1 thought on “college wholesale jewelry How does Youku cancel your account?”

  1. wholesale typewriter key jewelry If you need to cancel the extra Youku account, you only need to via Youku mobile client. Next, I will tell you the steps of canceling the Youku account.
    01 First click to enter the "My" page of the Youku client.
    02 and then click on the icon of the icon in the upper right corner of the "My" page.
    03 After entering the setting menu page, click to enter the "Security Center" setting option.
    04 Click the "Account Logging" option.
    05 Finally check whether your account is canceled. If you meet the cancellation requirements, check the cancellation agreement. After confirming that you do n’t have an error, click the “Start Logging” button to cancel the Youku account.

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