How to distinguish the authenticity of the Cartier ring?

How to distinguish the authenticity of the Cartier ring? Please help me distinguish whether this is really or fake

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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer for five minutes, dear n 1. In the ring of each ring of Cartier, there can be its own logo logo. According to the engraving process and color of the logo, it can be seen that the ring is true and false. The color of the ring itself is the same, and the word is deeper, and the font lines are smooth. The production process of the imitation ring is not that good, so the engraved font is lighter, and there is a certain difference between the font details and the genuine product. If you observe it carefully, you will find it.nQuestionnnHelp to take a looknAnswer where did you buy it?nBuying channels are also importantnThe question was what I picked upnAnswer oh, my dear is good luckn2. You can also see the authenticity through other marks inside the Cartier ring. If you look closely, you will find that the ring material of the imitation product will be found. Due to the pressure of the lettering tool, the font and the edge of the mark will be fallen, and the genuine product will not be In this case, the edge parts such as genuine fonts and marks are still flat and very flat.nHow can I distinguish the question?nIntersectionnAnswer 3. Cartier ring is a world -renowned brand, so the quality workmanship is more fine, especially in terms of details, it is impeccable. Then the screw position is centered, and the polish is fine, without any traces of burrs, and has a delicate drawing effect. You can observe this carefully, especially the concave surface of the genuine product is a vertical angle. If you observe it carefully, you will find it.nThere is no flaw in the authentic Cartier ring. If the surface of the ring is found to have burrs, the feel is not smooth, and other quality conditions, then this ring is not a real productnDear, the color you picked up looks very good, very positivenJust compare the detailsn[比]] [比 比] [[]]nDear  I hope my answer is helpful to you. If it is convenient, give a praise ~~nMore 17nBleak

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  3. Let’s learn how to identify the diamond ring today.
    The saying goes “really can’t be fake, it can’t be false”, the same is true of diamonds. No matter how the jewelry shop describes a diamond, the real diamond is valuable, and the fake diamonds are not purchased and did The need for collection, so how do diamonds divide and false? Let’s take a look at the tips to distinguish the authenticity of diamonds.
    . Oil -based pen test method
    In the purchase of an ordinary oil -based pen in a stationery store. If you can draw a line on the countertop of the diamond, it proves that the diamond is true; The line drawn on the last is intermittent, indicating that this diamond is fake.
    . Test with water droplets
    Prefalled a bottle of clean pure water first, then open the water, pour it into a bottle cap, drip on the diamond with water on the bottle cap. If the water droplets can keep the original shape on the diamond for a long time, then the diamond is true; if the water droplets are exposed to the surface of the diamond, it is fake.
    . In front of diamonds, qi
    This is the easiest way to distinguish the true and false diamonds. In front of diamonds, if the fog above the diamond after qi qi quickly dissipates, then it is really true. Diamonds; if you can see the obvious fog after you are qi, and the mist takes a long time to dissipate, then it is false.

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