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  1. The main listed companies of gas production and supply: At present, the listed companies in domestic gas production are mainly Jiufeng Energy (605090), Blue Sky Gas (605368), Hongtong Gas (605169), Chengdu Gas (603053), Dongfang Huanyu (603706), Xinjiang Torch Torch (603080), Buddhist Fire Energy (002911), Guizhou Gas (600903), Anhui Natural Gas (603689), Xintan Gas (603393), Chongqing Gas (600917), Shenzhen Gas (601139), Shaanxi Natural Gas (002267), Changchun Gas ( 600333), Nanjing Public (000421), Shengli (000407), Chase Gas (000593), etc.
    The core data of this article: The total gas supply of artificial gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum and gas (LPG), gas population, pipeline length and gas penetration rate of gas
    2010 According to data from the Ministry of Housing and Construction of Nations N, from 1991 to 2009, the supply of artificial gas in my country continued to increase. In 2009, it reached its peak, and the supply of artificial gas reached 36.2 billion cubic meters. From 2009-2019, my country's artificial gas supply continued to decrease. Gas supply is only 2.8 billion cubic meters, and it is foreseeable that the supply of artificial gas in my country in the future will be further reduced.
    The length of the artificial gas pipeline has also increased significantly in the 1990s. As the number of people used after entering the 21st century decreased year by year, the length of the gas pipeline also decreased. According to data from the Ministry of Housing and Construction, from 1991 to 2003, the length of the artificial gas pipeline in my country continued to increase. In 2003, the length of the artificial gas pipeline reached 57,000 kilometers, and then gradually declined. In 2019, the length of the artificial gas pipeline in my country was 10,900 kilometers.
    The number of artificial gas users after the 20th century decreased year by year.
    If supply of artificial gas after a substantial increase in the 1990s, due to its large pollution and strong toxicity, the number of use after entering the 21st century decreased year by year by year Essence According to data from the Ministry of Housing and Construction, from 1991 to 2003, the number of artificial gas used in my country continued to increase. In 2003, the number of users reached 47.92 million, and then gradually declined. In 2019, the number of artificial gas used in my country was 6.7537 million.
    Pymine supply volume after the growth of the 1990s, the 21st century supply gradually stabilized
    Ip lily in petroleum gas was obtained in the refinery, which was obtained by natural gas or oil for pressure and cooling liquefaction. Colorless volatile liquid. It is easily spontaneous. When its content in the air reaches a certain concentration range, it can explode when it encounters an open fire. According to data from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the supply of liquefied petroleum gas in my country from 1991-2007 has gone through a steady growth, from 2.42 million tons of supply in 1991 to 14.67 million tons in 2007, and reached its maximum. The decline, but the downward trend ended in 2016. In recent years, liquefied petroleum gas has been affected by the rise in oil prices, and the supply has remained stable. In 2019, my country ’s liquefied petroleum gas supply was 10.41 million tons.
    1991-2004 I have increased the length of the liquefied petroleum gas pipeline in China in my country. From 2762 kilometers in 1991 to 20119 kilometers in 2004, it finally declined. After the rapid growth of 28,590 kilometers in 2008, my country's liquefied petroleum was in China. The length of the trains began to decline. In 2019, China LPG gas pipeline was 4452 kilometers.
    If the number of people with liquefied petroleum gas increased first and then decreased and the decline has not changed.
    Since the 1990s, the number of people using liquefied petroleum gas in my country has continued to increase. In 1991 In 2007, the top reached 182 million people, and then continued to decline. In 2019, the number of liquefied petroleum gas was 113 million.
    The urban gas penetration rate rises, and gas consumption increases year by year
    Cuchromicular gas penetration rate = Urban construction area uses the number of gas people/urban construction areas × 100%, urban gas as an important part of urban infrastructure construction , Play an increasingly important role in improving the quality of life of citizens, improving the natural environment and social environment, and promoting the sustainable development of the economy and society. Since 1991, my country's city gas penetration rate has risen steadily, and 97.29%in 2019 has reached 97.29%.
    The natural gas supply in my country is more than 20 times the early 1990s
    Thenn natural gas defined from an energy perspective, it refers to a mixture of hydrocarbons and non -hydrocarbon gases that are naturally contained in the strata. In petroleum geology, it usually refers to oil field gas and gas field gas. Its composition is mainly hydrocarbon and contains non -hydrocarbon gas. The use of natural gas as energy can reduce the amount of coal and oil, and thus greatly improve the problem of environmental pollution. As a clean energy source, natural gas can reduce sulfur dioxide and dust emissions by nearly 100%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60%, and nitrogen oxide discharge volume 50%, which helps reduce the formation of acid rain, slows the effect of the earth's greenhouse, and fundamentally improves environmental quality.
    Due to the above characteristics of natural gas, data from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development shows that from 1991 to 2019, the supply of natural gas in my country continued to increase. From the original 1991 supply volume, only 7.5 billion cubic meters of supply rose rapidly to 160.9 billion cubic meters in 2019. 2019 2019, 2019, 2019, 2019, 2019. Natural gas supply is more than 21 times in 1991.
    Natural gas is high -quality, efficient, green and clean low -carbon energy. Accelerating the development and utilization of natural gas and promoting coordination and stable development is an important path for my country to promote energy production and consumer revolution and build a clean and low -carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system. From 1991 to 2019, the length of my country's natural gas pipelines increased year by year. In 1991, the length of my country's natural gas pipeline was only 08,100 kilometers, while in 2019, it reached 767,900 kilometers. After rapid development, the growth rate gradually slowed down, and the growth rate in 2019 was 10%.
    It enter the 21st century to use the number of natural gas people to rises straight
    In natural gas is one of the relatively safer gas. It does not contain carbon monoxide, and it is less density than air. Once leaked, it will spread upward. It is not easy to accumulate to form explosive gas. Safety is relatively high than other burning bodies.
    Due to the relative safety of natural gas, the price is relatively economical, but due to limited mining in the early stage, the number of natural gas people used in my country in 1991-2001 has maintained a slow growth. By 31 million people entered the 21st century, the number of natural gas people in my country rose straight, and by 2019, it reached 390 million.
    At the "14th Five -Year Plan" academician expert consultation seminar organized by the China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute on January 12, 2021, Dai Jinxing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that China ’s natural gas resources are rich and the proven rate is low. The advantages of rapid development of natural gas. In the future, with the enhancement of environmental awareness and the promotion of sustainable development strategies, natural gas, such as clean and efficient high -quality energy, will be more and more widely used.
    In more data, please refer to the "Analysis Report on the Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning of the Chinese Municipal Engineering Industry Industry Market"

