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  1. Palladium is one of the rare precious metals in the world, element symbol PD, and one of the platinum elements. The purity of gold is extremely high, similar to platinum, and the natural state is silver -white metal luster and will never fade. Gold is resistant to high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and has ductility.
    It, in terms of purity, rarity and durability, can be replaced with platinum. It is an ideal material for making jewelry and inlaid gemstones. Tongjin and platinum, gold, and silver are one of the trading varieties of international precious metals and futures. In history, it was once higher than that of platinum.
    In 1803, British chemist Vallaston discovered a new element from a platinum ore. He dissolved the natural platinum ore in the king water, and removed the yellow sedimentation of the solution of the solution of messenger (HG (CN) 2) after removing acid. Heat the sulfur, borax and this sediment together to obtain a shiny metal particles. He calls Palladium, and the element symbol is determined to be PD. The name comes from the newly discovered Sun asteroid in 1802, which commemorates the planet of the goddess of wisdom in ancient Greek mythology.
    球 The reserves of the earth are scarce, and it is difficult to digging and smelting. It is a rare precious metal series. The content of 钯 in the crust is about 1/1 × 109 reserves or even only 1/6 of platinum, and the total output is less than 8%of the annual output. And only a few countries such as North America, Russia and South Africa are produced in the world.系 Gold is often scattered with other platinum elements in a variety of minerals (such as primary platinum ore, nickel sulfide copper ore, nickel and pyrite ore, etc.).
    This is often accompanied by platinum, and the output is less than platinum. In the classification of mineral classification, the platinum elements are natural platinum submarines, including natural element minerals such as 铱, 铑, 钯, and platinum. They exist in extensive existence of the same phenomenon in each other, thereby forming a series of types of quality mixed crystals. The physical and chemical properties between these elements have great similarities. Especially the two precious metals, the two precious metals, are similar to brothers. The metallurgical properties of these two metals are quite similar to that they are equally rare and similar in use.

  2. Palladium is a member of the Platinum, the aristocratic of the platinum metal, and the imprint of the gold jewelry in the world is PD or Palladium. Relatively stable, can be acid -resistant erosion, and is not easy to oxidize and loses luster in normal conditions. Gold has almost no impurities, high purity, is very suitable for skin, and is more suitable for jewelry. The international jewelry industry has begun to process Platinum. As a part of gold, silver, and platinum alloy, it increases its hardness and gradually forms a fashion trend.

    The platinum hardness is 4--4.5, and gold is 2.5; platinum density is 21.45g/cm3, gold is 19.32g/cm3; platinum melting point is 1769 degrees Celsius, gold is 1064 degrees Celsius; platinum chemical properties are stable. ; It does not occur with hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and organic acid at room temperature. It is the term "most resistant to corrosive metals", but it dissolves a king water. Platinum has excellent antioxidant and good catalytic, while at the same time, it is thermal power. Platinum can be stretched to a thin line with a diameter of 0.001 mm and can be hammered into a 0.127 micrometer thick foil. 1 gram of platinum will not break even if it is pulled into 1.6 kilometers long filament.
    The platinum can be made into jewelry separately, but in most cases, it is combined with diamonds to make platinum diamond jewelry.

    This and platinum existing the phenomenon of the same phenomenon of class quality. The appearance and hardness are similar to platinum, silver and white, and metallic luster. Stable chemical properties. Platinum and golden gold are the smallest minerals in the platinum, which is also rare.

