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  1. According to national norms, the catering operating unit operation room operation rooms and the inlet of the flue entrance shall be cleaned daily within 1 meter range. The smoke exhaust pipes between Chinese food operations should be cleaned at least once every 60 days. Cleaning should be recorded.
    This fume pipeline cleaning standard:

    This of smoke flue flue is cleaned more than 90%. Oil -free and shiny and neat, more than 90%of the surface of the fans can be seen, there is no precipitated oil stain at the bottom of the motor, and there is no oil stains and stubborn oil on the outside of the pipeline.
    The expansion data kitchen smoke exhaust pipeline, smoke exhaust equipment and other smoke exhaust equipment accumulates the safety of hotel kitchen after accumulation of oil pollution, and the fire hazard has increased significantly. After accumulating oil stains in the kitchen smoke and in the air pressure pipes on the cover of the cover, when the cooking stove, when the chef stir -fry, the flame of the stove's head flies up and enters the smoke cover and the smoke exhaust pipeline. The burning of oil in the inner and pipelines caused fire.
    Cenf smoke exhaust pipes and smoke exhaust fans after accumulating too much oil stains, the smoke exhaust effect of the kitchen will become poor, resulting in poor smoke in the kitchen. Essence It seriously affects the dining environment of the diners in the restaurant and directly affects the economic benefits of the restaurant. No customer will stay in a restaurant in the full house to eat and eat. No customers are willing to spend on restaurants with poor oil and hygiene conditions in the house.
    References Baidu Encyclopedia Catering Industry Sanitation Specification

  2. The cleaning of the fume pipeline has become a fire -fighting topic that the catering unit of the entire society is.
    Seeing this topic, some people immediately say: "Two months!", Yes, the Beijing Fire Bureau's "Beijing Catering Operation Unit Safety Production Regulations", which was implemented as early as April 1, 2007, This regulation clearly states that in order to strengthen the supervision and management of safety safety production, improve the safety production level of catering operation units, prevent and reduce production safety accidents, and ensure the lives and property safety of the people. Within 1 meter at the entrance of the smoke and the flue, cleaning should be cleaned daily. The smoke drainage pipeline of the Chinese food operation room shall be cleaned at least once every 60 days. ;
    In 2003, the Beijing Fire Bureau issued the "Notice of the Beijing Fire Bureau on Strengthening the Fire Safety Management of Kitchen Chims and Fassens Pipelines" stipulated that the cleaning of the unit oil fume pipeline should not be less than less than the quarter, and it should not be less than less than the quarter. Once;
    In since the announcement has been promulgated and caused by frequent fires and other accidents because many units have not fired fume pipelines in accordance with regulations. Regularly clean the fume pipeline;
    In April 2008, in order to implement the Beijing Municipal Government and issued the "Notice on the release of the city's air quality guarantee measures during the 2008 Beijing Olympics Paralympics", before June 30th, June 30th All catering operating units are cleaned up once and save records of the oil fume emissions pipelines;
    In except Beijing, the "Provisions on the Management of Chongqing High -rise Building Fire Safety Management", which is implemented on December 1, 2009, also stipulates that The kitchen flue, and the gas pipelines of the hotel and catering venue have not been fined 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan or not at the unit at a time of 5,000 yuan for the unit. Among them, in the future, there will be more regions to introduce relevant laws and regulations on the cleaning of oil fume pipes. It can be proved by the above relevant laws that the government attaches great importance to the cleaning of the fume pipeline. Beijing Guangchen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. released

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello 60 minutes, dearnNo rightnIt's six months dearnAfter the dining, the kitchen flue is washed at least once in 60 days. The flue cleaning recommends that customers arrange the number of cleaning flues to clean them according to their actual situation. Standard for cleaning of oil fume pipes: After cleaning the hoods, more than 95 % of the stainless steel can be seen, with no clay and oil stains. After cleaning the tobacco horizontal pipes, more than 90%of the inner wall of the pipeline is more than 90%. After the purification device is cleared, the bottom paint can be seen. Tianrui flue cleaning is mainly cleaned, mainly cleaning hoods, dumplings, fans, purifiers, pipes, water transport windmills. QuotenPlease refer to it, dearn3 morenBleak

