What are the advantages of choosing solar outdoor power for outing?

In recent years, outdoor outings have become extremely popular. Many people who work in the city will choose to play in the suburbs to relax. With the rapid development of society, people's pace of life has become very stressful, rare vacation escape from the city into the nature, want to eat well, drink nicely, play well can not be separated from adequate preparation, tent tables and chairs, oven stove, electric lamps and lanterns, in addition, whether it is driving far or camping near, have power supply equipment and solar cable uk is particularly vital. In addition, the outdoor power supply can also cope with the usual power outage emergencies.

The common outdoor power supply equipment has two kinds of diesel generator and solar outdoor power supply. The former is composed of a diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, storage battery and additional parts and accessories, using diesel fuel for power generation equipment; ​the latter is mainly composed of solar panels, controllers, inverters and batteries, using solar panels for photoelectric conversion of a kind of equipment. Compared with diesel generators, solar outdoor power supply has additional advantages besides simple components and portability:

First of all, the traditional diesel generator uses fuel to generate electricity, which will lead to air pollution and noise, while the use of solar power generation is not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also does not produce noise, and consumes solar energy, which does not need fuel cost. Secondly, diesel generators in the process of use will cause parts to wear, leading to excessive maintenance costs, in the maintenance and maintenance of the more simple than diesel generators; ​finally, solar outdoor power is a ready-to-use way to store unused power without wasting it. However, the upfront cost of solar outdoor power is slightly higher than that of diesel generators.

In a word, the solar outdoor power supply has the characteristics of light weight, elevated capacity and strong stability, and is more suitable for family outdoor outings than the diesel generator.

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