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  1. Small products placed or hung on the shelves in the supermarket are mainly the purpose of displaying, protecting, and beautifying products. Most of the materials selected for packaging are PET and PVC with better transparency. The packaging products mainly include: masks, cards and bubble shells. , Bubble, hot -seal double bubble shell, folding double bubble shell and transparent folding box; electronics, IT, industrial parts, and cosmetics, the packaging is mainly for protection, separation, shockproof, and foil.多为PS(彩色、抗静电和植绒等),包装产品主要包括:托盘、内托、吸塑盒、植绒吸塑、抗静电吸塑、导电吸塑托盘、周转托盘等;近年来, Some products think of both the protection function of the container and the intuitive display effect of the product, and then produce a new packaging type: bottom cover and sandwich packaging, the "surface" of the bottom cover uses the PET material with better transparency. "Bottom" uses PS material.
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  2. 1. Breeding pallet packaging, strong support and beautiful structure. It is mainly suitable for electronics, digital products, hardware accessories, stationery and other products. Plastic pallet packaging is mainly designed according to the shape of the packaging product. It has reasonable control in specifications and size. Therefore, it is generally only applicable to the same item packaging, and it can also control the cost of packaging.
    2. Transparent plastic box. High transparency, can show the charming state of the product, beautiful appearance and structure, and good protection. It is generally suitable for cosmetics, stationery, toys, hardware accessories and other packaging. At the same time, you can also design different styles of plastic packaging products to save costs.
    3. Transparent plastic packaging cover. High transparency can display the packaging items in all directions, good protection, mainly used to display and surface protection. Some are mostly used to stick to the paper card with heat pressure, which is not easy to drop.
    4. There are three folds and four folding edges. They are usually used in the packaging form of paper -inserting cards. They are mainly used for boutique, accessories, with linked hooks, which are convenient for sales display. At the same time, it is also convenient to remove and view.
    5. For folding plastic packaging products. This type of product forms a box type by folding, has a deduction of folding, has strong protection performance, high transparency, and can directly display packaging items. It is generally used for all -round display items, such as home appliances, digital products, etc.
    6. High -frequency blister transparent box. It has high transparency and strong protection, which can make it difficult for packaging items to fall off, mainly because the production process is heating and pressure for up and down plastic products, and items cannot be easily removed. It is mainly used for packaging of hardware accessories, digital products, stationery and other products.
    7. Broken three -dimensional bubble packaging. The three -pair of folding body packaging, strong three -dimensional sense, beautiful and elegant angle, and also set up hand -like three -dimensional packaging, which are mainly used to be used in all directions and protected items. At the same time, it is designed according to the structure of the item to ensure the perfect packaging.
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