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  1. The team building survey report
    The talent determines the success and failure of the country, and the future and fate of the nation are determined. This article is a research report on the team building that I have compiled for everyone. It is for reference only. I hope it can help everyone.

    The samples of team building survey (1) 1. Analysis of the current status of the construction of the political worker team
    It in the survey, everyone believes that from China Railway Construction to the company's party committee attaches great importance to the construction of political workers. Starting from the actual situation, the party committees at all levels have conscientiously implemented the requirements of the Party Committee of China Railway Construction Corporation. The grassroots units of more than 90 % are equipped with the party branch secretary. Overall, the mainstream of the current political work team is positive, healthy, and upward. It has played an important role in the comprehensive construction of an enterprise. First, politicians and workers at all levels consciously implement the party's line policy and policies, and are confident in the development of enterprise. The second is to adhere to the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, implement the "three representatives" important thoughts, and the consciousness of learning and practice scientific development. Third, politicians and workers at all levels integrate party building work into the entire process of enterprise management, and promote the overall construction of enterprises. The fourth is to in -depth anti -corruption and promote integrity, implement the "three major", implement democratic decision -making in accordance with the principles of democratic centralism, reduce decision -making errors, and play a good role in supervising. Fifth, through the advantages of ideological and political work and publicity and education, it has played an important role in stabilizing employees and building harmonious enterprises. Sixth, under the correct leadership of the superior party committee, politicians and workers at all levels have adhered to the scientific concept of development as the lead, closely focused on construction and production, and did a lot of work in singing the main theme of development and active battles in the construction market. good grade.
    The current gap and deficiencies in the current political work team. Mainly: first, the cause of the system affects the original position of the grass -roots political workers, especially the first responsible person of the party organization, and causes the instability of the political workers. 53%of the investigators believe that the secretary is difficult and the political workers are difficult to do. Second, due to weakening the party's political leadership, losing the core position of the party organization in the enterprise, it makes it difficult for major issues of the enterprise to supervise. The phenomenon of personal saying is outstanding in some units, the phenomenon of violations of discipline and discipline has raised, anti -corruption and integrity and integrity are low. It became a slogan. The third is the purpose of the purpose and the consciousness of public servants. Some units have a weak consciousness, lack of true feelings for employees, are not suffering enough for employees and masses. They are satisfied with solving problems during reception and petitions, neglecting into the grassroots level, and solving problems in the buds. Concentrated on holding meetings, issuing documents, and deployment; in the process of urging implementation, there are many reports, less on -site inspections, more running surfaces, less running points, and not meticulous work methods. Fourth, some political workers and cadres do not pay attention to the theoretical learning and business research of the system. They lack certain theoretical skills, speak frizzy, do things rough, and cannot be created. Some political workers and cadres are not strict with their own requirements, and they can not keep up with the work of political workers in the new situation with their experience and innovation awareness and aggressive consciousness based on their experience. , Cannot meet the needs of political work in the new situation; some political workers and cadres have not jumped out of the "principalist" and "teachingism". They still adopt the old methods of extensive management, which is incompatible with the rapid development of construction and production. Fifth, the mental state needs to be further adjusted. Comrades in the organs feel nothing to do, and comrades at the grassroots level feel stress -free and motivated. A considerable part of comrades believe that political workers have no power to complete the tasks assigned by the leader. Work; Sixth, the current political team is aging, and the cultivation of young political workers and cadres is lacking. It will occur in two to three years.
