5 thoughts on “The mask of Indian tyrants is about to be hot, and the sky -high mask is born. How much does a golden mask cost?”

  1. In the strange India, a local tyrant spent about 290,000 rupees. If it was converted into RMB, it was almost 27,000 yuan to produce a golden mask to prevent the new crown virus. It is really naked to show off wealth.
    The Indian local tyrants reported that the local tyrants were called Xiangka Kurhahd, from the western city of India. Because of the influence of the new crown epidemic, the Indian government also asked the people to wear a mask, and the local tyrant spent 290,000 rubles to make a golden mask in order to show their uniqueness. It is understood that this mask was manufactured by pure gold, weighing 60 grams, and it took 8 days to make the manufacture. Because this mask did not add a melting spray layer to isolate the virus and did not pass the health examination, there was no protection effect, but it was just to show off wealth.
    The tyrants are particularly obsessed with gold products, and they are all obsessed with gold products, and they wear gold and silver all over their bodies. He wore gold jewelry of more than one kilogram every time he travels. The big gold chain watches are basically standard, and even more scary. This local tyrant will wear a golden ring for every finger of his right hand. The behavior of the local tyrants makes me sincerely lament. We really don't understand the world of rich people!
    Indian netizens have hotly discussed that the local tyrants' dazzling wealth appeared on the Indian newspaper headlines, and the world of many people was so simple. Some people also ridiculed that under the spread of the Indian epidemic, the parties spent so much money but "bought a loneliness", such as replacing the equivalent medical mask for many people.

    The also lamented the gap between the rich and the poor in Indian society: "When half of the people are still running for three meals, some people do not know how to spend. r. nThe gap between the rich and the poor in India is a country with a large gap between the rich and the poor. Because India's surnames have a clear institutional class, the rights and wealth of senior surnames are hereditary, and they have almost natural authority for low -level surnames. The rich people have more than 75%of the country's wealth, while 60%of the poor in India have less than 5%of the country's wealth. Although this backward system has been canceled by the Indian government, it has continued for thousands of years. It has deeply influenced everyone in India. The surname system has been deeply rooted in the hearts of every Indian, whether the rich or the poor. People are rich, and the poor are the poor, and it is difficult to change the class, so it is difficult for India's development to surpass us. If you have other views on India, please leave a message in the comment area to discuss.

  2. India has always been a magical country. Especially with the development of the tourism industry, the public has become more and more aware of India, only to find that there are so many customs in India. Even if India gives people a very poor feeling, in fact, India is a country with a large gap between the rich and the poor. In this case, a rich man in India became popular because he customized the mask, because he used the most unique mask in the world, and he spent 20,000 yuan to make a mask, the material is golden.
    The India as the second largest country in the world. They have so many labor resources, but because they are not hardworking, they have led to backward economic development of their country, but even so, Indians always look proud. With the development of the tourism industry, the public's understanding of India is getting deeper and deeper. Even if India gives people a poor feeling, in fact, there are rich people in this country, and the lifestyle of their rich people is beyond Volkswagen's imagination!
    If influenced by the epidemic, the world is in crisis. In this case, masks are essential. For the safety of life, the mask has become an indispensable thing in daily life. Although normal work and life have been restored, masks are still indispensable. In this case, India has a local tyrant because of a mask, because he uses the most unique mask in the world. The wealthy mask is sky -high. The difference between the mask of the Indian rich and other people is that it is made of gold.
    It said that the price of this mask alone requires 20,000 yuan, and the area of ​​the mask is not very large, so it can just cover the mouth and nose, especially the kind of strong local tyrants, it feels cool to wear. More importantly, this mask is different from ordinary masks. You can't throw it after wearing it. No hygiene guarantee. Such an exaggerated way of wearing is actually very unnecessary, but from the photos exposed by the tyrants, it can be seen that he wore various gold rings, big gold chains, and gold watches. Such an exaggerated way should be his normal life.

  3. A businessman in India has made a golden mask made of $ 4,000. Shankakhad, a businessman from the 9th largest city of India, said that this valuable golden mask weighs about 60 grams and it takes 8 days to make it. He said that this is a very thin mask with a small hole on it to help me breathe.
    India talks about India. Everyone may first think of this country is relatively backward, the development is not good, and it treats words such as women. Article, but to be honest, in fact, India has developed rapidly in recent years, but the "polarization" of the rich and poor in their country is more serious, the poverty is particularly poor, and the rich is particularly rich. Essence
    Perobic India that everyone usually sees is in a place where civilians are partial, so they think that this country is very backward and the people live a poor life, but in fact, the rich in India have money to be beyond you to you. The imagination is that the influence of the difference between the rich and the poor is not a little bit. These Indian tyrants are not only very high in living, they can be in line with international standards, but they are also very advanced in ideology and culture, and keep up with the trend.

