
    Seven banshee goes to the brother Taoist refuge. Taoist priests died of poisonous tea, Tang monks, precepts and sand monks. Goku broke the cobweb and killed the original big spider of the seven banshee. The priest put the golden light in both eyes and covered Goku. Goku fights with him. According to Li Shan Laom, he invited the Bilan Po Bodhisattva to break the golden needle with a golden needle, and to see the three monks from the Tang monks, and took away the priest's priests.
    The 74 times
    The Venus, the three demon kings in the mountains are very magical. Goku became a little demon voice that Sun Wukong was coming to kill the demon. The demon souls were flying away, leaving.
    The seventy -fifth time
    Wukong entered the hole, seeing the lion monster, elephant and Peng Monster, but accidentally watched and tied up by Peng Monster, put it in the treasure bottle. The fire, snake, and fire dragon appeared in the bottle. He hurriedly pulled out the life -saving hair given by Guanyin into drilling the bottom of the bottle and drilled. Lion monsters drink medicine and want to poison Goku. After drinking alcohol, Wu Wan sprinkled the wine crazy, and tortured the lion monster to die.
    76 times
    Wukong forced the lion monster to promise to send Tang Seng to cross the mountain. Stop it like a monster, roll to the eight precepts with the nose, and roll in Goku. Goku was pushed up with his nostrils, and he took it back to the elephant nose and forced him to let the Tang monk cross the road. The three magic schemes stopped the three apprentices in front of the city, and the little demon took the opportunity to snatch the monks into the city.
    The seventy -seventh time
    The eight precepts were bitten by the monk. When the three monsters steamed the master and the apprentice, Goku got away and rescued Tang Seng, but the demon aware of it, and he caught the Tang Seng and others. Goku invited Rulai, Rulai Ling Wenshu and Puxian Bodhisattva accepted themselves to ride a blue lion and white elephant, respectively. Rulai made Peng monsters falling on his head, and his original body was now.
    78 times
    The city in front of each house, there is a child with a child in the front of each house. Yi Yan said that the king loved the beauty of the Taoist priests and caused nine Wang Yan, and listened to the words of the Taoist priests. Goku realized that the priest was a demon, and the gods were hidden to the gods. He heard the Taoist say that Tang Seng's heart and liver were better than a thousand children's hearts. Goku became a Tang monk and was taken into the court by the samurai. The seventy -nine times
    Po Kumi cut his chest and appetite, but only the black heart that was missing Taoism, appeared in the original body, and defeated the Taoist priest. The demon Daohua Hanguang went east, and was covered by Shouxing in the air. Demon Road has the original body of the Shouxian Constellation. Goku killed a fox who turned into a beautiful woman, and returned to the city to send the gods to children.
    The eighties
    Mukong seeing the black evil spirits in the black pine forest in the mountains, and advised the monk not to save the demon girl tied to the tree. The old lama in the temple asked the apprenticeship to enter, and led to the seventy -eighty Lama.
    The eighty -one time
    The monks of Wukong said that there was a demon who hurt people here, and at night, a beauty was seduced. The woman took the Tang monk. Shan Shen and land kneeling to tell the monk in the empty mountain without the bottom of the mountain. Goku let Bajie enter the mountain to explore the road.
    The eighty -two times
    Eight precepts to prove the monster and married Tang Seng in the evening. Tang Seng used Goku's plan to invite the monster to the back garden, and took off the red peach and monsters that Wukong became a monster. Goku entered the belly, forcing the monster to send Tang Seng out of the hole.
    The eighty -three times
    The strange holes to change flower shoes to live in the three apprentices of the substitute, and then take the Tang monk into the hole. Goku found the strange father and brother Tota King and Nezha's tablet. He couldn't help but happy, holding the card to the sky, and first sued the Jade Emperor to sue the king's crime to harm people, and followed Venus to Tianwang Mansion. Heavenly Father and son follow the world of the sky. That monster was the mouse essence of the father and son of the king, and worshiped as the father. Seeing Nezha, hoeing for life.
    The eighty -fourth time
    This King French king specializes in killing monks. Goku entered the city at night, turned into a moth and flew into a shop, took away the clothes of the guests, and went out of the city. The apprenticeship to the guest shop and slept in the big wooden cabinet. The man in the shop listened to Goku that there were many silver two, and the fellows were carried out of the city. The officers and soldiers regained the big cabinet. Going out of Wukong, shaved the king and concubine as a bald head.
    The eighty -fifth time
    The monarch said that he would no longer kill the monk. The master and apprentice jumped out of the cabinet and replaced Guan Wen. To a high mountain, the eight precepts fought with the monsters and won. The monster turned into a stand -in with the three little monsters and lived in the three apprentices. He took the opportunity to catch the monk by himself.
    The eighty -six times
    The eight precepts broke the door of the demon cave. The monster threw out the Tang monk's head made by the tree, and was found by Goku. Throwing the real person again and deceiving the three apprentices. Goku and Bajie determined to take revenge, and Tunna was fighting. Wu Tu turned into a sleepy bug, making the demon sleep down, and went to the back garden to solve Master into the hole and tied the monster. The eight rings were built to death, and it turned out to be a leopard.
    The eighty -seventh time
    The officials in Fengxian County County officials, praying for the rain to remove long drought. It turned out that the county was disrespectful, so he was reduced. Goku persuaded the county to return to Buddhism. The county Hou is the Shengsheng Temple.