    . The reason for the problems of the political worker team
    -Relaxing self -cultivation is the inherent source of the problem of the existence of the political worker team. The subjective factors are manifested by some political workers and cadres ignored the basic theory of Marxism -Leninism, the basic rules and regulations of the party, and the study of excellent traditions and style, which relaxed the transformation of the worldview. The theoretical nihilism ideas occupy a certain market among political workers and cadres. It is difficult to invest enough time and energy in theoretical learning. It is difficult to meditate on some major theories and practical issues. Lack of rational thinking and analysis, to a certain extent affects the innovation and in -depth development of work. Objective factors are manifested by a small number of political workers and cadres who lack the necessary strict party life exercises. After years of hard work, a large number of outstanding young and middle -aged political workers have entered the leadership teams at all levels. Political and workers under the age of 45 have become the main body of political workers. These comrades are generally highly educated with high scientific and cultural levels, emancipation of thoughts, keen thinking, strong age, full of vitality, and good reform and innovation. However, most of their growth experiences have been smooth, lack of hard work, lack of strict party political life and the influence of organizational life, so that some comrades have a certain gap in ideological and political quality.
    -Inadequate measures are the key to problems in the ideological and political aspects of political workers. For a long time, the party organizations, especially the superior party organizations, have insufficient attention to ideological and political construction. The requirements for ideological and political construction of politicians and cadres are more advocates and principled. Effective mechanisms are constrained, and the "high -voltage line" does not charge, resulting in some political and political construction as a soft indicator, especially the party of the party, especially the party. Ignore, there is a problem if there is a problem. Some units lack effective means of daily management of politicians and cadres. Except for inspections in the boundary and year -end assessment, it is difficult to understand the usual performance of cadres in a timely manner; organizational supervision is relatively weak in some units. arrive. Especially in recent years, the power of enterprise administration has been too concentrated, and the incomplete supervision mechanism has made it difficult to supervise the supervision of enterprises and project administrative supervisors.
    -The diversified objective environment directly affects the political team. The diversification and development of socio -economic ingredients and organizational forms have diversified value orientation. The intensity is increasing. Pursuing personal interests will erode people's thoughts, so that a small number of political workers and cadres will bring the principle of market economy equivalent to the party's political life, and use power and status as a "chip" to exchange interests. The temptation of power and money produces gold, hedonism, and extreme individualism.
    -The new situation of the rapid development and scientific development of grass -roots party building work is not compatible with the development of the enterprise and the scientific development. It is an important factor affecting the construction of political workers. The current construction and production of large -scale construction enterprises has developed rapidly, while grass -roots party building work has not been strengthened in synchronization. The higher -level party committee attaches great importance to the role of grass -roots party organizations on the service of construction and production, and despise the self -construction of grass -roots party organizations; too much energy is used to cope with organizations and coordination, and we cannot give full play to the leadership and supervision of grass -roots party organizations. Some units are more obvious to reorganize and light politics. The implementation of "stepped rewards" for party and government leaders at the same level has damaged the enthusiasm of political workers and cadres, making it difficult for political workers and cadres to accept emotionally. In the selection of grass -roots political workers and cadres, there are still errors in "empiricalism". Often, some old comrades are selected as secretaries, which objectively caused young comrades to lack ideological and political work, which has exacerbated the trend of green and yellow.
    . Thinking and suggestions for the construction of the political worker team
    In the construction of the political team under the new situation, on the basis of summarizing and inheriting the past good experience and practices, combined with the actual situation of the political worker team, highlight the focus, focus on focusing on Strengthen the consciousness and firmness of the party's theory and line policies and policies, focus on enhancing the ability and level of the scientific development of the political workers, and focus on strengthening the vitality of the political workers; breakthrough difficulties, in order to improve the overall quality of the political worker team. , With a strong work, make good use of political workers and cadres to work hard, and make new moves in formulating the rigid constraints of relevant systems and methods, so as to improve the ideological and political construction of the entire political worker team to a new level, and provide a strong guarantee for the development of enterprise development.
