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  1. In recent years, the domestic beer market competition is extremely fierce. The method of marketing of beer bars is also endless. The following is a case of beer marketing that I have compiled for everyone. Welcome to read!

    Perne marketing cases (1) Colono beer
    . Colono beer Background

    . In 1995, I joined the Pegasus Group as a marketing director. This is a company that represents foreign products sales business. It mainly operates imported beer. ) The general dealer of the beer in mainland China.

    Coopon beer is Mexican beer. Mexico is a country with agriculture. In the world, the only proud products are Aunan wine and Colona beer, which is very popular in Europe and the United States. As imported beer, Colona Beer is similar to the sales price and the high -end brand of imported small bottles of beer.

    Thema Group just accidentally got the total sales of the Corona beer in Mainland China. There is no channel and experience in the distribution of beer. Understand marketing, unwilling to spend money to carry out regular marketing of the country, marketing costs can be saved, and the sales methods for dealers will be paid by one hand to pay for the goods. There are also few promotional support. Fortunately, foreigners recognize Konina Beer. Before the establishment of the total sales of mainland China, parallel imports have enriched the market. In 1995, the annual distribution task of the company Colono Beer was 100,000 boxes. When I joined, I imported 100,000 boxes and sold only 20,000 boxes in the past half a year.

    . The problem faced by Colonicon beer

    1. Colona beer is imported small bottle beer (330 ml). , Di Hall and other entertainment places), the consumer market is relatively small, and the market capacity must be started with expanding the consumer group;

    2. Colona beer is a high-end beer, with retail price of 20-80 yuan/bottle bottle (At that time, 6-0 ml of Yanjing Beer was 24 bottles/box of 24 yuan). The price of high purchases would be small. Increasing sales must solve the problem of personal consumption concepts with value;

    3. 3. The Corona brand image is urgently needed. As a high -end brand, Xili Beer has been sold in China for 10 years. It has become the preferred beer for high -end beer consumers. Colono Beer in the brand awareness, cognitiveness, sales channels, market share and promotional promotion The aspects are far from Xili Beer. With their competitive difficulties, enhancement of competitiveness must solve the strategy of differentiated competition;

    3. As a Colono beer after coming in, the company lacked professional marketing at that time Personnel, have not studied the consumption tendency and purchase characteristics of the consumer group, and did not have a marketing strategy for high -end beer. It was only sold as a common beer. n 4. Colonica Beer's brand awareness and the awareness of the main consumer venues are very low. There are not many people who know Columba. As the bar in the main place of consumption, the Chinese people are still in the bourgeoisie's hidden dirt and dirt. In the impression of the place, the serious people do not enter the bar. Expanding the consumer group must first solve the problem of breaking the old concept;

    5. The sales channel policy is chaotic. For whom, there are multiple wholesalers in a region, and the sales methods for dealers to pay for the dealers will be unstable, without confidence, and the sales volume must start with the confidence of the dealer; n
    6. In terms of promotion, the Mexican Modero Winery rarely provides promotional products. China ’s total sales rarely provide light boxes, only embellishment of symbolic promotions, concentrated limited promotion costs, highlighting promotional promotion The quality of the quality cover is insufficient;

    7. The impact of parallel imports is serious, especially in the southeast coastal area, the wholesale price is chaotic, and the dealer is very speculative. Tomorrow's parallel imports will be purchased from you, and the company's shipments are very unstable;

    . The marketing strategy of Colonica beer

    The core of the marketing strategy is to shape Colona The brand image makes it rooted in the minds of consumers, forming a wonderful story that has a word of joy.

