4 thoughts on “What does ALY mean on a thousand -foot silver bracelet?”

  1. That's a brand, nothing else.

    Thousands of silver refers to silver with a silver content of 99.9%. It is used to make thousands of silver jewelry silver content. The highest purity standard for silver products (refer to GB11887-2008). Qianzu silver is a silver jewelry production method that has just been broken in recent years. This silver color is the purest in the market. Because it is 99.9%of the silver, it is easy to identify from the appearance, that is, the true color of the bright silver. This silver material, due to the metal characteristics of the silver itself, makes 99.9%of the silver softer, which is not suitable for making imitation platinum or imitation platinum or imitation platinum or in K gold inlaid jewelry, but it is used to make vegetarian silver jewelry, has the unique texture of silver jewelry. Due to the limitation of process difficulty, although the main body of thousands of silver decorations must reach 99.9%, the silver content of its accessories may be slightly lower, but according to national standards, it must not be less than 92.5%.

  2. ALY is a manufacturer, that is, the manufacturer number. "Thousands of silver" means 99.9%of the silver, that is, 999 thousands of thousands, theoretically, it is called a thousand feet, and there are also writing S999.

  3. That's the meaning of the brand that the manufacturer meant to have thousands of sufficient silver. It is not 925. Many merchants say that 925 is said to be pure silver.

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