Do you know how to deal with a semi truck eating a tire?

It is a highly common tiny problem that the tractor semi truck we transport eats the tire, but do you know how to deal with it? Semi-trailer prone to problems are relatively easy to deal with, typically is the weld cracking, relatively easy to solve. But some problems are still difficult to deal with, not professional ones are not easy to solve.

699dc847837fc1523f5628b4d64066bfOr let's talk about the traction semi trailer eating tire, which is occasionally caused by a variety of factors, but most of the single problem, adjusting a shaft pin heel can be corrected (now special tools). Let's learn about it with Semi Trailer Manufacturers:

If the axle pin distance and three shafts of the trailer have been adjusted to the tolerance range, the vehicle still eats tires, which should be in the following aspects:

1. It should be considered whether the adjusting arm of the semi-trailer is locked in place as required;

2. ​check whether the welding of the traction pin of the semi-trailer is offset.​

3. Check whether the steel ring of the semi-trailer is out of circle;

4. ​the suspension of the semi-trailer should be checked whether it is welded flat, whether it is in a line, whether it meets the technical requirements of the factory;

5. It should be considered whether the axle of the semi-trailer is bent and whether the length and size error of one or two of the axle is too large;

​if there is any inappropriateness, communicate and discuss together.

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