us wholesale jewelry making supplier How to open an online shop?

us wholesale jewelry making supplier I want to open a home outlet, is there any requirements for location? Intersection What do you need? How much does the funds cost? How long can the funds be recovered?

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  1. body jewelry chains wholesale ———————————————————————————————————
    Hello n I can answer your questions. The opening process is as follows:
    . Open online banking
    1. Take my ID card and go to the local state -owned bank, that is, the four lines of the workers and peasants, and other banks.
    2. Fill in a application form. The bank has a model that you fill in. You can refer to the model or ask the bank staff.
    3. Go to the counter to tell the staff that if you want to buy things online, you need to open online banking services, that is, to run an online banking card.

    . Open the Taobao account and its Alipay account
    1. Log in Taobao to register, fill in the account, set the password, set the mailbox (this is the Alipay account)
    2. Log in the mailbox - Activate Alipay activation successfully

    . Real -name authentication
    1, certification ID card to log in to Taobao, click on the top, I want to sell, prompt certification, enter relevant information
    2, certified bank
    In your Alipay account to log in to the Alipay homepage and choose to enter "My Alipay"
    After entering my Alipay, select account management information
    After entering the account management information, select bank account management r r
    After entering the bank account management, please click on the form accurately and click, and immediately save
    Alipay will notify your account information to be saved. Similar to 0.05 yuan, it is
    Landing on Taobao, Alipay, certification, entering numbers 0.05
    In logging in your Alipay mailbox, click activation, and the system automatically returns to Alipay page to successfully activate!

    . Opening the network
    1. Taobao homepage, there is a novice under the homepage, click in and select me as a seller. There are operating tutorials inside.
    2. Lay the baby to log in to Taobao, click I want to sell, enter the baby nickname, enter the sales method, one -stop price
    3. Input price, input transportation method, baby description, enter quantity, choose 7 days for 7 days Automatically put on the shelves, submit
    4. 10 pieces of babies on the left, go to the left side of my Taobao u003CShop Management>, create a store name, write the announcement
    5. OK to make your shop open!
    Hope you can help you!

  2. native american navajo jewelry wholesale The most detailed online store opening process!
    The process of opening online
    The first step is not on the Internet, but in your mind.
    do you need to think about what kind of shop you want to open. In this regard, there is no difference between opening the online store and traditional stores. Finding a good city to taste your products is the cornerstone of success.

    Step 2, select the store opening platform or website.
    Y You need to choose a website that provides a personal store platform and register as a user. This step is important.
    D. Most websites are required to register with valid documents such as real names and ID cards. When choosing a website, the popularity and whether the charging and the charging situation are all important indicators. Many platforms now provide free store opening services, which can save you a lot of gold.

    The third step, apply to the website to open a store.
    It you have to fill in the classification of the products provided by your own store in detail. For example, if you sell fashion watches, then you should be classified as "watches" in "jewelry, watches, and glasses" so that your target users can Find you accurately. Then you need to give a striking name for your own store. Netizens click on which shop in the list, depending on whether the name is attractive. Some online stores show personal information and should be filled in to increase trust.

    Step 4, buy.
    It can be purchased from the channels and platforms you are familiar with, and control costs and low -cost purchase are the key.

    Step 5, log in to the production Lu
    You need to fill in the name, origin, place, nature, appearance, quantity, trading method, transaction time limit of each product It is best to match the picture of the product. The name should be as comprehensive as possible, highlighting the advantages, because when others search for such products, only the name will be displayed on the list. In order to increase the attractiveness, the quality of the picture should be as good as possible, and it should be as detailed as possible. If you need to mail it, it is best to declare who is responsible for the postage.

    It another very important thing when logging in is to set the price. Generally, the website will provide the starting price, reserve price, one -price price and other projects. Suppose the seller wants to sell a piece of clothes with a price of 100 yuan and intends to sell it for 150 yuan. If it is a traditional shopkeeper, as long as the price of 150 yuan is marked first, if you can't sell it, a little bit of the price. However, the online bidding is different. The seller must set up a starting price first, and the buyer will start up. The lower the starting price, the more the buyer is interested in. Some sellers set a 1 yuan shot, which is a good way to attract attention.

    but the starting price is too low to have the risk of the final transaction price, so the seller is best set up the reserve price at the same time, such as the destruction of 105 yuan as the reserve price to ensure that the product will not be lower than the cost and be bought and walked away. Essence Another disadvantage that the starting price is too low is that you may imply that you are willing to sell the product at a very low price, so that the auction is hovering at a very low price. If the seller feels that the waiting time for the auction is too long, they can set up a price. Once a buyer is willing to pay this price, the product will immediately turn on the product. The disadvantage is that if a few buyers are interested, it is impossible to support the price. The seller should use these settings according to their specific situation.

