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  1. The three packages of gold jewelry countries are not yet available, mainly the following provisions and business commitments. If the product sold in Article 40 of the Product Quality Law is one of the following circumstances, the seller shall be responsible for repairing, replacing, and returning the goods; if the consumer who purchases the product will cause losses, the seller shall compensate for the loss:
    (1) It is not explained in advance that the product should not be available without the product;
    (2) The product standards that are not indicated on the product or their packaging; The quality status shows by product descriptions, physical samples, etc. After the seller is responsible for repair, replacement, return, and compensation in accordance with the previous paragraphs, the responsibility of the producer or the other seller (hereinafter referred to as the supplier) who belongs to the producer or the seller will have the right to use Forces, suppliers recovers. If the seller fails to give the repair, replacement, return or compensation for losses in accordance with the first paragraph, the product quality supervision department or the industrial and commercial administrative department shall order correction.

    It between producers and sellers, if there is a different agreed sales contract and contract between the producers and the seller, the parties to the contract shall be implemented in accordance with the contract. Article 45 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law Article 45 For the state’s regulations or commodities agreed in the operator and consumers and consumers, the operator shall be responsible for repairing, replacing or returning the goods. Two repair during the warranty period cannot be used normally, and the operator shall be responsible for replacing or returning the goods. For large -scale commodities that are repaired, packed, and refunded, consumers require operators to repair, replace, and return goods, and operators shall bear reasonable expenses such as transportation.

  2. The three packages of the country return of gold are as follows:
    1. The “Protection Law of the Consumer Rights and Interests of the People’s Republic of China” does not clearly specify the issue of gold and replacement. Once a problem occurs, it is necessary to go to the quality inspection institution for inspection. If it is a product problem, ,可以退换;人为问题的话,肯定没办法退换,只能参照店内的“三包法”执行;rn2、经营者提供的商品或者服务不符合质量要求的,消费者可以依照国家规定、 The parties agreed to return the goods, or require operators to perform their obligations such as replacement and repair.
    “Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China”
    Article 8
    The right to know the real situation of the real situation of the goods they purchased or used.
    The consumer has the right to ask the operator to provide the business price, place, producer, use, performance, specifications, specifications, levels, main ingredients, production date, validity period, inspection certificate, qualification certificate, certificate of inspection, qualification certificate, certificate of inspection How to use instructions, after -sales service, or service content, specifications, and expenses. Article 15
    The rights to supervise the work of goods and services and protect consumer rights.
    The acts of consumer rights to report and sue consumers ‘rights and infringement of consumer rights and state organs and their staff in the work of protecting consumer rights and interests, and have the right to criticize and recommend the protection of consumers’ rights and interests. Article 16
    The operators provide goods or services to consumers shall fulfill their obligations in accordance with the provisions of this law and other relevant laws and regulations.
    Is that operators and consumers have agreed obligations shall be fulfilled in accordance with the agreement, but the agreement between the two parties shall not violate the provisions of laws and regulations.
    The operators provide goods or services to consumers, and they should abide by social morality, operate integrity, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; they must not set unfair and unreasonable trading conditions, and must not be mandatory transactions.

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