    (1) Strengthen the ideological and political construction of the political workers, improve the actual combat ability of the scientific development of service
    Stically studying the theoretical system of characteristic characteristics, and improve the theoretical level of political workers. In accordance with the deployment and requirements of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, organize political workers and cadres to further study the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and effectively grasp the work of the party's guiding ideological armed politicians and cadres. In the comprehensive development and practice of scientific development, relying on party school training, central groups at all levels should overcome engineering contradictions, study seriously, learn from the times, and persevere. True understanding, true faith, and true use, making learning a process of continuously enhancing political firmness and theoretical soberness; politicians and workers at all levels should widely involve many aspects of knowledge, continuously expand the field of learning, improve the knowledge structure, and update the knowledge system to deal with it All kinds of complex political situations; for some major theoretical issues and new knowledge, we must repeatedly learn, understand, grasp the essence, and integrate, and truly achieve "know it, know why" to meet the needs of political work in the new situation. Essence It is necessary to further excavate and learn from the successful experience of maintaining advanced education activities of Communist Party members, further expand the carrier and means of the main practice activities, and ensure that the subject's learning practice activities are effective. Further improve and improve the central group learning system, theoretical learning assessment system, etc. It is necessary to work hard on the perspective and methods of Marxist positions firmly, and devote themselves to studying the original Marxist classics, truly achieved drilling, Xiaowou the righteousness, the heart of the mind, and can come out, turn into ideas, consciously apply, and solve problems. Different political and workers should distinguish different situations according to their own needs and focus on their own needs, and focus on learning as a kind of consciousness, a kind of cultivation, a realm, and one responsibility, and strive to build a learning enterprise.
    It around the center, serve the overall situation, and do a good job in the new situation in the new situation. It is not a heart of concealment, but political responsibility; not strategic arrangements, but value orientation; not at the time of expedience, but the fundamental requirement. To do this work, you can know the people's hearts, inspect the people's sentiment, physical opinion, and solve the people's difficulties, close the relationship between the party and the masses, and consolidate the party's governing foundation. Doing the work of the employees and the masses under the new situation with feelings can implement the "three no" working methods: First, from far to near, do not engage in "back". Education and guidance at all levels of politicians and workers at all levels get rid of "high levels" and "self -righteousness", and regard the interview as a popular project of a close group relationship; emotionally overcome the opposition of "good people do not sue, sue is not good people"; Emotionally communicate, showing his heart to prevent contradictions from intensifying. The second is from virtual to real, not "empty -to -air". In the case of seeing the truth, seeing the only knowledge, Yiyi Zhiqiu; to be honest, it is reasonable, and it is found in which it is well -founded; doing everything you can do, do your best to do it. The third is Rou Kegang, not "hard touch". When a group of groups with fierce words and disgraceful behaviors, they must not be shocked, not in chaos, calmly observe, smile, and meet each other, cut the tongue, tongue sword, fight for high argument, and prevent oil on the fire; "The complex problems raised by the person must come up with a specific solution to prevent new excessive behaviors again; for petitioners with rough attitude, they must be rough, thin, and weathered. Angry, achieve the effect of "moisturizing and silent".
    The "aristocracy" tendency to overcome a small number of political workers and cadres, and cultivate a good style of politicians for the people, pragmatic, and honest. During the survey, 46%of the investigators reported that among the political workers, there are phenomena in life, the style of life, the style of the masses, and the phenomenon of entertainment, chasing the wind and waves at work. This phenomenon is considered a tendency to "aristocracy". The root cause of this tendency is that a small number of political workers and cadres have relaxed the cultivation of party spirit, dilute the concept of purpose, and lost the basic view of the employees and the creators of the enterprise. After mastering a little power, he thought that he was a good person, so as to breed the tendency of "aristocracy". In their opinion, the rights in their hands are not given by employees, but they are given by or individuals led by superiors. Some even think that you have become an official with hard work, and you should enjoy it. The tendency of "aristocracy" is developing, and it is harmed. Water can carry a boat or cover the boat. To overcome the tendency of "aristocracy", first of all, we should strengthen the cultivation of party spirit and improve the state of ideology. Politics and cadres must have a great ideal and firm belief at any time, and keep in mind the purpose. Secondly, we must persist in hard work, diligence and thrift. "From frugality to extravagance, from extravagance to frugality." Some political workers have embarked on the road of corruption, and most of them start from life without frugality. And hard work and frugality can keep people a healthy and upward mental state, and can play an important role in imposing will and cultivating sentiment. Political workers and cadres at all levels should run frugal consciousness throughout the process of fulfilling their duties and exercising power, and use limited financial resources and material resources to create the greatest benefits for employees and masses. Again, we must closely connect with the employees and the masses to continuously enhance the awareness of public servants. As long as you always have employees in your heart, hanging their safety and warmth in their hearts will naturally be supported and supported by employees. At the same time, politicians and cadres should have one -third of each year deep into the grassroots level. True learning, true help, and true dryness. I want employees to think, urgent employees, do employees, and work hard to do more things and practical things for employees. This trusts in the people.