  2. I think that the prospect of urban gas development is a magnificent direction. Because of the country's requirements for environmental pollution and the use of clean energy. It will greatly improve gas. The development of gas. It is an inevitable development trend. Therefore, oxygen is inestimable in the city in the city.

  3. It is now advocating clean energy. Although the gas pollution is not serious, there are still disadvantages, and it will still be replaced by more clean energy in the future.

  4. ——The data and analysis are from the "Report on the Industry and Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast of Gas Production and Supply Industry in China".
    In 2019, the number of urban gas industry enterprises reached 1980, of which the number of private, state -owned holding, foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises was 590, 646, and 487, respectively. Yuan, of which private, state -owned holding, foreign companies, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises' revenue accounted for 10.08%, 56.26%, and 32.39%, respectively. From the perspective of the income market share of urban gas operators, Xin'ao Energy, China Gas and China Resources Gas ranks among the top three.
    The number of industrial enterprises has risen, and the distribution is relatively balanced.
    If according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, from 2013 to 2019, the number of urban gas industry enterprises has shown an increase year by year, reaching 1980 in 2019. As of the third quarter of 2020, the number of enterprises was 2,357.
    The at this stage, Chinese urban gas production and supply companies are mainly divided into state -owned enterprises, foreign capital, private and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan companies in accordance with the economic types. In 2019, the number of private industrial enterprise units in the industry was 590, accounting for 29.8%; the number of state -owned holding industry enterprises was 646, accounting for 32.63%; %. From the perspective of the number of enterprises, the distribution of state -owned, private and foreign -funded enterprises in the industry is relatively balanced.
    The operating income increased year by year, and the proportion of state-owned enterprises
    If according to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, from 2016-2019, the operating income of urban gas production and supplier industrial enterprises increased year by year. Yuan, a year -on -year increase of 11.99%. As of the third quarter of 2020, operating income was 61.74 billion yuan.
    If in the perspective of the operating income of different economic types of operating enterprises, the proportion of 2019 is the first to be a state -owned controlling enterprise, accounting for 56.26%; Private enterprises account for 10.08%.
    The market moves to capitalization and marketization, monopolized and competitive n The city's gas industry implements a franchise right system. The government generally determines the operator in the form of bidding. From the perspective of the competition of urban gas operators, the participants of state -owned enterprises are gas companies in Chinese cities such as Shenzhen Gas and Changchun Gas. Generally, such companies are controlled by the government and have the right to operate gas in the local area. Foreign -funded companies and local state -owned enterprise joint ventures are mainly. Among them, Hong Kong and China Gas, Xin'ao Group, China Resources Gas, China Gas, and Kunlun Energy have dominated in the urban gas operation industry market and have obvious competitive advantages in the industry.
    If the business income of industrial enterprises in my country's gas production and supply industry as the base, in 2019, the four companies in the four companies of Xin'ao Energy, China Gas, China Resources Gas, and Shenneng share more than 4%. Essence
    At the same time, China still has a small number of areas that have not distributed the right to operating rights in urban gas to provide market opportunities for some private companies. China's urban gas operation industry is gradually moving towards the development direction of diversification and marketization of capital, and the industry will show a competitive pattern of monopoly and competitive coexistence.

  5. At present, the global conventional energy resources mainly include raw coal, natural gas and hydropower, nuclear power, and wind power. The current domestic energy consumption is mainly raw coal and crude oil. It's smaller.
    As environmental pollution gradually intensifies and the increasing shortage of oil, coal and other resources, domestic energy structure adjustments are inevitable, and natural gas can be widely used in urban gas, power generation, chemical industry, and chemical industry as a high -quality low -carbon energy source. The fields of industrial dyes can play an important role in the adjustment of my country's energy structure. With the rapid increase in the number of Chinese families, the demand for urban gas installation business and per capita gas consumption will increase rapidly, and objectively brings new development opportunities to the development of the urban gas industry.

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