2 thoughts on “How to buy gold is the most preserved?”

  1. This is a good question. To answer this question, we need to classify gold products first.
    1. Gold jewelry
    The jewelry actually belongs to crafts. In addition to the price of gold materials, the price of the jewelry also includes processing costs. The more complicated the process, the higher the processing fee. Unless it is a master’s work, the processing fee is not available. After a few years, the residual value of the jewelry usually has only the residual value of the gold material.
    2. Gold Commemorative Coin
    The commemorative coins are issued to commemorate some major events, outstanding figures, famous monuments, rare animals, and sports events. Many countries are issued. The preservation of the gold commemorative coin is mainly reflected in the collection market. Some commemorative coins may be tens of times or even hundreds of times after the accumulation of time, but this kind of commemorative coins are very scarce. Most of the commemorative coins will be zero after the year after years, and in the end, only the residual value of the materials will be left.
    3. Gold bars, bricks
    gold bars or BRICS are similar to gold jewelry. The price also contains the cost of gold and processing costs. However, because the production of gold bars BRICS is much simpler than jewelry, the overall price is closer to the price of gold materials. In this case, the gold bars BRICS also preserves a relatively high value.
    4. Golden board
    The plate materials are produced by the gold factory and are specifically used for various merchants to produce gold raw materials for gold jewelry, gold coins, and BRICS. Compared to gold bars and BRICS, the price of golden plates is closer to the gold price of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which is more value for value. But ordinary people do not buy channels. Is there any channel for ordinary people to buy golden boards?
    No. However, ordinary people can buy gold bars and BRICS, which are close to golden plates, and is lucky.
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