When the owner of the Tucao company accidentally sent it to the company group, what can I do to remedy?

2 thoughts on “When the owner of the Tucao company accidentally sent it to the company group, what can I do to remedy?”

  1. First, pretending not to see it, different messages have different coping methods. If the news that has nothing to do and does not involve personal attacks, if you send the wrong group, you may choose to pretend not to see it.
    As long as it is not a principled problem, it is not a helper, negative remarks, slandering units or leaders, indecent and vulgar news, I believe that your colleagues or leaders will not embarrass you after seeing it.
    . For example, a colleague sent one in the group: "Wife, I'm wrong, I dare not last time."
    . Can't pretend to be stupid. For example, my colleague Xiao Wang sent the complaints of the leaders into the group and let the leader see it. This situation is very embarrassing. You must not speak, you must stand up to explain.
    In friends who can throw the pan to the prank, for example: "I'm sorry, my friend just drank too much, while I went to the toilet, took my mobile phone in the group, everyone should not take it seriously." r Although, although you may feel that you are looking for a reason to explain, at least from your description, you can see that this matter has nothing to do with you, hitting the field, and on the surface, it also gives leaders. Everyone is a clever person, and you do n’t talk about it.

    If you still want to continue to mix in the company, after explaining in the group, you must immediately call the leader to explain it in person. , Try to make the leader believe that what you said is a misunderstanding.
    . I sincerely confessed that if I sent some news that had nothing to do with work and entertaining, I sincerely confessed to everyone in the group, and the word "sorry".
    One time, a colleague sent the mobile game sharing link to the work group late at night. After discovering, he immediately confessed in the group: "Dear leaders, colleagues, played the game before going to bed, accidentally, accidentally played, accidentally, accidentally played. According to the wrong, it was shared to the work group, which affected the atmosphere in the group, and asked everyone to understand! "
    usually apologized to make a statement, unless you encounter a very small belly chicken intestine and faulty leader, otherwise, there will be no accounting, no accounting Compare.
    of course, these are temporary remedial measures after the wrong issue, but we should pay more attention to prevent this kind of thing. First, do not express negative remarks on leaders and companies, especially in front of colleagues. Because I accidentally passed to the leadership's ears, it was the same as sending the wrong group; the second is that when using WeChat, pay attention to see clearly, don't be sloppy.

    It 8 o'clock in the evening, the leader suddenly sent work in the work group, and colleagues responded to "received" one after another. Suddenly, my colleague Xiao Wang sent a message: "There are so many leadership, and they are still arranged in the group after work."
    The was quiet in the group, and no one dared to squeak. I immediately sent a message to remind Xiao Wang that Xiao Wang did not return. After a few minutes, he reacted, but found that he couldn't withdraw it.

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