    1. The characteristics of Colona beer: ① transparent glass bottle packaging, the golden liquid liquid is very beautiful with the blue logo; A low -calorie beer, which is only equivalent to one -third of ordinary beer; ④ has the tradition of drinking lemon drinks; ⑤ The second place in imported beer sales in the United States for ten consecutive years;

    . Products products Positioning: Because the transparent glass bottles of the mainland were rare at that time, it was very novel. The golden liquid liquid was lined with the blue logo. The wine and the bottle were reflected. In addition, this beautiful appearance can set off a romantic atmosphere, the characteristics and characteristics of the comprehensive product, the hot style of Latin Latin Americans, and the personality of the product, so that it has a distinctive exotic wine culture, easy to remember, and formulate romantic trees as a regard. Product positioning, advertising positioning: Colonica -the most emotional beer/Colonica -Lover Beer, Columbal Beer is very beautiful, it is not too much compared to the lover in beer; In the atmosphere, drinking Colona beer can better experience a romantic atmosphere;

    . Consumption group positioning: Colonica is weighing in culture, understanding of life, speaking, and high income. People, such people are easy to accept new things, like to pursue fashion, and dilute price factors. Therefore, young white -collar workers are the main consumer groups of Colonica, and the advertising strategy must be formulated around this group;

    4. Price positioning: Colonica belongs to imported high -end beer, which is equivalent to Xili Beer. It is different from ordinary beer. Such high -end beer mainly takes the entertainment and leisure nightclubs such as the bar, night? The price of about 160 yuan/box (6.7 yuan/bottle), bar, night? The nightclub retail price of 20-80 yuan/bottle (the most expensive in heaven and earth night? n
    5. Competitors Positioning: Hollying Beer in the Netherlands, the line of successful men's mature men, Columba focuses on fashion romance, taking into account the lady's route;
    n 6. Sales terminal Positioning: Sales are based on the entertainment industry, and the catering industry and retail industry are used as the expansion position. Promoting the route to the entertainment industry (bar, night? Casual nightclubs)-> catering industry (western restaurant, high-end Chinese restaurant)-> retail industry (hotel, hotel, mid-to-high-end supermarket);

    7. Advertising promotion and positioning: pay attention to shaping the Asian culture that shaped the exotic atmosphere, for young white -collar workers, highlight the cultural color of "the most emotional beer", decompose Colonica's bit of information, compiles into subculture stories, and use subcultures to do it. In -depth demands and communication;

    8. Advertising channels: mainly based on terminal promotion and public media propaganda combination communication strategies. Public media is mainly used to establish a brand image, attract consumer groups, and expand potentially accepting the audience of Colonica. Terminal promotion is mainly aimed at direct consumers; the communication media adopts large tolerance, facilitated in -depth demands, mainly soft text, advertising as the maintenance, advertisement is based African communication methods, shaping and setting up the different cultural atmosphere of Kokona beer, spreading step by step, improving the audience, creating word of mouth communication, continuously expanding the propagation and consumption groups at smaller costs;

    9. For the sales terminal of the bar and other sales terminals: For the misunderstanding of the original Chinese people's understanding of the bar, to eliminate the impression of the bourgeoisie's stains and dirt, it is necessary to rectify the name of the bar consumer place to break the old concept of the old concept , Can the serious people enter the bar and push the consumer group;

    . The marketing plan and implementation of Colona beer

    1. Facing the company's boss is unwilling to form a formal formal The marketing market and only provide very few marketing costs. I based on the principles of spending less money and doing things. Because of the simple and incomplete marketing plans, the Beijing market focuses on the explore in Beijing. Promotion. Start planning the brand to establish and advertising communication plans, formulate media advertising communication plans, design and printed pages of pages and advertising T -shirts;

    2. I based on the principle of communication science And the product information of Konona, the original series of Colona's cultural stories, the purpose is to overcome the lack of marketing costs, and use the characteristics of sub -cultural communication to get a penny to get the effect of three -quarters and five minutes; from the effect of from In terms of communication effect, this subculture communication has achieved great results, which has led to a lot of people talked about Colona's cultural stories after many years;