    Step 6, marketing promotion.
    In order to improve the popularity of your own store, marketing should be properly promoted in the early days of opening a store, but it is not enough to be limited to the Internet. It is necessary to promote various channels online. For example, the "hot product recommendation" position on the page with a large pages on the website, bold the product name on the product classification list, and increase the picture to attract the attention. You can also use ads that do not spend money, such as exchanging links with other stores and websites.

    Step 7, the service
    It when the customer decides whether to buy, it is likely to need a lot of information that you do not provide. They will be proposed on the Internet at any time. Reply. However, it should be noted that in order to prevent sellers from private transactions to avoid transaction costs, many websites will prohibit buyers and sellers from providing any personal contact information on the Internet, such as mailboxes, telephones, etc., otherwise they will be punished.

    Step eighth, transaction
    After transaction, the website will notify the contact information of the two parties, conduct transactions according to the agreed manner, you can choose to meet the transaction, or you can trade through remittances and mailing. But as soon as possible, the other party avoid doubt your credit. Whether it provides other after -sales service depends on the previous agreement between the two parties.

    Step ninth, evaluation or complaint
    Credit is a very important factor in online transactions. In order to jointly build a credit environment, if the transaction is satisfied, it is best to give the other party praise and pass the good ones The service gets the praise of the other party. If the transaction fails, a bad review should be given, or complaints with the website to reduce losses and warn others. If the other party complains, it should be handled as soon as possible to avoid stains for their own credit.

    Step tenth, after -sales service
    do not need to say more about this. Perfect and thoughtful after -sales service is a very important chip for business maintenance. Good customer management work.

    The business method of opening online stores:
    If you are considering opening online stores, you should choose a business method that suits you according to your actual situation. There are three main ways to open stores online:
    1) The operation method combined with online store opening and offline store opening. Because of the support of online stores, this kind of online store has a higher price in the price and sales skills of products, and it is also easy to obtain consumer recognition and trust.

    2) Full -time operation of online stores. The operator puts all his energy into the operation of the website, takes online stores as his own work, and uses the income of online stores as the main source of personal income.

    3) Part -time online store. The operator operates online stores as its own sideline. For example, many students in schools now use the spare time to run online stores. There are also some workplace personnel who use the work to easily open online stores to increase the source of income.

    SE product chapter
    The selected product fishing fish
    In online stores, first of all, there must be products that are suitable for sales through the Internet. Not all products that are suitable for online sales are suitable for individuals Open store sales. The author helps you choose a good product through the three major competitive strategies.
    This is rare and expensive. Choose the product must not choose those products that can be bought everywhere. Since those products can be bought everywhere, why buyers have to buy you, you add the mailing fee, you add the mailing fee, you add the mailing fee. It must be more expensive than elsewhere. Even if you can sell it, you can't make money. You have to find some rare products, so naturally someone will spend a lot of money to buy your product. Here are also differentiated competitive strategies.

    It is the use of regional price differences to make money. Many products are much different in different areas, such as electrical appliances, and coastal cities such as Guangdong are much cheaper than inland. Looking at your own, find the products that are rich in your own and there are no other places, so that you can sell a good price! Here we also use cost -leading strategies.