    (2) Royal talents to educate talents, and open the "green channel" for young political and workers to grow into the "green channel"
    The party 17 reports of the party's 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, "It is necessary to implement the guidelines for respecting labor, respect, respect for talents, and respect for creation. Adhere to the principle of party management talents, and make overall planning to build various types of talents with high -level talents. "To implement this spirit of the 17th National Congress, we need to have a deep understanding of the importance and urgency of cultivating young political workers and cadres. In response to the current situation of aging and green and yellowing of the political workers, it should be proceeded from the actual situation, continuously strengthen the guidance and management of the cultivation of young political workers and cadres, and actively explore the effective ways and methods of the role of young political and workers. Live and use well.
    Them size and make good use of politicians and cadres to provide organizational guarantees for scientific development. It is necessary to innovate the work mechanism of cadres to choose and appoint, and choose those young and outstanding cadres who have both virtue, political reliability, work business, wanting officers, capable, doing things, courage to innovate, and be good at creating a new situation of work. In order to improve the age structure of the political workers and meet the needs of political work in the new situation. In the selection, pay attention to the training, exercise, and discovery talents in the construction of the construction, study and formulate specific measures that "leaders from the grassroots level and cadres from the front line", increase the efforts of political workers from the grassroots and construction front -line selection, encourage and guide agencies to excellent young political workers Cadres can exert their talents and build their careers at the front line, so that the grassroots and construction lines have become the main positions for the growth and progress of political workers and cadres. Strengthen the replenishment, cultivation, exercise and use of reserve cadres, and effectively strengthen the cultivation of reserve cadres through various ways such as hanging, subordinates, to grass -roots departments or to work in the front line. Continue to explore the selection and appointment of cadres with differences, difference inspections, differences, and difference voting as the main content; actively explore new mechanisms for scientific cadre inspections and selection and appointment, improve the credibility of selection and employment, and further regulate the reference of conference voting recommendations Recommended work with individual conversations, improve the specific methods of mutual evidence of two methods, and pay attention to understanding the deep -seated issues of cadres through conversation. Implement sub -batch recommendation and weighted scores. Do not engage in the simple addition of "one person, one vote". Further improve the assessment and evaluation mechanism of cadres who reflect the scientific development concept and the requirements of correct political performance, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of political and workers at all levels, and provide organizational guarantees for scientific development. At the same time, in the selection of employers, we must adhere to the equal emphasis on selection and elimination, and continuously improve the scientific assessment and selection mechanism. Persist in the overall standards of "positive wind and clearing, ensuring quality, good selection of excellence, openness and fairness", strict procedures, strict discipline, and strict supervision, and select, stabilize, use it, use it, and use those who love political workers. They contribute to the development of the enterprise. In addition, those who only use political workers as transitions and springboards, work at restlessness, do not work, do not work, do not work, have not obvious performance, poor work ability, and dislike the masses. Team.