    . The "Boutique Shopping Guide" selected in Beijing (at that time very few color printing newspapers) were selected. There is a prize question and answer to increase the opportunity of secondary communication, send a more detailed Korona publicity page and send it to Colono beer to the winners; for young people of office workers, choose 8:00 with a high listening rate at 8:00 -8: 30 Beijing Literary and Art Terrace "Good Morning Beijing" column, adopt 5 minutes of CORONA related knowledge, and is accompanied by awarded question and answer. It is broadcast every Wednesday to increase the key information that needs to be strengthened. Sending a second communication opportunity to send a more detailed, graphic Colonica publicity page and the beer to Columbia;
    n 4. The combined graphic brochure can be distributed to the audience, but also can be used as a propaganda support in the bar;

    5. Design and printing promotional clothing and advertising T -shirts for promoters and large -scale regions in the region Use of promotional activities on -site lottery;

    6. I cooperated with Beijing Daren Cultural Communication Company (I met in the long morning in the Beijing column), and directly participated in the planning of Colono and they just opened. The "joint promotion of the girl" bar, which focused on the promotion of Colonica in their bar, and continued to introduce the "boy and girl" bar in the broadcasting of Colonica, pushing their "boys and girls" bar they just opened in Sanlitun. Two -one thing;

    7. I wrote the vision and feelings of the markets and bars in various places and bars as social documentary articles, such as "Light Red Wine Green Bar", independent in Beijing Youth Daily, China Industry and Commerce, "Beijing Evening News "" China Electronics News Weekend Edition "and other more than ten newspapers and periodicals were published. Free publicity for the company and Colonica beer, and also made a lot of manuscript fees;

    8. Investigate the situation of dealers and end vendors, focus on the promotion activities to implement regional and methods, and to carry out Korona promotion activities in the same way. For example: provided the experience and advertising propaganda scripts in Beijing to large regional dealers, and instructed them to use the advantages of local resources to provide sales support for end vendors; according to market potential and purchase volume, distribute promotions, advertising T -shirts and advertising T -shirts and advertising T -shirts and advertising T -shirts. Propaganda materials;

    9. There are also some measures supporting marketing plans, such as dividing three regional markets in the north, central, and southern parts of the country. In addition to Beijing headquarters, branches are set up in Shanghai and Shenzhen , Import in three ports and set up warehouses for easy distribution nearby. There are no detailed examples here.

    The summary

    . Although the company owner is unwilling to operate the market formally and only provides very few marketing costs, I still have years of marketing experience in marketing. It has formulated a very incomplete but effective marketing plan and has achieved remarkable results. In 2 years, the company's annual sales volume increased from 20,000 boxes to 300,000 boxes; The advertising strategy is very successful, and it has achieved four or two functions. Only more than 200,000 publicity costs can create tens of millions of yuan in sales performance. The Coronian cultural story compiled almost all of the people who have contacted our Columba propaganda. Many of my friends told me: He/she shared the story of Colono and Colonica with friends, and in friends among friends , Even they invited foreign business partners to drink Corona, foreigners were surprised: China also has people who like Corona? Let them have face -to -face; three or four years later, I negotiated with Ogilvy Advertising Company. Seeing the Corona bottle -type badge on my suit shirt (I have always been proud of CORONA, I also like Corona's related accessories), ask this is Corona? I said, she is like a conscience, and she is excited to be excited. The ground talked to me about the Coronama cultural stories I compiled a few years ago. This is a typical scene of fashionyy cultural talk and sharing I designed. Seeing people can also share the Columba story, I am very happy. This shows that the accuracy of subculture creativity and the great results of implementation.
    Perbein marketing case (2) Land tiger beer
    in recent years, with the expansion of the company's agent, more and more agents will ask me such a question: What should I do for night beer, how about how to do it, how about how to do it, how about how to do it, how about how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how about the night beer, how about how to do it, how to do it, how about the night beer, how about how to do it, how about how to do it, how about the night beer, how about how to do it, how to do it, how about the nightfish beer, how about how to do it, how about how to do it, how about how to do it, how to do it. In order to enter the local night venue?

    It to know how the night market product is done, and do the night market products well. First of all, we have to understand these problems:

    Is it night beer?

    The night beer in our beer industry mainly refers to special beer in night entertainment venues such as bars, Di Bar, Clear Bar, KTV; Yila can beer.