    The eighty -eighth time
    to Yuhua City, Tianzhu Kingdom, the three apprentices demonstrated their skills for the three princes who came to find, making them fold. King Yuhua urged Wukong to accept the three sons as apprentices, and made the three weapons as the prince. The three weapons shined at night in the factoryfang and were taken away by the nearby Hukou Monster.
    The eighty -ninth time
    Wukong entered the mountain to investigate the monster king to buy pigs and sheep to get weapons, and the eight precepts became the second demon, so that the sand monk was dressed as a pig and sheep, and the three entered the hole. Among them, we caught weapons and walked while fighting. The demon king Yellow Lion monsters to the Zhujie Mountain Pansu Cave, the ancestor of the ancestor of the nine lions. Zu Weng led the lion to come to the city.
    The nin0th time
    The nine -headed lion took away Tang Seng and Prince Yuhua's father and son. Goku was also caught in the cave. Goku's little demon who killed the guards escaped, and according to the land, he visited the Lord of the Jiutou Lion Tai Yitianzun. Tianzun dropped the nine -headed lion. The prince followed Wukong to learn martial arts.
    The ninth time
    The master and apprentice entered the city of Ciyun Temple in Jinping Mansion, and then entered the city to watch the lights with the monk of the temple. Suddenly the three Buddha bodies that monsters changed in the air, took the Tang monk away. Goku did not fight three monsters, and said to the eight precepts and sand monks that the three monsters seemed to be three -headed rhinos.
    The ninth time
    Eight precepts and sand monks were captured one after another. Goku Shangtian invited the horn, Doumu 犭 Xie, Kuimu Wolf and Jingmuki four -star demons, and the three monsters fled. Until the Western Sea. Prince Long took a rhinoceros, Jing Xing appeared in his body, biting a rhino, and the gods caught a rhino.
    The ninth 33rd back
    This to "Bujin Zen Temple". The monk of the temple was to ask the lonely elderly to teach the Buddha and the garden of the BRICS. At night, the temple's head was windy last year, and the daughter of the princess of Tianzhu was entered the temple and asked the Tang monk to go to the middle school. The next day, the apprentice entered the city, and the princess who became a monster was voted for the hob to choose a horse and hit the Tang monk.
    The king's descendant, let Tang monks and apprentices go to the Royal Garden to use fast. On the day of marriage, Goku asked Tang Seng to take a marriage. The king drew the seal on Guanwen and sent the three apprentices and four posts. Goku turned into a bee, flew into the DPRK, and fell on the Tang monk hat.
    The ninth time
    The princess changed by the demon, because the enemy could not be Wukong, drilled into the cave, and was found by Goku. Taiyin Xingjun said it was the jade rabbit in the Moon Palace and brought it back. The King's Biography painted the four monks and the four monks.
    The nin6 times
    The master and apprentice went to the city again and went to the Kou members of the Sexi Monk. Tang Seng was a complete dojo of 10,000 yuan for the monk as a member of the Tang Dynasty.
    The 97th time
    The robbers night entering the Kou family kicking the dead. His wife Tunzi went to the government to accuse Tang Seng and his party. Goku binds the robber. The master and apprentice wanted to return the property to the Kou family, and the soldiers were escorted into the city. By the time of the fifth change, Goku flew into the Kou's house, and spoke on the coffin, and let his wife withdraw the complaint; he also flew into the assassin's house, posing as the soul of his uncle test, so that the Tang monk and his party was released. During the day, a foot was stretched out from the air, and the county was full, so that the officials immediately released the Tang monk. The master and apprentice were released, and the path of enlightenment into the Mori Temple returned to the soul of the Kou's outside, making it resurrected.
    The ninth time
    It to Yu Zhenguan and was welcomed by the Golden Ding Daxian. In the early morning, the four people Deng Lingshan. Every river. The Tang monk lost his feet and fell into the water, and the flesh tires took off into a corpse in the water. Once he went up the mountain to the Lei Yin Temple of the Buddha, he met Rulai. Grandma and Jiaye Fengbai ordered to check the Buddhist scriptures, but took the opportunity to ask for gifts. After Tang Seng came to ask the Buddha again, the Fang faxed the sutra after getting the purple gold bowl of the Tang monk.
    The ninth time
    The disasters of the Guanyin Bodhisattva check the monks. Seeing that the number of 1981 is still missing, it makes Jie Jie regenerate. The eight major King Kong who sent the four people received the purpose of Guanyin, and then fell into the west bank of the Tongtian River. The old man crossed the river, but he threw four masters and horses in the water because Tang Seng forgot to ask him what he asked him. The magic of the yin and the wind and the wind was desperate and unsuccessful. After Tianming, the people of Zhuang saw the Tang monk and apprentice returning. From the night to three more, the apprentices left.
    V group back to Chang'an, welcomed by Tang Taizong and the officials. The next day, Taizong was promoted to the "Holy Education Preface" with Xie Tang's monk's merit, and he also asked Tang Seng to go to the Yanta Temple to perform the scripture. Tang Seng held on the stage and suddenly heard the eight King Kong call, and then went to Xitian. Rulai was awarded Tang Seng as a meritorious Buddha; Sun Wukong won the Buddha for fighting; the pig Bajie was the messenger of the pure altar; the sand monk was the golden body Luohan;

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