    The sound incentive mechanism, and the development of young political and workers' growth into the "green channel". Party organizations at all levels should care about front -line political and cadres. The first is to often understand their ideological dynamics, coordinate the difficulties and problems in their work and life in a timely manner, and improve their learning, work, and living environment as much as possible. The second is to fully affirm the recognition and work of the masses and work, and encourage them to work hard; outstanding performance, and those who have the conditions to cultivate them to move closer to the party organization. The third is to recognize the title of honor. It is necessary to look at it with administrative cadres and allocate a certain amount to the politicians team. From the perspective of in recent years, political workers and cadres have only the right to recommend and have not enjoyed the treatment. Some politicians and cadres said that the political workers did not do their heads, have no future, and did not expect the rewards. It is necessary to fundamentally change this situation, thereby improving the enthusiasm of political workers and cadres. The fourth is the "green channel" of the growth of young political and workers' cadres to grow up. Those who are talented, have their careers, have strong ability, have outstanding work performance and high degree of recognition of the masses. platform.
    The samples of team building survey report (2) Human resources are the most precious and most important resources in various resources in society. Talents determine the success and failure of the country, and the future and fate of the nation. In the final analysis of all social organizations, the competition of talents is the competition of talents. The main driving force of socio -economic development comes from knowledge and scientific and technological innovation. Science and technology are the first productive forces. Important driving forces.
    The land and resources management is a talent and technology -intensive industry. In recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have made a series of major deployment and adjustments on strict land management, strengthening the innovation of land management system mechanisms, rectification and standardizing the order of mineral resources. Further strengthen the construction of administrative teams and professional and technical teams, and create a team with ideological liberation, strong ability, hardship, and solid style of style becomes the most important and decisive winning factor in dealing with challenges. Recently, combined with the arrangement of the scientific concept of development, the "four one" activity was carried out in accordance with the Department of Land and Resources (build a good team, bring out a good team, improve a good system, and create first -class good performance). The construction of the Land and Resources Management Team conducted a special investigation.
    . The overall situation of the construction of the land and resources team
    (1) Basic situation of the land and resources team
    ** The Municipal Land and Resources Bureau has 118 employees (114 employees, 3 retreat 3, The relationship has not been transferred), 83 members of the Communist Party of China, 21 female employees, and 56 ethnic minorities; 73 people with college degree or above, 15 persons with intermediate and above titles; 36 employees under the age of 35. They are under 35 years old. 8 people over 51 years old.
    The party group of the bureau consists of 6 comrades, with 1 investigator and 2 deputy investigators. The bureau's administrative establishment of 25 (actual 27 people), 3 logistics services of the organs, and 3 preparations for logistics services of the organs. At the department, the party and mass agencies have the party committee, trade union, and communist branch of the bureaus; , ** Municipal Mineral Resource Management Office (compiled 21 people, self -receiving self -expenditure) three institutions; bureau sent ancient cities, Shangqiao, Dongta, Banqiao, Golden Jidu, Bianpan, Gold and Silver Beach, Ma Lianquat, Malian Qu canal , Guo Qiao and Sunjia Beach 11 Land and Resources Management Office (the editorial board approved 10 townships and villages, 22 people, all appropriations) and the Sun Mountain Land and Resources Bureau; Detachment (10 people).
    (2) The construction of the land and resources team
    In recent years, under the leadership of the party group of the Land and Resources Department, the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau has vigorously strengthened the construction of the team and team, vigorously promoted the construction of the grassroots, and actively carried out civilized creation. Construct a system of anti -corruption and promote integrity, and strive to explore the construction of land and resources characteristics, so that the comprehensive quality of the land and resources team has improved, and the administrative level of the land and resources team has jumped to a new level in accordance with the law. Performance.
    1 is the focus of the construction of the team to improve the ability of cadres. Building a good team is the top priority of strengthening team building. The Municipal Land and Resources Bureau attaches great importance to and effectively strengthen the construction of the leadership team, scientifically and reasonably adjust the division of labor, and give full play to the ability of each leader to unify the overall situation, control the work, deal with problems, and implement the ability. , Effectively promoted to study, grasp business training, and grasp style construction, which has improved the work ability and work style of overall personnel.
