What are the ways to engage in the broadcasting and dubbing industry?

I am 22 years old and like to broadcast and dubbing, non -professional counterpart ... I can't find any training institutions in Foshan ... can I give up without a way? It's difficult to get employment even if I find training institutions training?

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  1. First of all, I want to say that the sound is a congenital advantage, but it does not support you to become a voice actor, because to become a qualified voice actor, the sense of drama is the most important, the sound is not.

    The first, how to lay the foundation

    If to be a good voice actor, the most basic Mandarin must be standard, and then practice more basic skills. I have here I have it. If your own recommendation, you can buy a book "Basic Skills of the Actor's Art Language", which is sold and the price is not expensive. Because I am from Sichuan, the pronunciation and pronunciation exercises in the book are more useful for me. (But pay attention to the difference between the line performance and microphone art. The former is more exaggerated, and the latter is more preferred to life.)
    It is to find a way to enhance your sense of drama. Emotional understanding, if your empathy ability is strong, then it is greatly helpful to perform a role. You can practice some classic fragments of film and television drama by yourself, pay attention to grasping emotions, and do not need to imitate the sound, as long as the emotion is in place and emphasized the emphasis on the emphasis. The subject has time to download some dubbing software to practice at home. It is quite fun to hee hee
    This to learn a course or skills is not done overnight. I believe that only paying can there be harvesting, as well as broadcasting dubbing learning. If you are a zero -based learning broadcast dubbing, add VX: MTBYBY to receive boutique free seed materials and broadcast dubbing tutorials.

    The second, what are the ways to become a voice actor
    The start here, you have to clarify whether you want to develop the dubbing into a future profession, or to do other occupations, amateur dubbing.
    If you want to be a professional dubbing actor, the university major does not recommend the direct selection of the audio professional, you can choose to take the performance professional, so that many famous voice actors will be born in performance, so as not to be nailed to death. Restricted in this industry. But there seems to be a lot of broadcast hosting. This depends on the personal preferences of the subject.

    If you want to dub in the future work, there are actually a lot of high -quality works on the network. You can participate in some online dubbing clubs. Of course Sound, they are very powerful.

    Themiding may be more free. Of course, you will be more tired, because you have to dedicate it to dubbing at the time of work. Then there is a place where you need to emphasize. If you want to take the road to match this road, you must choose carefully. If the network matching circle may be mixed with fish and dragons.
    before choosing the road of dubbing, you must think about it. This is a way that must be loved to keep your work enthusiastic forever, because it is well known that dubbing is an industry with inconsistency, strength, value and income, and staying in the shed every day. hard. But as more and more people understand and enter this industry, the prospect of dubbing is still very good.

    M. Thinking about other replenishment, I hope it will be helpful to the subject ~
    is not easy to code, help to like it, like the motivation of my writing, thank you

  2. [What is the general cost of broadcast hosting major]
    The undergraduate under the broadcast host is basically more than 1W each year. The specifics will be different according to the requirements of each school. Generally speaking, one book is cheaper than two books, two are cheaper than three books. The tuition fees in technical secondary school seem to be less than 1W. Generally speaking, tuition fees are 15,000 per year, including tuition and accommodation fees, which are about 70,000 to 80,000 years. Ten thousands of floating are book fees and the fees that may be selected in the second major in sophomores and various examination costs. If you want to learn the broadcast host, you can come to this Q group. The first is 829, the middle is 704, and the last is 451. You can learn and communicate
    [Is it easy to learn by the broadcast host]
    Interest, your innate talent is very important, and it is not a wise adventure to improve excessive grades on schools and teachers. Don't think that after entering the broadcast host department of the Media Academy, you can be the host. If the family conditions are not very good and you are just to improve your studies, then you must be cautious. After all, this major is still very high in congenital conditions.
    [What jobs can I do after graduation after graduation】
    . Corresponding to radio and television broadcasting and hosting
    With the gradual development of media and variety shows, TV stations have for broadcasting staff and hosts. Demand also increases. Moreover, talent competition in this area is quite fierce, so the reserve requirements for students' professional knowledge are relatively high.
    . Entering the network radio industry
    Now mobile digital media and the Internet have developed rapidly, leaving traditional broadcast hosting methods, online radio is also favored by college students. Whether it is on bus, subway, or high -speed rail, mobile digital media cannot be separated from people's lives. Coupled with the gradual popularization of the Internet, online radio and television will be slowly well known. Essence
    . Training teachers
    With the increase of the art test and training school, the training teacher's position is also in short supply. However, it is quite high to enter this industry. Both professional quality and theoretical quality requirements are relatively high. Students who want to engage in this industry must be psychologically prepared. During school, professional knowledge is solid, and theoretical knowledge must be handled.
    The employment direction of broadcast hosting is still very extensive, and the key to employment is itself itself. First of all, you must master this skill and use it well. You can naturally find your own satisfactory job. Don't give up easily. After employment, you can improve your professional and experience through the accumulation of time to gain greater occupational returns.
    [What are the basic courses of broadcast hosting major]
    . Culture class
    The modern Chinese literature, Chinese classical literature, foreign literature history, language art and writing, ancient Chinese, artistic introduction, audiovisual language, audiovisual language Introduction to radio and television culture, language communication art. rn二、专业基础课rn普通话语音、播音发声、播音创作基础、即兴口语表达、播音学概论、语言学概论、应用语言学、电视节目制作、心理学、美学、新闻理论、 News editing, communication, image and shape.
    . Professional courses
    Bour broadcasting and hosting, TV broadcasting and hosting, literary and artistic studies, speeches and debates, and broadcast works. rn四、主修课程rn播音发声、播音与主持艺术概论、广播播音主持、电视播音主持、新闻学概论、广播电视新闻采访、广播电视节目制作、视听语言、影视音乐、 News reviews, mass communication, non -linear editors, Chinese cultural descriptions, shapes, film and television makeup, performance, public relations etiquette, etc.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer first, find a professional training school to let the teacher take you to learn, but the cost will be relatively high.配 Second, go to the Internet to find a dubbing tutorial to learn, and you need to invest a lot of time costs. In the early stage, you can find a lot of excellent video works. Following the pronunciation of the actors, summarizing the dubbing skills, and after being familiar with, you can turn off the sound in the video. Send the work to relatives and friends, and let them suggest to you after reading it to learn and improve their dubbing skills.能 Third, combined with intelligent dubbing software, it saves time and helps you to quickly improve your work efficiency. The cost -effectiveness not only takes into account the advantages of the previous two, but also can just avoid the shortcomings.

  4. If you learn dubbing, you are actually quite wide, but it is not recommended to learn software ~ Software learning dubbing is not a real learning, and it is more entertaining. If you really want to learn dubbing, you still have to learn the more authoritative and popular dubbing institutions to learn from it.
    It you can learn from the Academy of Heart and Salary. The cable course of his family is not restricted by regional restrictions. I do n’t know if you have heard of this place. This college is now known to be famous all over the world. Basically, people who cultivate in the dubbing industry do n’t know, because his family has directly cooperated with CCTV media. To be honest, this face -to -face teaching is better than software training.

  5. With the development of my country's cultural industry, the major of broadcasting hosting will become the hot spots and highlights of the future employment field. Therefore, the employment space is very large. The main direction of work includes the direction of television stations, broadcasting, and teachers. Specific occupations that can be engaged, such as radio broadcasters, show hosts, advertising dubbing, TV movie dubbing, audio editing, TV planning, etc. Wait a lot.

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