    This is not to be born. Try not to be involved in your unfamiliar. If you: love handmade, love cross stitch, hand -painted, and creative things, you may wish to open a related DIY shop. Specialty stores are popular everywhere. Because there are few features, it is easy to attract people. If you are very good for photography and like digital products, you can try it in this regard whether you have any physical stores. The most important thing is to strive to become an expert in this field. Actively answer the membership of the membership, and provide the members of the membership of the membership of the commodity. After a long time, the word of mouth is good. When you think of shopping in this area, you will first think of you. In short, everyone has their own specialty. At any time, it is important to learn to give full play to your own specialties. Do not take your own weaknesses to fight for the strengths of others. Here is also a professional relative innovation strategy.
    In the advice of industry insiders, through the segmentation of the online sales of products, it is generally the following characteristics:
    1) Small volume: mainly to facilitate transportation, reduce the cost of transportation, reduce the cost of transportation, and reduce the cost of transportation. Essence
    2) High added value: Single -piece products with low value than freight are not suitable for online sales.
    3) It is unique or fashionable: products with good sales of online stores are often unique or very fashionable.
    4) The price is more reasonable: If you can buy it at the same price under the Internet, no one will buy it online.
    5) You can use the website to understand the desire of the browser: if this product must be seen in person to achieve the trust required for the purchase, then it is not suitable for opening a store online.
    6) There is no under the Internet, only online can be bought, such as foreign trade single products or products brought directly from abroad.
    Is when you choose one or digital products, you must start the market research of customers and opponents to determine whether your choice is correct, because most of the time your choice is based on your own experience or your own experience or It is an asymmetric information to judge. Judging is often wrong, and eventually it can cause your entrepreneurial failure. In response to small entrepreneurial behaviors such as online stores, we provide some basic market research methods:
    1. You can take out your thoughts or samples to listen to relatives or friends around It is your potential customers, you can also ask some industry people and experts to listen to their opinions. Do not have such an idea in this investigation, think that some people will not surf the Internet, then he is not my customer. I don't need to investigate him. This idea is wrong, because online stores are just a marketing channel, not to say that The products that no one wants will have someone on the Internet. Only the products that someone wants on the Internet will be sold on the Internet.
    2, you can go online to see if there are such products for sale in other people's online stores. If so, then this product has a market, but is this market your market. At this time, it depends on it. If your product has an competitive advantage, if it is the same brand, it mainly depends on the price whether there is an advantage. If it is a different brand at this time, it depends on the influence of your brand and the cost -effectiveness of the product. If not, at this time you have to do offline surveys. If a certain purchase market can be formed, congratulations, you will have a good Dongdong when opening the store online Competition has formed your core competitiveness. Maybe the price is higher, and there will be people who tend to be.
    This stores at the same time should also pay attention to compliance with national laws and regulations. Do not sell
    1) Commodities prohibited or restrict sales of laws and regulations, such as weapons and ammunition, control tools, cultural relics, obscene products, and drugs.
    2) counterfeit and shoddy products.
    3) Other products that are not suitable for online sales, such as medical devices, drugs, stocks, bonds and mortgages, stealing products, smuggling products, or products obtained from other illegal sources.
    4) Users do not have products with rights or dominance.

    How to find the supply
    How to find the source of the source of entrepreneurs who are suitable for entrepreneurship is the most concerned on the entrepreneurial entrepreneur. It is also a sign of online entrepreneurial operations. Whether it is successful, the author combines his own experience and the experience of the online sellers to sort out the following seven sources of purchase.
    1. Purchase of wholesale market.
    This is the most common purchase channel. If your shop is operating clothing, then you can go to some large service wholesale markets to purchase, and you need a strong bargaining ability to purchase in the wholesale market. To the lowest, it is necessary to establish a good relationship with wholesalers, and to explain clearly with the wholesalers on the issue of exchanges, so as to avoid disputes in the future.

    2, manufacturer's source:
    This Formal manufacturers have sufficient supply and good attitude. If you cooperate for a long time, you can generally get slow -selling money. However, in general, manufacturers have a higher volume and are not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough capital reserves and there is no danger of pressing the goods or not afraid of pressing the goods, then go to the manufacturer to purchase.

    3, a large number of developers:
    generally use Baidu and Google to find a lot. They are generally supplied by manufacturers directly, and the supply is relatively stable. The disadvantage is that because they are already big, there are many orders, and the services will inevitably be unable to keep up. And they generally have a fixed retorters. They are not afraid of no wholesalers. It is difficult for you to talk to them. Unless you set more times and become a big customer of him, you may have special discounts or discounts. The worst thing is that their delivery speed and exchange attitude are often unsatisfactory. You can also understand that the order of the order is slower, as long as we order in advance to solve it. The real problem is the exchange. Sometimes it is inevitable that there are some flaws, especially jewelry. Therefore, fully communicate and negotiate in advance.

    4, wholesalers who just started:
    The wholesalers have no fixed wholesale customers and no popularity because they just started. In order to fight for customers, their starting batch is small, and the price is generally not higher than or even some products that will be lower than a large number of developers. You can also talk to them in accordance with your purchase experience, such as price and replacement. They don't agree with your conditions, but maybe they agree, or they can reach an intermediate protocol. And in order to fight for returning, their after -sales service is generally better. The lack is because it is a new wholesaler, everyone must understand their integrity. You can go to the message version to see the evaluation of others, and you can also let them issue a credit certificate.

    5, follow foreign trade products or OEM products.
    The surplus products other than foreign trade orders or well-known brands are processed in addition to some well-known brands. The price is usually very low. A good purchase channel.

    6. Buy inventory backlog or clear warehouse treatment products.
    Because of eagerness to deal with, the price of such products is usually extremely low. If you have enough price capacity, you can eat it at a very low price. Get enough profits by using regional or space -time differences. Therefore, you must go to the market frequently and pay close attention to market changes.