    It is to take efficiency construction as the starting point to consolidate the foundation of land and resources. By conscientiously carrying out the "Organization Effective Construction Activities", the "Administrative Effective Liability System", "Municipal Land and Resources Bureau Work Rules", "Removal and Punishment System for the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau", "System of Performance Assessment Reward and Punishment System" People in charge, stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres and employees to do their job well, and effectively correct bad phenomena such as "doing good and bad, doing one -like", strengthening a sense of responsibility, improving the efficiency of work, making the foundation of land and resources all the basis The work is effectively strengthened.
    It is the starting point of the grassroots level to establish the image of the land and resources window. The grassroots land and resources are the forefront of land and resources management, and the basis for implementing various tasks. Before the adjustment of the system, the urban land and resources institutes were township office institutions, and the business was led by the higher -level Land and Resources Bureau. After the system was adjusted, it was changed to the dispatching agency of the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau. All personnel were managed in accordance with civil servants. By strengthening the infrastructure construction and team building of the Land and Resources Institute, a set of effective management systems and assessment mechanisms were formed. , To serve the masses to play the role of the window.
    The four is to build a clean and efficient cadre team with the construction of clean government. We will conscientiously implement the central government's spirit of punishing and preventing corruption systems on the establishment and improvement of education, systems, and supervision, putting clean government construction in an important position, and continuously promoting the overall clean government construction. Taking institutional construction as the starting point, focusing on the prevention and treatment of corruption from the source formulated the "Several Provisions of the Land and Resources System of the Municipal Land and Resources System"; focusing on promoting sunlight government affairs, adhering to the disclosure of government affairs, and actively expanding the scope and channels of openness and publicity , Comprehensively disclose the content of the work, the process, the permissions of the work, the time limit, the results of the work, and the results of the social supervision; consciously carry out the theme practice activities of the "three services, one promotion" and the "clean government culture institution" activities, to build the party style and clean government construction of various departments The implementation of the responsibility system is conducted in accordance with the "Measures for the Evaluation of the Liability System of the Party Style and Clean Government", and as an important basis for the evaluation, reward punishment, and selection and appointment of leading cadres, the majority of cadres can firmly establish the correct view of power and effectively improve themselves. Restriction ability.
    . The problems of the current construction of the land and resources team
    1. The total amount of professional and technical talents is relatively insufficient. High education, senior professional professional professionals are lacking, and cannot meet the requirements of technical business work. Professional talents needed for land and resources are obviously insufficient. On the one hand, the development of land and resources depends more on scientific and technological support, but the number of scientific and technological talents is small and low. There are 12%of the number of people, and there are 21 junior professional titles. From the perspective of academic qualifications, the bureau and the bureau's high -education level talents
    are also relatively short. Technical majors; 23 undergraduate degree, accounting for 20%of the number of people, 50 college degree, only 40%of the number of people. From the current development situation, the composite and innovative talents in the main technical business of land and resources are seriously insufficient; On the other hand, it is more prominent with the proportion of professional and technical talents brought about by the development of career development.
    2. The talent incentive mechanism is not sound. The talent incentive mechanism is to stimulate and mobilize the work enthusiasm of outstanding talents. The talent incentive mechanism includes the distribution incentive mechanism, reward mechanism and guarantee mechanism of talents. Judging from the work content of land and resources in recent years, there are still many problems in this area, which is highlighting in the following aspects: First, the distribution mechanism is not perfect. Highly unified and rigid wage systems make the interest distribution of staff's interests that are not much related to the results of the work, resulting in the same ideas and understanding of dryness and badness; the second is that the implementation of the reward mechanism is difficult to implement. Due to the lack of financial support, the economic benefits of various rewards are not high, and the lack of attractiveness to cadres and employees, it is difficult to effectively implement the promotion of the award mechanism on various tasks.
    3. The team training is not standardized and the training effect is not obvious. The first is the irregular training, lack of scientific and effective training programs, and great randomness. Once you encounter other activities or important work, you need to do your way. The training course lacks systemic and long -term plans, and the training efficiency is low. The training effect is not obvious. The current training and education policies pay attention to the leadership of leadership, less attention to ordinary staff, single training methods, and the problem of rushing and walking.

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