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  1. First of all, you need to understand jewelry, choose the location of the opening point, 1 to understand the local market, and determine the business direction of your own store (mainly diamonds or gold); 2 to find the shop and decorate, place an order in the company or the factory Many are)..nBe sure to find a good shop and go to get the goods after the fast decoration, otherwise you will wait for it to sell at home. I am a friend. I just came to Shenzhen to get the goods when I found it. All, the loading and unloading is endless, the cargo at home for a long time is frightened ~ Finally, it is recruiting people.

  2. In the first -tier cities, there are also points for prosperous areas. 60 square meters are large and more than 100,000 are dangerous. Generally, the good store you find is basically the second landlord
    The cost of crystal silver jewelry is low, just spread a amount, take the spot
    The rent, you calculate 240,000 a month a year, the deposit of 20,000 to 40,000, the renovation of 200,000 (hard installation, soft outfit, jewelry counter, counter props, product packaging, monitoring system, etc.), four sales of four sales) 3500 base salary, 168000
    The shop for you to consider it. I made a diamond customization, and your industry does not know much about it. First of all, the jewelry counters are covered, and then prepare some mobile funds
    In the shop can prepare tens of thousands of publicity costs
    If you want to do it and decorate it well, the rent should not be signed for a year , The landlord's room rents every year

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the procedures for opening jewelry stores and other commodity stores are actually not much different. Generally, you must go to the industrial and commercial department to apply for a business license to apply for taxation and other localities in the tax department. Step 1: Choose the management fee of the operating site (requiring a real estate certificate and a lease contract registration), stamp duty (out of the owner). Step 2: Apply for business licenses. Go to the local industrial and commercial institute for business registration. Step 3: It is best to apply for fire protection. Step 4: After receiving business licenses: 1. Example approval, engraving seal; 2. Apply for organizational code certificates; 3. Proceed to apply for land tax registration (business tax, urban maintenance construction tax, education additional tax; 5. Tax registration (sales tax (sales tax (sales tax . Enterprise income tax, personal income tax); 6. Social insurance procedures (social security funds include unit payment and personal payment).

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