Advanced Electric Transaxles for Electric Tugs


Rotontek's Advanced Electric Transaxles for Electric Tugs offer superior performance and efficiency. With robust design, high torque, easy integration, and reduced emissions, they revolutionize the electric tug industry.


Rotontek, an innovator in the field of electric mobility solutions, has introduced a new, advanced series of Electric Transaxles specifically designed for electric tugs. With state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge technology, these electric transaxles significantly enhance the performance, efficiency, and reliability of electric tugs.

Product Specifications

Rotontek's Electric Transaxle for Electric Tugs is engineered with the following impressive features:

  • Motor Type: Permanent Magnet DC Motor
  • Voltage Range: 24V – 48V
  • Rated Power: 1.5 kW – 3.0 kW
  • Max Speed: 15 km/h
  • Reduction Ratio: 20:1
  • Torque: up to 200 N.m
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Cooling Method: Air-cooled

Design and Manufacturing Process

The design of Rotontek's electric transaxles showcases innovative technical solutions that consider the demanding needs of electric tugs. The high-torque and high-power handling capability of these transaxles offer unmatched pulling force. The compact yet robust design enables these transaxles to handle heavy loads while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

Rotontek employs a stringent manufacturing process ensuring each electric transaxle meets the highest quality standards. The production line employs the latest robotic technology, including automated welding and precision assembly, resulting in reliable and consistent output.

Transaxle for Electric Tugs Innovative Technical Solutions

Key Features and Benefits

  1. High Efficiency and Performance: The advanced design of the Rotontek electric transaxles provides high torque at low speeds, which is essential for electric tugs. This ensures superior pulling power without compromising on efficiency or performance.
  2. Robust and Durable: These electric transaxles are made from high-grade materials, ensuring robustness and durability. They can withstand heavy-duty use in various environments, providing long service life and reducing maintenance requirements.
  3. Easy Integration: Rotontek's electric transaxles are designed for easy integration into electric tug designs, providing manufacturers with flexibility and simplicity.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Being electric, these transaxles contribute to lower emissions and a smaller carbon footprint, supporting global efforts towards sustainability.
  5. Quiet Operation: Electric transaxles offer quiet operation, reducing noise pollution and improving the work environment for operators.

Innovative Technical Solutions by Rotontek

With these advanced electric transaxles, Rotontek provides Transaxle for Electric Tugs Innovative Technical Solutions that revolutionize the tug industry. These solutions offer increased power, improved efficiency, and reduced operational cost.

In conclusion, Rotontek's advanced electric transaxles represent a significant stride in the evolution of electric tugs. By offering high performance, robustness, and ease of integration, they provide manufacturers with the opportunity to create more efficient and environmentally-friendly electric tugs.


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