  4. 1. Cleaning of the hood engine oil box
    . For example, put a layer of plastic wrap in the box or put a small plastic bag to ensure that the plastic film or plastic bag is completely covered with the surface of the box, and the absorbing waste oil can be held. , Clean up after a period of time, the oil storage box is basically clean; you can also put some water in the clean oil box and then settle on the hood, let the oil drip on the water, and take it down when it is fast. After pouring, the oil came out, and it was clean and sharp.
    . Washing of the hood machine oil net
    This can be slowly removed with a screw knife, and the removed oil net is placed in the warm water of the neutral detergent for 5-10 minutes. Then use a soft plastic brush to remove the dirt in the filter pores, and then dry it with a dry cloth. If the oil on the oil network is very thick, you can also use thin bamboo slices to gently scrape a part of the oil dirt and then wash it.
    . The surface of the range hood is cleaned
    The soft cloth and neutral detergent are used to wipe and clean the surface of the range hood. Be careful not to use strong corrosive detergents, such as Mr. Mate, to prevent damage to components such as stainless steel panels.
    . How long is the range hood?
    The core part of the range hood is the impeller. Generally, about half a year of use, the impeller will be covered with oil. It should be requested that professionals should be cleaned thoroughly. If you rotate with overloaded oil for a long time, it will be easily deformed, the noise increases, affects the smoking effect, and shortens the life of the range hood. It is very unfavorable to human health. After 6 months of use, the range hood needs to be cleaned in depth. If there are many oil fume, the cleaning cycle should be shortened to reduce the burden on the machine and work better.
    5. Cleaning of fan blades
    1. Washing and vinegar soaking method.
    Make the fan blades carefully, soak in a pot of hot water mixed with 2 ml of detergent and 50ml vinegar, soak for about 15 minutes, then scrub with a clean cloth. The fuselage of the range hood is also cleaned with this solution. Pay attention to keeping the humidity of the solution at about 60 ° C to remove the pollution. This self -allocated cleaning solution is proved to be non -irritating of the skin and intrae mucosa of the opponent's department. It has no corrosion of the range hood, and the surface remains luster on the surface after washing.
    2. High -pressure cooker steam washing method.
    This cooker in the high pressure cooker and boiling. When the steam is continuously discharged, remove the limit valve, and open the range hood and the steam pillar. The oil sewage will flow into the waste oil box along the oil exhaust tank.
    3. After drying the brushed fan blades, apply a layer of office glue. After a few months of use, the oil on the fan blades is torn off. clean.
    4. First, spread newspapers on the stove, turn on the switch of the range hood for two minutes, spray washing the fans on the range hood, turned off the range hood, and stood for three minutes. Then spray the hot water of 60 ° C into the fan of the range hood, and then turn on the switch to drip the dissolved oil into the oil storage box.

  5. Many people may not be familiar with the oil fume pipes and have never heard of it. In fact, this is mainly used to discharge the oil fume, which is an indispensable channel for the kitchen. Some large -scale homes will use large oil fume pipes. Large oil fume pipes are easy to accumulate oil. Normal work of oil fume pipeline.
    The country stipulates that the cleaning interval between the oil fume pipeline of the hotel
    Themine the hood and the flue entrance of the catering operating unit operation room shall be cleaned daily. The smoke exhaust pipes between Chinese food operations should be cleaned at least once every 60 days. Cleaning should be recorded.
    This reminder:
    It large kitchen flue cleaning is necessary. Because large kitchen smoke exhaust pipes are used for a long time, a layer of oil will be deposited on the inner wall of the pipeline. Causes fires, so it is necessary to clean the large kitchen flue in a regular basis to avoid fire and danger.
    This cleaning is very troublesome. The demander cannot clean up. You must find a professional commercial kitchen engineering flue cleaning company.

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