    : What are the characteristics of the current beer sold in the domestic night market?

    In beer sold in our domestic night venues, Budweiser beer, Carlsberg beer, Xili Beer, Foreign brands such as Silver Bullet Beer account for dominant positions; secondly, the requirements of night beer have high requirements for wine quality; again, the night market is relatively closed, and consumers have less room for options at night. What wine is drinking; in the end, the entry threshold for night beer dealers is relatively high. After understanding the characteristics of night beer, it is not difficult to make night beer in a region.

    In June 2014, our land tiger beer in a region of Guangxi in Guangxi found me and asked him how to plan how to enter the local night market, so I went to Guangxi agent.

    The prefecture -level cities where this agent is located is located in South China, with good economic development and strong consumption power. In terms of circulation and traditional catering channels, they have achieved good sales performance, but It is difficult to enter the night with a large profit and consumption.

    In after a week of careful investigation, it is found that there are two main problems that affect our beer to enter the local night venue:

    : Most nightclubs need to enter The cost of buying a store, the agent does not know how to judge whether the cost of this store is reasonable and necessary. This is also what we mentioned earlier. One of the characteristics of night beer, the entry threshold is high.

    The area is located at the forefront of the province's economic development, and the local nightlife is rich. In fact, there are two more concentrated night markets in the market. One is Xinghu Road, and the other is near the market of Ma Village. After investigating the two areas, it is found that the region mainly sells Budweiser beer. The sales volume is very large. In addition, many manufacturers have arranged heavy soldiers in some restaurants, adding a large number of promoters and shopping guides. The nights we visited are more concentrated bars and KTV streets, but they find that the night market channels are affected by Xili and Budweiser Institute. The control is a natural sales state. There are many opportunities to use and expand, but how to enter has become a problem of product operation. But on the other hand, as long as it enters, the choice of nightfall beer consumers is less. We spend their efforts and energy to sell. Compared with the natural sales of Xili Budweiser, the sales volume is definitely not a problem.

    : Consumers have a low cognition of the brand. Often, after the product enters, it is difficult to form an effective purchasing power. The lack of effective market will be driving, resulting in some beer brands although the night is on the night. However, in fact, the product has only played a role in display. It has not produced the effect of being purchased, or the consumption is poor. The product formation and the backlog of the backlog are expired. Therefore, some weak brands simply withdrew from the night market.

    The general agent of this beer for this situation? Although land tiger beer has better sales in the region's circulation channels. But at the night market, consumers only recognize super high -end brands such as Xili, Carlsberg, and Budweiser. How to exclude consumers' prejudice and let them consume land tiger beer?

    is in After communicating with the agent, he decided to adopt the strategy of "attacking it, focusing on breakthroughs", that is, first choose a strong and large night market channel to enter through a certain strategy. Promotional driving measures, take the opportunity to set off a sales climax, and then drive other neighboring night channels to reach the trend of "the fire of the stars, which can be saved".

    For this, we found a C landlord wine house, and then talked about the conditions of their bosses. It was unexpected that the owner of this bar required 400 products as soon as he spoke as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product as a product. Entry fees, otherwise, avoid talking. Such a scary condition is difficult for ordinary dealers. However, because of the previous plan, after communicating with the dealer, we readily agreed to the boss's request. The boss was dumbfounded. Gift 400 as an entry fee, which is about the two-month profit of the agent's two-month sales at the bar. Generally speaking, the annual cost of buying the target nightclub is not higher than: (the entry price ---- cost price) X4 is acceptable). Of course, it is conditional to promise 400 entry fees, that is, the C land tiger winery must be sold in accordance with the guidance price we prescribed, and it must not be sold at low prices, and a certain amount of task must be completed. When the boss asked if some other brands were exited, we said it was not needed, but the premise was to buy off the promotion session, that is, after our product was served, we could only do activities. We have officially signed a three -copy sales agreement

    for us, for example After the first step. How to plan activities in the next step and realize the sales of products is the hard work of real guns.