    The pure gold mask weighs 60 grams of Shangkar, saying that this pure gold mask weighs 60 grams, and the jewelry dealer is made in only eight days. Although the mask looks like a disc, the design of the jewelry dealer is also hard -hearted. In order to ensure that it can breathe freely, they drilled many small holes on the thin shell and tied it with two rubber bands, which is also convenient to hang on the ears. Richness is really wayward, and Shangkar looks very funny with a golden mask. However, he was worried that the mask could not filter the new coronal virus, so other preventive measures were taken to protect himself.
    Indeed, if you want to effectively resist the virus, it is recommended not to follow the trend blindly, or you should buy a mask produced by regular manufacturers, which is both safe and insurance. It is reported that in order to control the spread of new coronal viruses, the Indian government stipulates that people must wear masks to public places. When the businessman went to the street with such precious metal, many people wanted to take a photo with him.
    Is the golden mask really prevent the virus? Anyone who knows a little bit of knowledge should know that wearing a mask is to block the virus hidden in the air -soluble, and this metal product seems to be isolated from the virus channel, but there is no protective effect on leaving small holes at all. It's just the effect of psychological comfort.

  4. In the new crown epidemic, wearing a mask can effectively avoid virus invasion, which has become the standard for people to enter and exit public places. However, in India, wearing a mask has brought new tricks. Some people make a mask with gold, which makes people feel puzzled. What is the use of sky -high masks?
    India attaches great importance to gold, and the longing for golden masks in Indian social life, gold is very important to show social status tools. One Indian entrepreneur, he spent nearly 30,000 yuan, casting nearly 60 grams of golden masks. As the rich said, maybe this mask prevention of the new crown epidemic is unknown, but when he wearing a mask out, many people asked to take a photo with him.
    This is exactly the epitome of the Indian society. Based on showing off the social status, many people do not care about the new crown epidemic. I also hope to show off through this mask and let themselves fire, but whether the subsequent crisis is personal safety. consider.
    The price of gold masks is high, and it is not suitable for personal decoration gold. In the prevention and control of the epidemic, these dignitaries may feel that through this costume, it may increase personal status. However, in real life, as the epidemic prevention and control complexity, this mask is not practical and cannot prevent the virus invasion.
    The brutal reality of prevention and control of the epidemic, so that Indian tyrants can only continue to make a mask than to make a mask, and the rich Indian rich people who are fateful will hope to use various opportunities to show their own wealth. For example, a tyrant buddies, on their birthday, created a 4 kg of pure gold shirt. Although they entered Guinness to open the way, it was conceivable that not only was he hot and sweat, but also almost exhausted cervical spondylosis.
    During the upgrade of masks, gem and pearl masks are endless, but from a golden perspective, the price of a golden mask is about 30,000 yuan. This allows all kinds of masks to build other levels of masks, and must be continuously upgraded, but in real life, although these masks are valuable, the actual prevention and control of the new crown epidemic may be almost small.

  5. There is no strange world. A local tyrant from India made a small fire on the Internet. The reason for the fire was because he threw 290,000 rubles to customize a golden mask for himself, which was equivalent to about 27,000 yuan. It really makes people shocked the chin and makes people crazy!
    It reported that this local brother is a 49 -year -old Indian businessman named Xiangka Kuhad, who lives in Western India, and he told reporters that such a golden mask lasted for 8 days to use it for 8 days to use it for 8 days. For production, all of them are very pure gold. It is very comfortable and suitable for about 60 grams to wear about 60 grams. In order to facilitate the breathing of the incense card, the mask is covered with fine small holes. Texture.

    but he also said that this mask neither set up a melting spray layer to prevent the invasion of the virus, nor did he pass the world health test, just because he had a soft spot for the jewelry of gold, in order to satisfy himself, to satisfy his own. When I was asked how he wanted to control the new crown pneumonia, he also said that he was not sure whether the mask could be effectively controlled, so he also used other preventive measures.

    In he described his love for gold is approaching crazy, there are countless gold products in the family. The gold jewelry of his whole body is added with a whole kilogram, and the ten fingers are covered with gold. Ring, Xiangka said like other jewelry at home for this golden mask, but this mask is really gorgeous, making many people feel very envious and make him feel happy and proud.
    The happiness of local tyrants is what we can't feel, and we can only secretly poke the envy, but as far as the current situation, India's new crown pneumonia is second only to the United States, Brazil, Russia, so regardless of no matter how much How to love golden jewelry, and for your own life, your own health, everyone, do n’t slack off, you must wear a mask to protect yourself!

    The reports specifically mentioned Kurhand, Popa, Pinpasa, India, and is a businessman who spent 300,000 Indian rupees (about 28,400 yuan). A customized gold mask, using about 55 grams of gold. In order to ensure the smooth breathing, the Golden Artist also hit a few small holes on the mask.
    It reportedly reported that the party's move seemed to be purely because of the "show off the wealth" psychology: Kurhard saw that a man in Mahara Satra, where he was located on social media, created a silver The mask, then the idea of ​​using gold as a mask. He also said that the whole family likes gold, and he will customize for his family if he needs.
    The crying and laughing is that, for the epidemic prevention effect of this mask, Kurhard himself said that he "does not know", and also said that the epidemic prevention "as long as the government can listen to the government."

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