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  1. School
    (Beijing) China University of Geosciences
    The Beijing Jewelry Jewelry Institute
    It Beijing Urban Academy Department of Science and Technology
    Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts n n Beijing National University Jewelry College
    This Beijing Commercial School Baoyu Monasia Appraisal and Processing n Beijing Economic Management Vocational College
    (Beijing University of Economic Management Cadres)
    N Fuzhou Yuda Middle Vocational School
    Mujian Fuzhou Zhongyi Jewelry Jewelry Vocational Skills Training School
    Zhongshan University
    News at Guangzhou Panyu Vocational and Technical College Jewelry
    Guangzhou Huarian University Jewelry College
    Jieyang Vocational and Technical College
    The Wuzhou Template Technology Training School of Wuzhou, Guangxi
    Guilin Institute of Technology
    Jewelry majors of Hainan Vocational and Technical College
    Shijiazhuang College of Economics
    Shijiazhuang Jewelry and Jade School
    Henan University of Technology jewelry
    Changchun Institute of Technology
    Jiangsu Economic and Trade Vocational College Technical College (Qingdao No. 20 Middle School)
    Shanxi Tourism Vocational College
    Changan University (formerly Xi'an Institute of Geology)
    Shanghai Tongji University Jewelry Major
    (Tongji University Hubei Campus-Application Art Design Specialty) (Shanghai Tongji University Gem Education Center)
    Shanghai Jianqiao College-Art Design Department
    Shanghai Arts and Crafts Vocational College
    Shanghai Arts and Crafts School
    Sessor work n Shanghai Information Technology School
    East China University of Technology
    Shanghai Xinqiao Vocational Technical College R N Shanghai Fudan University School of Visual Arts
    Shenzhen Technician College (Shenzhen Senior Technical School)
    Ird Shenzhen Bolun Vocational and Technical School Jewelry Major
    Shenzhen Higher Vocational and Technical College Jewelry Department
    Panyu Vocational and Technical College
    Shenzhen University
    Business School (North Academy)
    The jewelry majors at Tianjin Vocational University
    (Wuhan) Jewelry College of China University of Geosciences
    Kunming University of Technology
    Yunnan Vocational College of Land and Resources N Chongqing City Management Vocational College
    Anhui Industrial Economic Vocational and Technical College
    Asian Jewelry Academy
    Hong Kong Jewelry College

  2. China University of Geosciences in Beijing and Wuhan all have jewelry colleges

    It on the floor of Tianjin Business University

    R n and there are a lot of three books and four pages to open this major

  3. The main schools are:
    1. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
    2. China University of Geosciences (Beijing)
    3. Kunming University of Technology
    4. . Tianjin University of Commerce
    6. Shijiazhuang University of Science and Technology

  4. When I come to my school, Tianjin Commercial University is the former is Tianjin Business School. Computer Design) Jewelry Jewelry Evaluation Chinese Jade Jewelry Jewelry Place Craft Jewelry Cultural Jewelry Company Practice Jewelry Jewelry Practice wears art color science diamond grading gemstone optimization and synthesis

    The basic disciplines of business schools such as management accounting and financial management and compulsory courses of mathematics English computers

    . I am a 06 -level 07 course. It's more comprehensive
    Our school is a graduate student who can take the Geology University in four years of undergraduate graduation

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