    . This is for this reason, we spent two nights and analyzed the consumer group of the night market. It was found that there were two types of mainstream people who came here. It is a lover or a lover. He here is to pursue and enjoy the warm and romantic atmosphere; the other is a successful young and young successful people who have a successful career. It is mainly for entertainment and pastime. In addition, most of the young men and women in love.

    This consumers are the characteristics of young people. We decided to plan a "Land Tiger Beer Rose Night Cultural Activity". For this reason, the agent personally ordered 160 buns of roses at the Hua Shi, 18 yuan per bunch, 16 flowers per bundle, and chose the worship of the largest sales on the Friday night. The purpose is to be able to become popular. The planning activities are also started from the periphery, from the outside window to the stairs of various wall stickers, and then to the entrance banner, the bar packet, the box mirror painting, etc., the land tiger beer is full of charming pictures, enter the winery Later, the shopping guides who were in a unified green promotional worker, wearing chest cards, and smiling smiles greeted each other enthusiastically, while the X -racks outside the door, staircase, and outside the box reflected the specific content of this promotion: "As long as consumption is consumed Luhu cool beer (12 bottles), free a bunch of roses for free. There is also a card on each bunch of flowers. The contents of the card are "refreshing, light, cool; strong, strong, and more floral -Luhu cool beer gift". When the roses were passed on the lobby of the night, the entire winery was filled with the fragrance of the rose. Those who enter the winery, as long as they are buying or consumer land tiger cool, there will be a beautiful and pleasant shopping guide lady who personally gives the roses. After the event is launched, the effect is unprecedented. That night, it was sold near that night. 200 beer, the scheduled roses swept away naturally.

    The next day, the lesson of the day before yesterday, the dealer ordered 200 roses, but at the twelve o'clock, all were given to customers. In order to maintain the "hunger" at the sales site, we later agreed that only 200 beams were provided every night, and early came early, so as to maintain a shortage of situations and received better effects.

    The first shop flag opened, we chased by victory. In the end, we assisted dealers to develop more than a dozen bars in Xinghu Road and Ma Village Market. Due to the successful cases of the first store, 12 of more than a dozen stores became monopoly. It was 100%and the share rate reached more than 80%. At this time, when we talked about the entry conditions, we fully mastered the initiative, and the admission conditions were only 50 pieces of wine. After the signing of these bar dealers, the dealer uniformly order roses, and then decompose according to the signing sales target volume. Some of them have been divided into 100 beams, and some are divided into dozens of beams. Due to the limited resources, some bars have even played even. "Rose is limited, wants to get as soon as possible" advertisements. This has stimulated the consumption enthusiasm of customers. Soon, Luhu cool beer became a romantic and fashionable beer in beer products.

    In order to ensure the interests of the channel and promote the long -term stability of the night market operation, we also assist dealers to call all the bars and operators to sign a market protection agreement. Price reduction and so on. Because we are clear, only by ensuring the stability of the channel price and the lasting interests of both parties, the product can last for a long time. Later, when the product was selling vigorously, a bar overturned the price low, and the dealer decisively stopped the goods to cancel the agreement. The market was quickly recovered.

    In market sales statistics, the event only operated in just three months, the product achieved sales from 0 to 60,000 pieces, and the two wines of Xinghu Road and Ma Village market were fully occupied. Luhu Beer achieved the purpose of occupying the unique channel of the night.

    In this case, we can see that, as a night channel, it is not an irreplaceable and overwhelming. The key is to have a good entry point and good operation method. The success of this case is to deeply understand the characteristics of the night market, accurately determine whether the entry costs are reasonable, so as to quickly enter the nightclub, and then prepare to grasp the consumption psychology of the nightfare customers, grasp the result of their consumer demand, through the carrier of the rose, the carrier of the rose It achieved the fit of the product and the target customer, so that the product became a fragrant citron and opened the market.

    In fact, in the night market operation, as an agent, as long as you can grasp the needs of the night market and the target consumer group, be good at creating and setting up the on -site sales atmosphere, the product will be easily recognized by consumers, then It can achieve the goal of "unwavering soldiers".

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