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  1. When picking a wedding ring, is it a variety of styles of all kinds of styles that make you confused? Here are the introduction of the diamond ring style for everyone, let's take a look! I hope it can help you.
    Diamond ring style
    olive diamond ring
    Diamond ring style introduction
    diamond ring style name Daquan
    claws inlaid diamond ring
    Inlaid. This shape is to grab the diamond tightly with a small metal paw and fix the diamond on the ring. The claws can be rounded, sharp, flat, or V -shaped (this is also the most common style for princess diamonds.)
    The most distinctive claw shape is four claws or six claws, In the shape of the four claws, you can see more diamonds, but the six claws will be safer. The advantage of this shape is to use the least metal, so you can see more diamonds, and more light can be taken into the diamond, which makes the diamond more dazzling.
    . This also has a disadvantage that the paws may hook on the clothes or other materials, especially the protruding paw. But the flat paw is very suitable for those who are more active in life. The most buyers will choose to wear this style of ring. Despite this, they still need to check the claws of the ring regularly to ensure that they are not loose or damaged.
    A average diamond ring diamond ring
    The diamond ring ring is not based on any one diamond, emphasizing the balance of small particles diamonds, with a star -like diamond. Not public.
    The edge of the edge inlaid diamond ring
    The edge edge inlaid is the second popular diamond ring shape. It not only has a modern appearance, but also is very suitable for active life. It does not use the paw to grab the diamond, but to wrap the diamond tightly with a thin metal frame. The cutting of the edging can be a complete package or a part of the package, that is, the corners of the diamonds are left. For those who want to find things that do not hook things and can fully protect the diamond shape, this kind of babe is the best choice.
    The pear -shaped diamonds
    The diamond -shaped diamond -shaped diamonds belong to the category of pointed diamond -type. These cutting processes determine that this style of diamond carats will not be small, otherwise it will be inlaid. The difficulty is more difficult and it is not easy to achieve effect.
    The diamond ring style introduction. Do you understand?

  2. Do you need the name of the brand or the name of the diamond ring? I only know some of the former:

    Zhou Shengsheng
    ... and so on

    The brand. Did you know yourself?

  3. Different brands have different styles.
    . If I do has
    i do tower series format
    360 ° love series style
    the moment series style
    Ballet series style
    Rose series styles such as

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