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  1. Please enter your answer ... You can say that as long as the direct selling industry is allowed to exist and develop in China, the corresponding industry associations will definitely be born. And from the perspective of the actual format, it will not be too far. This is at least the needs of the rights protection of the interests of all parties. Employers are generated by the stock market, and the lottery people are due to the incidence of the lottery industry. Netizens have caused by the Internet. It is conservatively estimated that the number of employees that have been absorbed in the direct sales industry in China has been close to 10 million; at least 2,000 direct sales or quasi -direct sales companies have been. This has formed a kind of people that cannot be ignored anyway. Based on this reality, the author officially put forward the concept of "straight people" here. Direct citizens are the abbreviation of direct sales citizens, including citizens of direct sales companies and natural people citizens. Although this group was marginalized by the mainstream society, its influence in the people's livelihood was increasingly emerged. Especially in China to join the WTO, the direct selling industry has gradually lifted the ban, and when some high -quality talents have begun to enter this industry one after another, the industry has really begun to change. In the eyes of outsiders in the circle, this change may not be shocked, but in fact, it is actively proactive according to its unique hidden rules; because of the initiative, it is meaningless; of course, the initiative does not mean that there is any way The preface is just a variety of sorrows and joy and grudges performed under the hidden rules, and generally seek internal digestion; and if the internal digestion cannot be digested, it will intensify social contradictions and form a series of unstable factors. The causes are complicated and complicated. All these reflect the particularity of this industry; it also shows that in addition to strict supervision, they also need to communicate with each other to improve their awareness of self -discipline. At the same time, the various rights and interests of Zhimin itself also need to be maintained. Therefore, as a non -governmental organization, it is an inevitable trend in such an industry. Those who understand the inside story should still remember: In September 2004, when the "Interim Provisions on the Direct Sales of Foreign Investment (Draft)" was first introduced, the establishment of the direct sales industry association was put on the agenda; this was a meeting held in Suzhou at that time. Important issues; were jointly proposed by 7 foreign companies including Amway, Avon, Perfect, and Southern Li Jinji. At the Xiamen conference in the same month, such as Xin, Perfect, Southern Li Jinji and other companies, I also proposed the idea of ​​establishing the direct sales industry association. However Clear response. But everyone knows that the direct sales industry association only has a skeleton by some companies with strong credibility and becomes an important self -discipline institution, and can it have the meaning and vitality; on the other hand, no matter what the direct sales industry associations will be The establishment of the foundation (or prototype) must be carried out under the guidance of the government. These two aspects must be seriously weighing when establishing the direct sales industry association in the future. Founded in the 1970s, the World Direct Sales Association Alliance is currently the largest industry organization in the world. In the World Direct Sales Association Alliance, there is no place for China's direct sales industry organizations. But in any case, the China Direct Sales Association should be a little climate in the legal format before it can appear in the land. Based on various factors and optimistic estimates, in 2007, an organization called "China Direct Sales Association (or the 'China Direct Sales Industry Association') was expected to surface.

  2. Direct sales are an ancient and advanced marketing model. Its history can be traced back to the age of items exchange. It has been prosperous for thousands of years and has been adopted by many businesses. I occasionally read it to learn that in 1929, Wang Xingji Fanzhuang's second -generation Wang Ziqing once used this kind of direct sales introduction to solicit business: whether you are driving, a yellow car, or a shop, the second, As long as the business is introduced to Wang Xingji, 5%-10%of commissions are given. These introductors accidentally became Wang Xingji's direct salesman. But people generally think that direct sales began in Amway in the late 1950s.
    In fact, the earliest bud in direct sales began in the 1940s and was founded by Jewish Casabe. However, it is the United States that makes it really prosperous. It is reported that the first company in the United States to sell products in the United States was Vitamins established in the early 1940s. In addition to sales products, the company's salesman is responsible for establishing a sales organization, and the remuneration system has begun to have a slight scale.
    In 1990, Avon applied for registration in Guangzhou with the word "MLM" (the Chinese translation of Direct Selling at the time), marking that direct sales officially entered the mainland. After that, all kinds of regular companies and mice would land on the beach, and the market was very chaotic.

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