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  1. The diamond ring 4C
    is the price of the diamond ring. This is the most needed before buying a diamond ring. After all, everyone still needs to choose the diamond ring according to their own financial ability. There are many factors that determine the price of diamond ring, and the most intuitive is the size of the diamond. We all know that the larger the diamond, the higher the price, but although the weight of the diamond is proportional to the price, the proportion is different. For example: 50 -point diamond ring weight is half of one carat, but the price is only about one -fifth of the one -carat diamond ring. Although the 40 -point diamond ring is only a little smaller than the 50 -point diamond ring, the size does not even see it, but the price is much less.
    In addition to the weight of the diamond, the price of diamond ring is also closely related to the three factors of the diamond color, permeability, and cutting work. Combining is often called "diamond 4C". Diamond 4C is a key indicator for measuring the quality of a naked diamond. The higher the 4 parameters, the higher the quality of the diamond, and the higher the price. In short, the more brighter, flickering, and larger diamond rings, the more expensive the price.
    Diamond ring
    Diamond ring brand
    It also understand the true strength, tone meaning and service quality of each brand when purchasing a diamond ring. Because many professional brands have done well in advertising marketing, the actual quality and services are not the same as advertising.
    The diamond ring style and rings
    The diamond ring is very pursuing personalization, so many diamond ring styles can be designed by themselves. After choosing a diamond, docking and communicating with the designer, you will get a diamond ring that really belongs to you. In the choice of precepts, you can choose 18K gold and platinum, depending on personal preferences. In addition, you can also engraved the lettering service in the abstinence to engrave your beloved name or an important anniversary on the ring. Of course, it can also be a small secret between couples. This ring has its unique meaning.
    diamond ring
    diamond ring certificate
    The diamond ring certificate is very important when buying a diamond ring. If the diamond ring brand you buy has no GIA certificate, then you need to pay attention. It is recommended not to buy it. Because there is no guarantee.
    What should I pay attention to when buying a diamond ring? When choosing a diamond ring, remember not to be greedy and cheap, remember to ask if there is a certificate.

  2. If you customize. Essence Pay attention to the level of diamonds, such as weight, color, clarity, cutting, of course. Not to identify it yourself. Mainly I understand the diamond appraisal certificate issued by the merchant. The premise is that you have a naked diamond certificate if you want to buy a diamond with a score of 30 or more. The advantage is that the general price of online customization will be about half cheaper than the spot purchased by brand stores. The disadvantage may be that you need to learn the basic knowledge of diamonds for a period of time, and generally it takes 10 days to complete it. (As for safety, after receiving it, you can know the authenticity of 100-200 for the identification. Generally, you will be determined to pay the seller after 10 days of online. The probability of fakes is almost there.)
    If you buy a brand. That is to choose in the brand store. See how much you can accept. In normal stores, you can get a 8-9 % discount on the price of the price. The bigger the brand, the smaller the discount. The advantage is that you can start when you see it. It takes a short time. You do n’t need to know too much about diamonds (because you know the diamond, the price is very small. Don't ask the price online, otherwise you will be hit. Diamond ring, you like the most importantly.)

  3. For your own suggestions, first talk about color. D is the best color. H color is commonly known as 95 points in China, and the color of 95 or more is collectively called white diamond. H color and I-J are only 1-2 color differences (the level of I-J is slightly yellow). The 20-point diamond looks small, only a little bit, but it must be seen carefully.
    vs and VVS are very small. It cannot be seen at all. It takes more than 10 times the microscope to see, so it is OK if you buy VS. According to the data you gave 2950 yuan, if it is included in the PT950 precepts, the price is okay. It is not expensive to buy it in the mall. You can buy it again on the Internet.
    The bracelets I bought online (set at the beginning of the month), 35 diamonds of 17-18 points, less than 30,000, you can count the next price. I bought it on Taobao. I gave you the address of the diamond, but the little diamonds in his family did not seem to be much, most of them were carat diamonds. And small diamonds should not be trusted, you can consult the owner.
    The reference address for you is a weight 27 -point square diamond, color
    F color, clarity vs2
    It is only 1200 yuan, but it is difficult to encounter such a price. Generally, the 27 -point nude stone is at least nearly 2,000 yuan. Their family also has a 25 -point olive type D
    The sale of 1500 clarity Si, the price is relatively cheap.
    If you finally decide to buy online, do not choose a seller who needs to pay the fund to support Alipay. After you get things, go to the gold shop to identify it (usually free to see you), and then give it to give it to you), and then give it to give it to you. He pays.

  4. Buying a wedding ring is a very cautious thing, because the small ring is not only very meaningful, but you will also pay a lot of money for it. So, what should I pay attention to when buying a diamond ring? The following common sense hopes to help the newcomers. 1. Found tip: refers to the top of the diamond at the bottom of the diamond. Some diamonds have a bottom tip of 58 sides and 57 sides without bottom tip. Generally, large diamonds such as 2 carats have bottom tips to avoid avoiding the bottom to avoid Damage; it has no effect on the fire color of the drill. 2. Pulse pattern: Unless the color, color, reflection, or whiteness appear, it is usually not regarded as internal characteristics, nor is it drawn on the attachment. The pulse pattern is divided into (1) nil without it; (2) Slight mild; (3) Moderate is easy to see; (4) obviously four levels, only obvious pulse patterns appear here to describe this here. In the column. 3. Modification degree: refers to the degree of advantages and disadvantages of the cutting process. Craft defects that affect the degree of modification usually include the following aspects: aspects of polishing; insufficient roundness; non -alignment of face -to -face point between the crown and the pavilion, and the sharp point of faces are not sharp; The table and waist are not parallel; the waist is wavy. The identification on the certificate is: good, good, general three levels.
    4, ring support: It is best to use 18K or PT900 inlay. Diamonds within 30 points do not have a collection value, so don't think how much value of a PT950 pretty vitality is at all. 5. If you don't worry before making the finished product, it is better to detect it. 6. If you want to buy diamonds to preserve value, be sure to buy large particles, especially if you are more than 1 carat, the color and clarity are also high. After all, there are too many broken diamonds, and at best, it is only the decorative effect. Diamonds are naturally rare. If you want to invest in diamonds, you should have a good income, and you should even see the diamonds above 3 grams of diamonds to buy diamonds. 7. If you are a male ring, it is recommended to use 4 claws to inlay better, mature and stable, and reflect the temperament of men; if it is a women's ring, you can choose 6 claws inlaid, elegant and stylish, and also seem to be big.

  5. Hello
    1. See if the color is uniform, the crack will affect the beauty and durability of the gem. For example, the feathers stretch to the surface of the stone, and the sudden impact (such as when rubbing the sparrow) will cause the gemstone to break.
    2. Look at gems under natural sunlight and artificial light. Gemstones will look lighter in strong light, but in general sunlight, it will be "black".
    3. Don't forget to observe the cutting and proportion of gems.
    4. Like the ruby, the sapphire is carefully imitated and a few chaotic real products.
    5. The color of the sauggal is the indicator of its value. A very dark sauggal looks not expensive, but a good Blue Blue Blue Treasure is very high. In the United States and Europe, people prefer a darker sauda. In Hong Kong, consumers love medium -depth blue. Put the sacrifice on the arms and observe whether its color is blue or black.
    The comprehensive perspective must be supported by the national inspection, color, clarity, flaws, cut
    Is to answer can help you

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