    7. Find special purchase channels.
    For example, if you have relatives or friends in Hong Kong or abroad, you can help them, and enter some products that cannot be seen in some domestic markets, or some low prices. If you are in a place like Zhuhai, Shenzhen, you can even apply for a pass and go out to Hong Kong and Macau for your own purchase.

    In the above purchase channels, for sellers operated by small books, the latter three are more suitable, but it is more difficult to find such a purchase channel. The sellers need more time and pay attention. Opening up online, purchase is a very important link. No matter what channels are looking for supply, the low price is the key factor, and find the price of good quality and low price. Your online store has the cornerstone of success.

    In opening chapters
    How to choose the platform
    Is women are afraid of marrying the wrong Lang, men are afraid of choosing the wrong line, as friends who open a business online, what kind of platform to choose The cost is related, and at the same time, it also has a certain impact on your sales results. If you choose a platform to open a store, it depends on the current stage of your online entrepreneurship. This will choose a platform that suits you. The author will compare the three main online store opening platforms:

    The large website opening
    1) Professional C2C auction website.
    2) A comprehensive shopping website for personal seller members can be registered.
    3) A single shopping website for personal seller members can be registered.

    The large shopping sites that China provides online stores have hundreds of shopping sites, and there are not many people who really have a certain influence. On August 18th, Shao Yibo and Tan Haiyin were founded in Shanghai, the world's largest online trading platform of Chinese online trading, providing the construction and service of the network platform of C2C (individual -individual) and B2C (merchant -individual). Easy to obtain US $ 30 million in capital injection from EBAY, the largest e -commerce company in the United States, and formed a strategic partnership with it. In June 2003, EBAY invested $ 150 million in investment. Ethics has so far attracted nearly $ 220 million in overseas investments, becoming the company with the most foreign capital entrepreneurial enterprises to attract foreign capital. () is one of the earliest shopping websites in China to provide online store services. Registered online store charges, but it needs to pay the product's base price setting fee, item login fee, transaction service fee and advertising value -added service fee.

    Taobao (): It is the leading domestic personal transaction (C2C) online platform. On May 10, 2003, it was invested by 450 million in the world's best enterprise (B2B) e -commerce company Alibaba. , Committed to achieving the world's largest personal trading website.
    T Taobao provides free registration, free authentication, free store opening services.

    oting the net (): New domestic personal transaction (C2C) online platform, Tencent's website.

    It auction network (): One shot network is a joint venture company established by Sina and Yahoo, a new high -quality online established by Beijing Xinya Online Information Technology Co., Ltd. Buying and selling communities will provide smooth trading platforms and multiple trading models for Chinese SMEs and individual users.
    The currently provides free online store opening services.

    8848 network (): 8848 Established on May 18, 1999, it was the flagship of Chinese e -commerce enterprises. In September 2003, it began to prepare for new business development plans to turn business focus to establishing China. The first professional shopping search engine -8848 shopping engine, which serves small and medium -sized merchants 8848 online stores, and provides e -commerce solutions for enterprise users to expand business. 8848 was officially released on January 1, 2004.
    8848 currently provides free online store opening services.
    In more websites that provide online store opening services can be available on this website

    The opening of personalized online stores:
    building independent online store construction independent online stores refer to operators The situation of its own business, or entrust others to design a website by itself, and independent online stores usually have a level -level domain name as a URL. Attract the viewers to perform their own website and complete the final sales. It mainly includes two types: personalized online stores and self -service online stores.
    The complete personalized online stores actually designed a new website, including five aspects, domain name registration, unprecedented rent, web design, program development, website promotion, etc. Because it is completely independent, the style and content of personalized online stores can be designed according to the operator's ideas, instead of having to be limited by specific modules in the online store provided in large websites, and the upload of online store products It is arranged by its own operations with the operation. In addition to paying the design and promotion costs of the website, there is no need to pay online transaction fees, commodity login fees and other fees. Of course, personalized online stores can only get the attention of the viewers through other various website promotion methods and achieve the final commodity transaction. Personalized online stores often cannot immediately obtain the viewer's own credit, and often cannot immediately obtain a viewer. Trust.

    The opening of the self -service online store:
    The self -service online store mainly uses a self -service website mold to build its own online store. It is also an independent online store, but it is more personalized. In terms of online stores, the content of the online store is modular. The content of the online store can only be selected in the regular model. Usually the price is low, the application function of the website is good, but the style of the online store cannot reach a personalized online store. standard.
    The self -service online store operation is simple, and specific applications are the same as personalized online stores. At present, many network companies provide self -service website services, and the price is usually between hundreds and 1,000 yuan.

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