5 thoughts on “Gold jewelry is hollow, hollow, which is better?”

  1. Gold jewelry is hollow, hollowed out is a 3D hard gold, because the process is complex, hollow, and large. Merchants do not sell at the gram of prices. The price is several times. The solid process is the traditional process according to the price of the gram, the price is transparent.
    3D hard metal is foot gold. Its has a strong appearance, vivid image, and the overall seamless splicing process. Unlike ordinary foot gold jewelry, it is easy to have solder joints. Moreover, 3D hard gold jewelry improved the defects such as deformation and break of foot gold, and became harder and firm. 3D hard gold is sold in oneial price, unlike ordinary foot gold weight*unit price processing costs, the price is clear, and under the case of Tongji, 3D hard gold is several times more expensive than ordinary foot gold.
    For example: a friend purchased a big and beautiful ring, paid 3200 yuan, only 3 grams when weighing, equivalent to 1,000 yuan gram.
    3D hard gold is expensive, mainly in its processing process, not the gold price itself, and its integrated price sales are to cover up the fact that its ultra -high craft price is.
    3D hard gold recovery is not much different from the recovery price of ordinary sufficient gold, and certain depreciation fees are also required. The same is true for the old replacement. It charge a certain processing fee and replace it at a discount on the price of the day. Therefore, the high 3D hard gold technology fee has been unknowingly evaporated, so it seems that it is more cost -effective to buy ordinary foot gold.

  2. Gold jewelry is hollow, hollowed out, will be lightweight, styles, etc. will be more diverse. But it may be easier to squeeze and deform.
    It solid words will be more textured, but relatively small styles will be relatively small.
    So golden jewelry is hollow and hollow and solid, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on personal preferences

  3. Try to buy solid gold products as much as possible, the gold texture is soft, can't stand bumps, and it is easy to deform. Even if the solid ones are deformed, it can still be plastic and restored.

  4. The hollow and hollow gold jewelry will be lower than the solid, so the price will be relatively cheap. It can only be said to have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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