  3. Palladium: Elemental symbols PD, atomic order 46, atomic volume 106.4, peripheral electronic discharge 4d5s, located in the fifth cycle of the ⅷ nationality. The atomic radius is 137.6 skin meters, the first power is 809kJ/mol, the electrical negative 2.2, the main oxidation number 2, 4. Silver -white metal, soft, ductantly, density 12.02g/cm, melting point 1552 ° C, and a boiling point of 3140 ° C. Chemical properties are not lively. It does not react with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and hydrofluoric acid at normal temperature, and can be eroded by humid chlorine, bromine, and iodine. It is easy to react with nitric acid, king water, iron chloride, hypochlorite, and melting alkali. It is easy to absorb hydrogen, oxygen and other gases. The room temperature is 101.33 Pa (1 at the atmosphere), and 1 volume -like sponge -like pyrophopra can absorb 800 hydrogen. It is made of alloys for thermocouple, resistors, watch parts, and replenishment, and also used as catalysts for hydrogen, dehydrogenation, heterogeneous and fission reactions. In 1803, the British Wulaston was separated from the rough platinum. Existing in platinum ore. Obtain the advantages and disadvantages of.
    The advantages and disadvantages of n
    钯 钯 is one of the rare precious metals in the world, and the content of the crust is about 100 millionth (the most platinum content is the highest). Only a few countries such as Russia and South Africa are produced in the world. Because of the influence of platinum, the total output is relatively small each year. The jewelry made of 具 具 has platinum -like glory, and it is to be prevents bad merchants from having platinum products.
    BA (fourth voice) Jin (first sound)
    The differences between gold and platinum, platinum, and K platinum

    Platinum refers to platinum, but bad merchants maliciously confuse the concept, and many white metals have become platinum.
    The white gold

    , also known as K platinum, it is a alloy that is made after melting gold and other white metals. Its code WG (White Gold), which means white gold. White K gold jewelry is often expressed in "18K platinum" or "14K platinum". In essence, it is 18K gold, but the color is white.

    symbol PT, silver gray white, a proportion of 21.35, melting point 1769 ° C, Moh's hardness 4-4.5 degrees, stable chemical properties, except for king water, not being corroded by acid and alkali corrosion, except for king water corrosion corrosion corrosion Essence Pure platinum is relatively soft, and adding metals such as 钌, 铑, and 钯 will increase its hardness.
    Platinum alloy

    The alloys of platinum and other metals, such as 钯, 铑, 钇, 钌, cobalt, copper, etc. Although pure platinum hardness is higher than gold, it is still inadequate as inlaid, and it must be used to make jewelry with other metal alloys. The label of platinum jewelry internationally is PT, PLAT or Platinum, and represented by a thousand points of purity. For example, PT900 means that the purity is 900 ‰. Common platinum jewelry is marked with PT1000, PT950, PT900, PT850.

    see the above
    The purchase guidelines

    It international gold jewelery moral poke is "PD" or "Palladium" , And represented by the purity thousands, such as PD900 indicates that the purity is 900 ‰, the specifications of the gold jewelry are PD1000, PD950, PD900, PD850.
    How to identify platinum and gold jewelry

    The metals melted by platinum elements include gold, gold, gold, platinum, etc. Although the golden gold is a member of the platinum, it is strictly different from platinum: first, the seal of the golden ingredients is "PD"; and the printed composition of platinum is "PT" general signs: PT950, PT900; second, the price of 钯 钯 钯 钯Nearly half of platinum; the third is that the proportion of gold is lighter than platinum, and it will get gray in the air for a long time. The operators not only do not introduce the above knowledge when they are sold, they use platinum and golden colors very similar (all silver -white, the appearance is beautiful) and the characteristics of the seal are very similar. Misacted consumption in the case. Therefore, when buying platinum, consumers must distinguish them cautiously. When buying, they can use their hands first. The quality of the same size should be lighter than platinum. Essence
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  4. Gold, a member of the platinum, element symbol PD, similar to platinum, silver -white metal luster, bright color. The gravity is 12, which is lighter than platinum, and strong ductility. The melting point is 1555 ° C, and the hardness is 4-4.5, which is slightly harder than platinum. The chemical properties are relatively stable, insoluble in organic acid, cold sulfuric acid, or hydrochloric acid, but soluble in nitric acid and king water, which is not prone to oxidation and losing luster in normal conditions.
    The identification method:
    The metals meltd by platinum elements minerals include gold, gold, gold, platinum, etc.一 钯 is a member of the platinum, but it is different from platinum:
    is the seal of the ingredients of the golden gold as "PD", and the printed composition of platinum is "PT";
    In platinum;
    The third is the proportion of 钯 gold than platinum.

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