Bottega Why Should Choose White Carrara Quartz for Your Countertops?!

Bottega Why Should Choose White Carrara Quartz for Your Countertops?!

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Bottega Why Should Choose White Carrara Quartz for Your Countertops?!
Bottega Why Should Choose White Carrara Quartz for Your Countertops?!

White Carrara Quartz is a favorite among homeowners (and designers) who may desire the lavish look of marble, but without all of those costs in exchange for quartz's durability and simple upkeep. Capturing the sophisticated veining and subtle whitish-grey backdrop of Carrara marble, this engineered stone meets both modern and traditional decor.
It carries a timeless beauty and versatility /

Elegant look: White Carrara Quartz presents a beautiful bright white background with small delicate to light veins of grey color, rumored avocado going perfectly as the natural form of soft marble from actual dancing. Its classic look will not only suit any style of kitchen or bathroom decor, but it also adds an extra layer of charm to your living space.
Fits the Style: Whether your home boasts a modern, contemporary style or something more traditional, white Carrara quartz countertops can fit nicely into your current design to create polished and sophisticated look.
Unmatched Durability

Stain and Scratch Resistant — Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth, which makes White Carrara Quartz countertops very resistant to scratches, chips and stains. That means porcelain can handle heavy use — and occasional knock-around — making it a great option for kitchens or bathrooms where countertops tend to take more abuse.
No Need for Sealing: Natural stone must be sealed on a regular basis to prevent staining, but White Carrara is non-porous. Bacteria, germs and blood stains won't stick to the surface as well, other than that it's also stain resistant with coffee, wine or oil, no matter how dirty your hands are.

Ease of Maintenance

Easy Care: If you love the look of White Carrara Quartz but don´t want to spend time sealing it, our product doesn´t require high maintenance. It does not need periodic sealing as natural stones are required to do. A mild cleaner and water on the surface is all that is needed to clean it up.
Consistency and Quality

Consistent Look — Engineered quartz does not possess the variations of natural stone. Unlike natural White Carrara which varies in color and veining- a manufactured quartz with provide consistency between each slab for more than 1 piece or project.
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Several quartz manufacturers focus on incorporating eco-friendly practices into the production of its products. White Carrara Quartz often includes recycled materials, and the energy needed to produce this quartz is typically less than what would be used in processing natural stone.
Enhancing Property Value

Boosts Home Value: White Carrara Quartz countertops elevate the value of your property. This beautiful appearance, its durability and low maintenance are attractive to potential buyers so it is wise investment for any home owner.
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White Carrara quartz offers an aesthetic beauty and chic along with extreme durability, low maintenance advantages that make it a favorite to bring elegance into your home. The name goes with a timeless look, innovatively manufactured to hold its appeal for life most undoubtedly. Whether you are upgrading your kitchen, bathroom or adding new countertops White Carrara Quartz is an exceptional choice that can provide a sense of luxury and easy living to the most lived spaces in your home.

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